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How to Cure Hiccups?

How to Cure Hiccups

This article is about ways to cure hiccups. Hiccup is an uncomfortable condition that is caused due to contraction of diaphragm. This condition is not a problem as it hardly lasts for a few minutes. There are several reasons that …

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How to Lower Cholesterol?

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels

This article is about ways to lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is something that is both good and bad for your health. When at normal level, it is necessary for proper functioning of the body. But, increased level of cholesterol is really …

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How to Get Rid of Mucus?

How to Get rid of mucus?

Nasal mucus prevents unwanted particles in the air from entering the body through our nose. This unwanted particle creates a great problem in the respiratory track and also results in a headache. Mucus has no color its clear, sticky, liquid. It is one of the natural defense …

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How to Burn Belly Fat?

How to Burn Belly Fat

In this article, we will discuss different fun ways to burn belly fat. Regularly exercising makes a person feel good about him/her t benefits their overall health. However, for some, hitting the gym for an intense workout or taking time …

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Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Cod Liver Oil Benefits?

Cod liver oil is an oil derived from the liver of cod fish. Cod is the most common food of both eastern and western region of Northern Pacific Ocean. It looks is dense and flaky and white. The liver of …

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