How to Prevent Pimples?

After writing how to get rid of pimples overnight?, how to get rid of blackheads?, and how to get rid of whiteheads?, we are now writing how to prevent pimples and acne? Teenagers are not the only one who are prone to pimples. Once you have reached adolescence, you are prone to it until you grow old. It can happen to anyone. Pimple is a form of acne. A single sight of pimple, whether big or small, can instantly bother you. It makes your face blemished. Second, it is caused by bacteria. For hygienic reasons, you want to get rid of bacteria fast. Pimple is a common complaint. The good news is that, there are easy ways to prevent pimples from re-occurring.

How to Prevent Pimples From Coming Back?

1.) Clean Your Face Frequently

The face is a body part that is always exposed. Thus, it is prone to any form of dirt. It can accumulate dust, smoke, moisture, and all sorts of substances. As soon as you arrive home, make sure to clean your face gently. This only takes a few minutes and is never hard to do. By this, you are preventing dirt from getting through the pores. It prevents dirt that can cause pimple to penetrate into the skin.

how to prevent pimples

2.) Do Some Exercise and Sweat it Out

One way of getting rid of the toxins in the body is through exercise. In this way, you are not only losing weight, you are getting rid of pimples as well. It is a fact that when toxins are flushed out of the body, it included the dirt that is contributing to pimples. So make sure to sweat it out. Not only you will have a healthy and good-looking body, you are on your way to pimple-free skin as well.

3.) Try To Avoid Cosmetics

No matter the beauty it brings to the face, cosmetics must be avoided if you want to prevent pimples. The harsh ingredients in the cosmetics are only contributing to the cause. Instead, just wear make-up if you really need it, like attending a formal event. If you will be just going out to do the grocery, you can wear very light make-up Or use hypo-allergenic cosmetics to not invite pimples and blemishes on the face.

4.) Do Not Touch the Face Everytime

You already know how dirty the hands can be. That is because among your body parts, the hands are one of the busiest. You use it to type on the keyboard, to open the door, and to even blow the nose. Even if clean your hands often, bacteria will still find its way there. So, touching your face is definitely not a good idea. This will make the bacteria transfer from your hands to your face. If that happens, pimples are likely to happen.

5.) Change Your Lifestyle Habits

If you are an alcohol drinker, cigarette smoker, and late sleeper, are not surprised why pimples are everywhere on your face. To avoid it, live a healthy life. Sleep early to rejuvenate the skin. Drink water instead of any other drink to flush out dirt. Eat healthy food to boost up the immune system. All these contribute to clearing up the skin from pimples.

6.) Try Benzoyl Peroxide to Prevent Pimples

This product is known to effectively fight pimples. This topical product is applied to the pimples and other blemishes on the face. Blackheads, white-heads, and other forms of acne are treated with this product. This comes in gel or cream form. It is an over-the-counter product that fights pimples. It is effective because it has the ability to kill the pimple-causing bacteria.

7.) Salicylic Acid Will Help

Next to benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid is also an effective product in treating pimples. This works by getting rid of the top layers of the skin. The top layers of the skin are the ones where the dirt and bacteria are accumulated. By getting rid of this layer, it fights the bacteria that are causing the pimple.

8.) Use The Tea Tree Oil

If you want to get rid of pimple using natural means, you may do so. Tea tree oil is one of the effective natural products that heal pimples. It is known to have anti-bacterial properties. Just by applying tea tree oil to the affected area, it can dry up pimples fast. There are also soaps that are made of tea tree oil. You may use tea tree oil soap to wash the face as well. Read how to tea tree oil for acne?

9.) Apply Lemon and Honey Mask

This is one of the home remedies that is effective in getting rid of pimples. Both the lemon and the honey contain anti-bacterial properties. The powerful combination of lemon and honey can create a face mask for pimples. Just apply it on the face and leave for several minutes. Rinse with warm water afterwards. The lemon helps in drying up the pimples. Its bleaching properties can make the skin bright and glowing as well.


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