How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast?

How to get rid of a cold fast and easily? If you by any chance happen to suffer from the worst of our bodily ailments, then it would seem like it is perfectly al-right simply because we would get pills for those that can knock us out cold. Ironically, a common cold is not a very serious bodily ailment unless it is very frequent. We usually catch a cold and with time it usually leaves us. During those days it seems to never want to leave us even when we would feel like we are going to lose our mind. The throbbing headaches, the constant dripping nose and the constant blowing of the nose that leaves the skin ripped and tender.

In all, catching a cold could be the worst thing that could ever happen to any of us. Woe be unto him or her who wishes to cross our paths on a day we have caught a cold! We might feel drained and irritated, but, oh boy let a person cross our paths and we shall muster up all the courage there is within us to make the other person’s life miserable!

How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast

What Causes A Cold?

A cold is widely seen as a very self limiting yet contagious infection. Apparently this particular infection restricts itself only to the top portion of the respiratory system, thus mostly affecting the nose and the throat. A plethora of virus is believed to causes this particular infection. Though most such common colds usually tend to leave as harmlessly as they came, some, at times could linger longer since they are acting as a symptom of something more malignant within the body. If your cold seems to last a little longer than a week and if the onset is quite often, then for your own good, it would best to consult your physician to find out what it is that is ailing you. Get your blood tested to find out what pathogens are lurking beneath the surface. Here you are going to find some easy remedies and ways to deal with a common cold better.

How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast and Easily?

1.) Drink Warm Drinks to Get Rid of a Cold

Even if you cannot instantly cure the cold, you sure can help relieve it. You would have to hydrate your body with a lot of fluids and make certain that such fluids are quite very warm. Warm fluids like soup or even just water will help not only in flushing out the unwanted toxins in your body, but it would also soothe your throat and make certain that it helps relieve the mucus secretion. Warm fluids are known to help your body by dislodging the hardened mucus that is found in the sinus cavity. This would bring out the unwanted mucus and the virus along with it. Warm water, soup, tea, broth or even a nice cup of black coffee will do the trick to get rid of a cold.

2.) Steam to Get Rid of a Cold Fast

One of the best ways to get rid of a cold would be to moisturize your nasal passage and the sinus cavities to get rid of the germs and the unwanted mucus that has collected within. Just like your skin you can moisturize your nasal cavity, but quite not in the same way. If you have to use a moisturizing lotion you would only end up aggravating the nasal irritation, so just stick to steaming your face or getting a good steam bath. When the steam enters that nasal passage, it helps dislodge the mucus that has hardened within and brings it out. Using essential oil of eucalyptus will help to easily dislodge the mucus and the anti-germ property in this oil will help kills germs and relieve your off your cold easily.

3.) Hot Water Shower to Get Rid of a Cold Fast

Most of your elders would constantly nag about how you should not have a bath when you have a cold. Their reasoning is that if you don’t dry yourself properly after your bath would again lead to more sinus related issues. Sadly, what they seem not to understand is that a good hot bath is definitely one of the best remedies to get rid of a cold.

A good hot shower that steams up would help cleanse your skin by opening up your pores. The steam would work in the nasal passage and the sinus areas to relieve any stubborn mucus and germs. On the other hand, you can take a bath in a tub of hot water. Adding essential oil of eucalyptus would again help with the skin and the nasal passage.

4.) Swish Some Oil to Get Rid of a Cold

One of the best remedies to get rid of germs causing cold, and also followed in most Asian countries would be the technique of swishing oil to pull out the germs. Traditionally, people used mustard seed oil, sesame seed oil or even coconut oil to cleanse their mouths.

For this technique, you would need half a glass of any of the above mentioned oil. Take a large sip of the oil, until it pushes your checks out and keep swishing the oil from one side to another. After about a minute and a half, you can spit the oil out. Remember, with this technique you cannot gargle with the oil nor should you drink it. The whole point of swishing the oil is to use the oil to pull the germs out. So always spit the oil out. You can also use warm oil, but if you do not know the temperature that you can handle, then it would be best to skip heating the oil.

5.) Irrigate to Get Rid of a Cold

You can also irrigate your nasal passage to get rid of the mucus, the cold causing germs and help in breathing. When we say irrigation, do not let your imagination wander to the extent of farming, cultivation and irrigation. This would be a slightly simpler process. For this you would need a bottle of saline solution, a neti pot or a pot with a long and slender spout and your nostrils.

For this process, you can either buy the saline solution from any pharmaceutical store or you can just make it at home. Take the saline solution and fill the neti pot. Next, place the end of the slender spout into your nostril and make certain that the spout is almost towards the end. Now tilt your head in the opposite direction and let the solution flow out.

The saline solution would have to go in through one nostril and come out the other. When it does, it would again dislodge all the mucus and bring it out. While irrigating the nasal passage, it would also cleanse the sinus areas and kill all the germs within.

6.) Protect Your Nose & Ears to Get Rid of a Cold

The most common ailment that accompanies a common cold would be very runny nose. This annoying accompaniment makes us keep blowing it so very often that we actually end up skinning the tip or a major portion of the nose. Also, at times we blow our noses so hard that we actually end up hurting our ears.

This happens because of the amount of pressure we apply in trying to bring out the mucus. We are always under the impression that the harder we blow, more would be the mucus that comes out. However, is not true. When we blow our noses really very hard, we tend to push air out. This usually leads to a click in the ear and then a throbbing ear pain, even after the cold is gone. Cold and runny nose by themselves are difficult enough to handle. You really do not need to add ear pain to that. So blow your nose slowly to protect the skin on your nose and your ears.

7.) Jumping Jacks to Get Rid of a Cold

One of the best remedies for your cold would be some really vigorous exercise that involves a lot of jumping. Any sport like football or basketball can do the trick, but that would also mean that you would have to exert your body a lot.

So to make things a lot easier just stick to doing about 10 to 20 jumping jacks. When you tend to jump, the mucus in the nasal cavity and the sinus cavity dislodge themselves easily. This would bring out the mucus in torrents that you can be easily removed with just one blow. Every time you blow your nose, you would have to remember to wash your hands with a medicated soap so as not to infect anyone else, or yourself after some time. Jumping jacks done immediately after a nice steam bath would actually work wonders in clearing out your cold.

8.) Vitamin C to Get Rid of a Cold

If you have to end your “cold spell” really soon, then you would have to load up on the Vitamin C that you consume. Vitamin C is known to build immunity better and help fight all kinds of immunity related ailments. When you load up on the Vitamin C in your body, it would help in making your body’s defense mechanism against germs a lot better. It would help kill the cold causing germs, thus helping you to heal faster.

You could also load up on Vitamin C as a preventive measure and help to get rid of a cold. When you have more than the daily requirement of your Vitamin C, it would help prevent any common virus from attacking your body that very easily. You can get your daily dose of vitamin C either from fresh citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and strawberries or you can just get Vitamin C supplements at any pharmacy store.

9.) Tea of Echinacea to Get Rid of a Cold

The tea of Echinacea can be used more as a preventive measure also. When you feel that you are going to succumb to a bout of the common cold, then this would be the best time to get a few bags of the Echinacea tea. This tea works similar to Vitamin C in building the immunity of your body. With regular consumption of the Echinacea tea, you would not succumb to the common cold or any other ailment that very easily. Drinking this tea after catching the cold will help your body fight the germs faster and get rid of a cold faster. This tea is also highly recommended for other viral infections like cold sores and even sore throat.

10.) Chew Sage’s Basil to Get Rid of a Cold

Indian Basil or the Sage’s Basil is also one of the most effective for remedies to get rid of a cold. This particular herb is still used in traditional medicine making in most of the South Asian countries and it is still a popular home remedy in most homes across India.

This particular herb is used as a home remedy to treat many ailments. Many believe that eating just a few leaves of this plant everyday in the morning will help make your immunity better. The Sage’s basil is also a very effective remedy for getting rid of a common cold. You can either eat the leaves the way they are or make an infusion with hot water. The sage’s basil tea is very helpful in fighting the cold, fever and any other bacterial or viral infections.

11.) Zinc to Get Rid of a Cold

Zinc can also be used to not only curb your cold spells shorter, but also to ensure that you do not get affected by the cold anymore. Zinc, particularly helps your body by affecting the cold producing virus itself. This is the only element that can actually cut the reproductive function of the virus. It is also effective in protecting your cell membranes by blocking them completely.

This ensures that the virus cannot latch itself onto any of your cell membranes to infect you. Currently you can not only get zinc as supplements in the pharmacies, but you can also get them as cough syrups and throat lozenges as well. To have zinc work really very effectively in your body, make certain that you consume some of it just as you feel that there could be an onset of the infection. Taking zinc within the first 24 hours of catching a cold will make a lot of difference.

12.) Elderberry Syrup to Get Rid of a Cold

Elderberries are also known to effectively get rid of a cold. This particular home remedy is one that is very famous in many European countries. This particular syrup can be used not only to fight the cold but can also be used as a preventive measure. This syrup will help build your immunity, thus protecting you from falling sick often.

You can either get the readily available elderberry syrup from the pharmacy or you can make this syrup yourself. To make the syrup at home, all you would need is few elderberries and a cup of water. Boil the berries in the cup of water and let it reduce in quantity. With time the reduction would resemble a thick tonic. Strain this syrup and preserve it in a glass bottle. Drink a teaspoon of this syrup everyday for best results.

13.) Honey to Get Rid of a Cold

Honey has been yet another effective anti-viral that can help you fight any viral infection really very easily. Once you have caught a cold, make sure you drink a tablespoon of raw honey once in the morning and once before bedtime. If with pills such a cold would only leave your body after a week, honey would make the cold leave you in less than three days. Remember to look for honey that has not been processed and pasteurized. Get honey directly from a farm where they rear bees and harvest honey. When honey goes through the various stages of processing, it tends to lose much of its antiviral properties. Remember that the fresh and raw honey would have a very strong flavor unlike the processed honey. It will also be a lot thicker and slightly darker too. Raw honey can also be used to fight various allergies as well.

14.) Gargle to Get Rid of a Cold

Gargling with salt water not only helps cure a sore throat but it also helps get rid of a cold soon. The process of gargling is very easy. All you have to do is dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water, pour it into your mouth, swish it across your mouth and gargle at the throat to effectively kill the virus that is lodged in your throat and the sinus cavities.

The salt would also help ease and soothe the inflammation that can be found in the throat. This salt water gargle has to be repeated twice each day until all symptoms of a common cold are gone. With this remedy, you can be rest assured that the virus would leave your system soon. Salt in the garble would absorb the mucus from the sinus cavities. When it does so, it would also remove the virus along with it.

15.) Pepper and Rum to Get Rid of a Cold

Another commonly used remedy for cold would be rum and pepper. Rum as we all know was used for medicinal purposes when it was first found. Later on, this alcoholic beverage became famous for its intoxicating properties. The intoxication property is what is most important in curing the cold. Such an intoxication property will help you sleep very effectively. When you sleep, your body can produce and direct white blood cells to trap and kill the cold causing virus. Apart from the “enabling you to sleep” property, the alcohol in the rum can also kill the virus by itself. When you add pepper to the rum, it helps build immunity, fight of the virus and help you sleep well.

16.) Recuperate to Get Rid of a Cold

When you are down with flu or a cold, it is very important that you spend a lot of time in bed. Do not involve in anything that would strain your body. You need the energy for your body to fight the infection. When you rest, your body can just concentrate on the important action of fighting the infection and help to get rid of a cold.

Every time you take your pills, always make it a point to go back to sleep. Sleep for a few hours at a time. This would help the antibiotics in your body to work better. Make certain that the rest sessions are extended through the day and that you do not get to do anything that is very strenuous.

17.) Humidity to Get Rid of a Cold

Humidity actually works wonders when it comes to clearing your cold, cough and fever. When your surroundings are humid, the pores on your skin would tend to open well enough to help sweat better. When you are sweating, your body would send out all the toxins that has been accumulating inside. Such an episode of sweating would also help in sending out the virus that has been causing the cold. If your surroundings are not naturally humid, then it would be best to invest in a humidifier.

Humidifiers are well known to keep the air around you very moist. This would help the sinus and the nasal tract to remain moist, thereby bringing out the mucus even better. Just remember to keep this contraption clean since it is known to be a good breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

18.) Tea to Get Rid of a Cold

Apart from drinking Echinacea tea, you can also drink a lot of warm green tea or black tea to get rid of a cold. When you drink the tea warm, it helps soothe the inflamed throat and the sinuses. The anti-oxidant properties found both in green and white tea will help in killing the virus and flushing it out of your body.

To get the most out of such tea, it would be best if you could mix some lemon juice to it. Adding lemon juice would increase the amount of anti-oxidants found in the tea and help build your immunity since lemons are rich in vitamin c. With the help of a cup of lemon green tea, you can now build your immunity, fight the virus better and flush it out efficiently from within your body.

19.) Hydrate to Get Rid of a Cold

When you are down with a cold and if you need to get rid of a cold really very soon, then you have to make certain that you drink a lot of water. It would be best to drink the water warm since it will help ease the pain in your throat. Make sure that you drink anywhere between three and four liters per day when you are suffering from cold.

This would not only help hydrate your body, but would also help flush out the toxins and the viruses that could be within your system. Drinking the water warm would also enable in opening the pores in your skin better to cleanse your system more efficiently.

20.) Avoid Work to Get Rid of a Cold

When you have come down with a cold or flu, it would be best to skip work or school at least for the next three days. This would make certain that you get enough time to rest your body and also make certain that someone else in your class or your office does not catch the same infection from you.

Always remember that the flu and the common cold are ailments that are very contagious. They spread even by shaking hands with someone. Unless you can promise that you would not infect anyone at work or school, you cannot leave your house.

21.) Lemon to Get Rid of a Cold

Lemonade is not meant only for the summer. Perhaps for the summer you can have the cold lemonade while for the flu and the common cold, you or someone in your house can whip up a really tasty warm lemonade for you. This is a better alternative to drinking just the plain and boring warm water. Warm lemonade would give a better flavor that just the plain warm water and the Vitamin C content in the lemonade would help build your immunity better to fight the infection sooner. To make things more interesting and much more beneficial for you, sweeten this warm lemonade with some raw and unprocessed honey. Now the lemon will help build your immunity while the honey will help kill the virus with its anti-viral property. This refreshing drink, which is beneficial to your system will help to get rid of a cold really very soon.

22.) Wash Bed Sheets to Get Rid of a Cold

When you are down in the dumps with a cold and looking for ways to get rid of it sooner, you would then have to watch what you sleep upon. When affected by the common cold, it would be best to clean your bed sheets and pillow cases once every two days. If your sheets have residual sweat, then there is a high possibility that there are a lot of germs in it.

By changing your sheets once every two days, you are removing the possible breeding grounds of the virus and not let it be around for you to get affected later. It is not enough that you remove the bed sheets once every two days, but it is more important to make certain that it is washed immediately in hot water and a strong disinfectant.

23.) Sleep Right to Get Rid of a Cold

When you have a cough or a cold, it is very important that you rest a lot and sleep more to help your body fight the germs and heal sooner. Though it is imperative that you rest and sleep a lot during such times, it is also imperative that you watch how you sleep. When you have a cough or a cold sleeping on your back only makes things worse for you. When you sleep on your back, you would be applying the entire weight of your chest and a lot of pressure on your lungs. This makes breathing very difficult and the congestion to remain within the lungs. Hence, you have to make it a point to sleep on your side. This eases the pressure building upon the lungs and clears the nasal passage to breathe better.

24.) Nasal Sprays to Get Rid of a Cold

One of the best remedies that can help ease the irritation of the cold and get rid of a cold really fast would be nasal sprays. You can now even find nasal sprays that are one hundred percent natural. All you would have to do is open the bottle, place the nozzle deep within your nasal passage, press the bottle and simultaneously breathe in the spray.

These sprays come with a combination of medicines that can effectively combat viruses that cause the common cold and flu. The trick to getting more out of such sprays depends upon your learning how well to breathe in while pumping the contents into your nostril.

25.) Fruit Mixture to Get Rid of a Cold

One refreshing and tasty treat that can help you get rid of a cold soon would be the choicest fruit mixture that you can easily make at home. Since the old adage mentions an apple a day to keep the doctor away, we shall take one apple, one cup of strawberries, juice of half a lemon, juice of two oranges, a tablespoon of vinegar, two tablespoons of raw honey and two cups of water.

You can put all these ingredients into a blender and blitz it really well. You can either drink the mixture just the way it is or you can pour it into a glass container to drink it later. If you like the taste of grapefruit, then you can also add a glass of grapefruit juice to this mixture. This mixture is power packed with vitamin c and is very lethal to any virus that causes a common cold. Even when you are not suffering from common cold, a glass of this juice each day will keep the cold and flu at bay.


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