Sore Throat Remedies to Get Rid of Sore Throat?

How to use sore throat remedies to get rid of sore throat? Sore throat is one ailment that can prove to be an absolute nuisance. If it is just that perpetual itch in the throat it is bearable, but with time, we tend to develop a more serious sore throat condition which would not only become painful but would also make us lose our voices. Going around and talking to people with that scratched voice makes it annoying for everyone of us and we are either hard pressed for time or we just do not know what we could do to help us relieve the condition.

At least we as adults can easily bear it, but what about our kids? When they suffer with sore throat, they make life really miserable for everyone else around them. To ensure that in the future, you or your children are not afflicted by this painful condition, a whole lot of natural and other easy remedies are compiled here. You would now understand what causes this condition and how best you can handle it.

Sore Throat Remedies to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Causes of Sore Throat:

In most instances sore throat will be caused by the same virus that gives us flu or a cold. At times it could also be caused by a virus that is present in the food or the drink that we consume. Sometimes when our immunity is low and when we get wet in the rain, we immediately catch a cold which then leads to a sore throat. This is not brought on by the actual rain, rather the dormant viruses in our body become active with change of weather or even the rain and start working. This in turn would give us the flu and thus we end up with a cough and sore throat as well.

When the sore throat is an aftermath of the flu, the symptoms would not just stop with pain and the itch in the throat. The symptoms would be much worse with a fever and a constant feeling of tiredness. Now read about some of the best remedies that are available to help get rid of sore throat easily.

How to Use Sore Throat Remedies to Get Rid of Sore Throat?

1.) Cloves and Pepper to Get Rid of Sore Throat

If you need to ease the pain in your throat, when you are suffering from a terrible sore throat episode, then make it a point to eat some cloves. Rather, bite a clove, place it between the last two molars and let the juices go in and work their magic on your sore throat. Cloves are known to have anesthetic properties that would help numb the pain in your throat. This particular medicinal trick was followed in early china to help alleviate tooth pain. If you have some clove oil, then mix three drops of it in warm milk or water and drink it. In just a few minutes you will actually find the pain going away.

Also, you have to bite into two round black peppers if you want to get rid of sore throat more quickly. Black pepper has antibacterial agents in it that will effectively kill the bacteria that causes sore throat.

2.) Baking Soda and Water to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Baking soda was always known to come in handy for any of our bodily ailments. In the case of a sore throat, the baking soda is not any different. Baking soda, is not only know to help relieve the pain or irritation, but it also provides an instant cure from the sore throat causing bacteria. The alkaline pH balance in baking soda has always come in handy to take care of any irritations on the tissue and the same can be said about soothing the tissue in the throat. The antibacterial properties that can be found in it, can effectively kill the bacteria and flush them out of the system.

The best way to make baking soda work in your system would be to make it like a tea and drink it. All you would need to make this tea would be half a teaspoon of baking soda and sugar for one glass of water. Warm the water to a temperature that you can drink without burning your throat. Mix the baking soda and the sugar and slowly sip this tea. In just two days your sore throat would have eased up a whole lot.

3.) Cayenne Pepper to Get Rid of Sore Throat

All peppers and chilies have an amazing pain relieving agent called capsaicin. This is also the agent know to create the punch on your tongue every time you bite into a chili or a pepper. Cayenne peppers have a large amount of capsaicin in it, thus making it one of the best home remedies to get rid of sore throat. The capsaicin in the pepper inhibits the substance p in your throat and does not let it relay the pain signals to your brain. In all its light, it might sound like a stupid idea to use something as hot as cayenne to a throat that is sore and irritated. But this particular home remedy is time tested and many people have sung praises about the results. So all you have to do is take half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water, mix it well and drink it up to get rid of sore throat.

4.) Licorice Root Tea to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Licorice roots are known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties and one of the best sore throat remedies. Hence this particular licorice root is one of the best remedies when it comes to clearing a sore throat that has been caused by a virus. At the same time, it can also provide the necessary relief from the ever persistent pain in your throat. Licorice root tea is available as tea in the market or you can easily make one yourself. If you get them in tea bags, then just pop them in a kettle and drink the warm tea as and when you want it.

However, if you can’t get some tea bags, then get some licorice root at the farmers market, throw it in with some cardamom, cinnamon and cloves in a kettle of boiling water. Wait till all the ingredients mix and infuse well. Strain it and serve it warm with a dash of honey to it.

5.) Hydrogen Peroxide Gargle to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Did you know the reason why our parents sadistically cleaned our childhood, physical wounds with hydrogen peroxide? Simply because it can clean the wound, kill bacteria and prevent the wound from getting infected later. So this is the simple reason why hydrogen peroxide can also be used to gargle with. This amazing cleanser can kill all the bacteria in your throat, clean the entire area really well and make certain that there is no chance of a future infection.

It is very easy to make a hydrogen peroxide gargle to get rid of sore throat. Simply warm a cup of water, add 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide to it, gargle first thing in the morning and before you go to bed. You can see it work its magic from day one.

6.) Eucalyptus to Get Rid of Sore Throat

If you have access to eucalyptus leaves, then there is nothing better than that to get rid of your sore throat with. If you can’t find eucalyptus leaves, then that is also not a problem since you can just use the regular, bottled eucalyptus oil. To help with your sore throat and a stuffy nose, you would have to inhale water vapor that is infused with eucalyptus leaves or with eucalyptus oil.

For a very long time, eucalyptus is known to heal sore throats, fever and stuffy noses. So to get the best results from your eucalyptus inhalation, boil a large bowl of water with eucalyptus oil in it. Cover yourself with a large blanket and let the bowl of steaming water be in the blanket with you.

This process of closed enclosure steaming would help open up your pores, flush the toxins and bacteria out and the eucalyptus essence, that goes into your system would bring out the congestion and kill all the bacteria.

7.) Garlic to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Garlic is a versatile plant that can be quite beneficial to our health. Just one tooth of garlic can quite efficiently help get rid of sore throat easily. Well, if you are worried about garlic breath, trust me, with your sore throat, there is not much that is going to pain out for you. So garlic breath should be the last thing that you need to worry about.

Allicin is a very effective compound that can be found only in garlic. This compound is known to kill all kinds of bacteria and germs. In the case of a sore throat, it can kill germs that cause the irritation and the pain in it and can also kill the strep causing bacteria. Each day, chew upon two teeth of garlic, or just bite them and place in between your teeth at the very end. The juices would slowly flow out of the garlic and do the needful to get rid of sore throat.

8.) Salt Water Gargle to Get Rid of Sore Throat

One of the simplest home sore throat remedy that can help you to effectively get rid of sore throat would be a simple salt water gargle. For this all you would need is a glass of warm water and one tablespoon of salt. Mix the salt in the warm water and gargle the liquid around in your throat. Repeat this every day once in the morning and once before bedtime to get rid of sore throat.

The salt in the water would help ease the pain by reducing the swelling in your throat. This is done by absorbing the fluids from the inflammation and helping your tissues relax. A word of caution though – never gargle more than thrice a day with salt water. Gargling more than thrice a day would dehydrate the tissues in your throat and your body will start producing mucus to help soothe it. This will in turn give you another bout of sore throat and chest congestion!

9.) A Little RUM to Get Rid of Sore Throat

You must of heard that RUM is the abbreviation for Regularly Used Medicine. Well, I was told that this was just an excuse to drink more, but I have personally found rum to be the best medicine for sore throat. Rum by itself could be quite painful to drink and it could also irritate the tissues in your throat, hence it would be best to follow this home remedy that I so often fall back upon to help heal my sore throat.

Take 90 ml of rum and mix it with 2 tablespoons of honey. Next, mix in a teaspoon of lemon juice and pour in a glass of warm water. Mix this concoction well and add a pinch of black pepper powder to. Now slowly relish this health drink.

Please be aware that this concoction might smell horrid, but it will definitely help heal your sore throat really very soon. The black pepper powder can also be replaced with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Always make certain that you drink this an hour before you go to bed. The medicinal properties of this concoction will work through the night and make you feel a lot better when you wake up.

10.) No Nicotine to Get Rid of Sore Throat

When you have a sore throat always remember that drinking or eating anything that is physically hot would only make the inflammation get worse and thus making the sore throat stay with you longer. The same is also true about carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks by themselves act like irritants where the little air bubbles make it difficult to swallow. Apart from these, spices are also considered as irritants that can wreck a havoc in your throat when it is sore. Now stay away from all of these irritants and most definitely stay away from any item that is highly caffeinated or has high amounts of nicotine in it.

Smoking a cigarette when you have a sore throat is the best way to make the problem stay longer! Also avoid places that are highly polluted or have a lot of smoke or smog in the air.

11.) Pomegranate Water to Get Rid of Sore Throat

We all know how pomegranates are known to have the best anti-oxidant qualities. Some of us also know that they are also very good astringents. The astringent property in pomegranates is what makes the tissue contract. This is very helpful when it comes to relieving the itchiness in your throat. When you drink pomegranate juice or pomegranate water, at room temperatures, the astringent in the pomegranates would soothe the inflamed or irritated tissues in your throat by contracting it. This, in time, would provide the necessary relief needed. The anti-oxidants found in pomegranates would also enable your body to fight the bacteria and flush it out of the system better.

12.) Chamomile Tea to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Chamomile tea is known to be one of the most useful teas when it comes to relaxing and de-stressing a person. This tea also has some soothing properties that can come in handy when you are suffering from a sore throat. All you have to do is make sure that you drink some of this tea at mild temperatures. This tea can be made more effective for the throat by adding some honey or cinnamon to it. Both honey and cinnamon are known to have antibacterial agents that can help cure the sore throat. Also, the viscosity of honey helps lubricate the throat thereby soothing it better.

A small piece of ginger in this tea would also help very much to get rid of sore throat faster.

13.) Ginger to Get Rid of Sore Throat

One of the most commonly known natural medicines that can help alleviate the pain and kill the bacteria that causes sore throat would be ginger. Yes, this particular medicinal tuber is quite pungent and hot to consume. Hence, it would be wise not to eat a large piece of it. Make sure that you just bite into a small 2 centimeter sized piece and leave it on the rear molars. The juice would slowly seep out of the ginger and soothingly coat the throat.

Apart from having smoothening properties, ginger is also known to be one of the best detox agents available. This root would help you remove the toxins out of your body effectively. It is also known to help with better digestion, and better circulation of blood.

14.) Gargle With Sage Leave to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Sage leaves are known to be rich with phenolic acid that helps kills all bacteria. This medicinal herb can also come in very handy in curing your sore throat really soon. If you have a yard with a sage plant in it, then you don’t have to wait till you get a sore throat. You can eat fewer fresh sage leaves everyday to keep sore throat and any other bacterial infections at bay. However, if you have succumbed to a bout of sore throat, then all you have to do is boil some sage leaves in water, and drink the concoction once it cools down a bit.

Alternatively, you can also add a tablespoon of salt to this liquid and gargle everyday in the morning and before you go to bed to heal your sore throat really soon.

15.) No Milk to Get Rid of Sore Throat

If your sore throat is accompanied by about of congestion in your chest, then you have to stay far away from milk. Milk is known to help soothe your throat by coating the inflamed areas in the throat. But when you have congestion, it is only going to aggravate it since your congestion is doing the coating work already. When you have congestion or a mucus ridden cough, drinking milk will increase the production of more mucus to negate the harm done by milk.

When your sore throat is accompanied either by no congestion or a dry cough, then milk with honey can definitely help you soothe your throat. Milk with a little turmeric in it would not only soothe your throat, but the antiseptic properties of turmeric would help kill the bacteria in your throat soon.

16.) Moderate Temperature to Get Rid of Sore Throat

If you really want to soothe your sore throat, then you have to make sure that the food or liquids that you consume are not very hot. This doesn’t mean that you also have to make tea in warm water. Rather, you can make the tea or any other food items at high temperatures and wait for it to cool down before you consume it.

If you cook any food item in warm temperatures, then the bacteria in the food or water will thrive very well an make your sore throat even worse. If you eat or drink liquids that are really hot, then you will burn your throat and that would be an added pain in your already existing sore throat.

17.) Cinnamon to Get Rid of Sore Throat

When you feel like you are coming down with a sore throat, then make it a point to avoid all kinds of spices immediately. However, you can surely consume cinnamon since it is proven to help soothe and heal sore throats really soon. Cinnamon is known for its high anti-oxidant contents that make it the best bet for curing any bacterial ailments. If your sore throat is a result of a bacterial infection, then cinnamon water is something that will help you heal soon.

If you find drinking just cinnamon boiled in water not that very appealing then you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your green tea. Chamomile tea would also taste really good with cinnamon. This would help soothe your throat, relax your body and heal your throat.

18.) Medicines to Get Rid of Sore Throat

You can also get some anti-inflammatory pills across the counter from almost all pharmacists. These drugs can be availed without a prescription if they are non-steroidal in nature. An anti-inflammatory drug with steroids could become a hassle if it is not consumed under supervised and prescribed dosage. Hence, such drugs have to be obtained only with a prescription as our bodies could become quite addicted to steroids.

When choosing anti-inflammatory, always look for ones that come with pain relievers in them. This would ease the inflammation of your throat and would also help with the constant throat pain that you seem to have with an onset of a sore throat.

19.) Medicated Cough Syrups to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Medicated cough syrups are effective medicines not just for a cough, but they also come in very handy for sore throats. They soothe your throat exactly the way lozenges and throat sprays do. By coating your throat, cough syrups ease the pain. They are also known to have sedative properties. Such cough syrups would not only ease the pain and the itch in your throat, but they would also help you rest your body and your throat easily. If you are taking a prescription cough syrup, then make certain you follow the directions of your doctor. If your doctor advices bed rest while under the influence of the cough syrup, then that would be the best course to follow.

20.) Throat Sprays / Cough Drops / Lozenges to Get Rid of Sore Throat

When you choose cough drops or lozenges, always make it a point to pick up ones that are medicated and come from a good company. There are many lozenges out there that claim to be lozenges but are not any different from sugar candies. Popping such sugar candies would only make your sore throat worse. Also, when you buy lozenges choose ones that have eucalyptus or menthol in it, since it can soothe and numb your throat thus making you feel better.

Throat sprays on the other hand, are not designed to help cure the sore throat. These sprays are made to numb the pain in your throat and provide a short term relief from the throbbing pain that comes with a sore throat.

21.) Hydrate Well to Get Rid of Sore Throat

One of the most undeniable problems when we have a sore throat is that we never tend to hydrate ourselves much. We usually feel parched but also exhausted at the same time that we do not feel like drinking much water. This only makes things worse for us.

When we have a sore throat or a simple infection in the throat, it would be best to keep hydrating ourselves with enough and more water. If the daily consumption of water on an ordinary day is to be 8 glasses of water, then on a sick day, it would be best to do 12 to 14 glasses a day. When you drink water, make sure it is warm. This heat will help soothe your throat and the excess water will flush out the bacteria or virus, along with other toxins, that is causing the sore throat.

22.) All Sorts of Tea to Get Rid of Sore Throat

It doesn’t matter if you drink green tea, white tea or even ginger tea because all teas are known to help soothe the throat and help get rid of sore throat really soon. As we all know, green tea and white tea have concentrated amounts of antioxidants in them. These teas help us to fight infections by cleansing our bodies and flushing the toxins out. With regular consumption of green or white tea, you will see that your sore throat leaves soon and that it does not come back that very easily. This is because regular consumption of green or white tea is also known to increase the immunity in our body.

23.) Chicken Soup to Get Rid of Sore Throat

Chicken soup by itself may not sound like a remedy, but soothing your throat is very important to help it heal itself. However, scientists have also proven that the sodium found in chicken soup helps reduce the inflammation in the throat. This dish is also considered the easiest to eat when you have a sore throat and it is also seemingly very nutritious. When we have a sore throat it become very painful to chew and swallow whole food items, because of which we mostly end up not eating much. This would in turn make our bodies weak and make it impossible to fight the infection. Soup, when drank regularly will provide the nourishment for our bodies to gives us the energy to fight such infections in the throat.

24.) Rest to Get Rid of Sore Throat

One of the most important remedies that are available for sore throat would not only be to rest your throat but also to rest your body for a long period of time. When you are not well rested, your body is not capable of producing cells that can defend your body from viruses and bacteria. This simply means that when you are not well, rest makes a difference as to how soon you feel better. The more you rest, the more capable is your body at defending itself from foreign agents that could give you a sore throat.

Also, when you have a sore throat make certain that you don’t speak much and exert more pressure on your vocal chords. With the infection your voice box is already pushed to the limit and by talking more, you would only make it worse.

25.) Antibiotics and Other Medication to Get Rid of Sore Throat

When you have a sore throat that accompanies a feverish feeling in your body, it would be best to check with your doctor on the next course of action. Your doctor would be able run few tests on you to ascertain if the onset of sore throat was caused by a virus or a bacteria. If it was caused by bacteria then your doctor can put you on a course of antibiotics. Make certain that you complete the entire course that the doctor had prescribed. With time if the sore throat has not left you, your doctor can give you another, stronger antibiotic to kill the bacteria.

If the sore throat was caused by a viral infection, then your doctor can give you the necessary medicines that will kill the virus in your body so that it does not lead to any further complications.


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