Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs (With Other Kill & Repel Remedies)

After writing how to get rid of roaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, how to get rid of ants?how to get rid of fleas?, and home remedies to get rid of bed bugs naturally, we are now writing peppermint oil for bed bugs and and other remedies to kill and repel bed bugs. They are the small tiny insects which are without the wings and they live by sucking the blood of all warm blooded animals. Humans being the warm blooded are the most favorite victims of bed bugs. Bed bugs were before a typical general bug around the world, but they seemed to get instinct in the mid of the 20th century due to involvement of different medicines and pesticides against them. But since they learned to adapt and get immune to the environment in which human beings live, they have now become a part of our home.

Bed bugs are one of the immense voyagers of the world and are promptly transported through baggage, dress, bedclothes and furniture. They can be clearly seen through the naked eye and a mature bed bug is about the size of approximately ¼ inch long, oval in shape and considerably flattened from above. Bed bugs are now considered to be an emerging problem and they particularly reside in dormitories, shelters, bedrooms and wherever they find a  suitable place.

There has been a common belief of many people that the bed bugs are caused due to dirt. But most researches have proved has there is no such link between dirt and existence of bed bugs. The most vital way through which bed bugs are caused is through their travelling. After feeding on their prey, bed bugs hide in dark places like sides of furniture or sometimes in bags and clothes. And they seem to travel along with the clothes and bags to other places where an infected person stays.

Moreover, bed bugs also infest and reside in the public places like theaters and move from one place to another through sticking and hiding onto the clothes and purses etc. Bed bugs multiply in no more time. It is very often that a bed bud that you are carrying is already having enough eggs to lay in your home.

Homes which are cluttered are more likely to have bed bugs residing because it gives spaces and places for these insects to hide and reproduce at the same time. More guests’ means more chances of having bed bugs. It is very likely that any one of the guests is carrying a bedbug with him, which arrives at your place, causing difficulties for you to get rid of them. That is why it is said that small families with limited visitors are likely to have less chances of having bed bugs. Here are few remedies and solutions that will help you to get rid of bed bugs in definite ways:

Peppermint oil for bed bugs kill bed bugs repel bed bugs

Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs And Other Remedies to Kill & Repel Bed Bugs:

1.) Peppermint Oil For Bed Bugs

Peppermint oil offers a smell that causes unfavorable susceptibility in the bed bugs. This basic oil that is found in the majority of the houses serves as a compelling home solution for killing the bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs can’t tolerate the odor of mint; consequently, they die due to the smell. Peppermint scent gags the bed bugs and it kills their instinct of direction. This leads to the ultimate death of bed bugs.
  • Certain different oils like that of lavender excessively are beneficial and effective against bed bugs. The smell of these oils is overpowering for these bugs.
  • Then again, you have to make sure of one thing while utilizing these home cures. You have to make sure that you or your family are not affected by the smell of any of these oils.
  • Peppermint oil gives an aroma that triggers hypersensitivities in bugs that live on couches and beds. This oil is an incredible home solution against bed bugs.
  • Mint is amazingly intense in keeping bed bugs from sullying your home and your beds. Some different oils like lavender likewise kill bugs. Their smells are powerful to these parasites. However, you must be sure that no one in your family is sensitive to these smells either.

2.) Turmeric Powder to Kill Bed Bugs

Turmeric is an effective natural herb, which is considered to be an enemy of bed bugs and helps to get rid of bed bugs. Natural remedies always work better in every circumstance, but the point is that you need to understand where to apply them and how to apply them. It is one natural herb powder, which is very effective and works as a natural antibiotic medicine to kill bed bugs.

  • Turmeric contains Curcumin, which works intensely against all the bacteria and microbial germs and pesticides and makes unfavorable conditions for the survival of bugs.
  • This powder diminishes the supply of oxygen inside the sleeping pads. The bugs get caught and they bite the dust because of inadequate oxygen supply. This may sound astonishing, yet is valid.
  • Turmeric powder is a viable home remedy for bed bugs. For the treatment of bed bug bites off your body, turmeric powder paste can work like amazing! Just mix one teaspoon turmeric powder is water to make a thick paste and apply it on the bites all over your body. You will feel the change in hours. It reduces the redness as well as the itching that these bites create. Read other ways to treat bed bug bites at home fast.

3.) Lemongrass to Kill Bed Bugs

Powder of lemongrass is a successful home cure to get rid of bed bugs. It works very well against the bed bugs and killing their eggs, both. Lemongrass oil expands the acidic level inside the bugs to a disturbing degree. The bed bugs are such parasites which cannot endure the acidic level in their body and even in the environment that they live in. This outcome in making the bed bugs dead.

Their eggs are excessively killed through the utilization of lemongrass. These bugs need ideal conditions with a specific end goal to survive. There is a certain degree of temperature, acidic level, odor and a particular environment which is suitable for the bed bugs to survive and reproduce as well. They can’t withstand certain smells, acidic levels and inordinate warmth. Therefore, lemongrass is a compelling home solution to get rid of bed bugs.

4.) Alcohol to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are unequipped for developing and supporting themselves in acidic conditions. Great unfriendly conditions can consequently be made through the utilization of isopropyl liquor. This compound results in the inevitable killing of these irritating sort of creatures after a time of consistent application. This process requires time, patience and consistency. One needs to rehash this system for no less than six to seven days on a jog. Consistent application of alcohol can help you to get rid of the bed bugs. The pinching smell of alcohol cannot be endured by the bed bugs and hence they are ultimately dead.

Soak your bed sheets and couch sheets in alcoholic water and make them dry in the sunlight. It helps in initiating a wall against the bed bugs to reside as they cannot tolerate the smell. It also helps in already residing bed bugs in the bed to be dead due to the smell inside bed covers and the couch covers.

5.) Diatomaceous Earth Powder to Kill Bed Bugs

Diatomaceous earth powder serves equally effective as the turmeric powder. It is a perfect antibiotic powder to get rid of bed bugs. The smell of this powder and its anti germ qualities work amazingly to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Equally spread this powder on your sleeping cushions and let it rest for the complete day. All the bed bugs will die as they come in contact against the antibiotic powder.
  • Notwithstanding, the one thing that you have to remember is that this powder can work against the bed bugs, but may not really be beneficial and effective against their eggs.
  • Diatomaceous Earth powder is efficient and helpful against the living bed bugs because when they come against this powder their senses are lost and hence it leads to their death. The eggs, however, may not get killed by this powder.
  • If you spread the powder thoroughly onto your bed in each and every corner, then it may help in killing the eggs too. It all depends on the way you use a certain remedy and the consistency you apply to it.

6.) Clove For Bed Bugs

We would not have ever thought about it, but yes clove is an exceptionally normal and daily use herb in our kitchens that is really very effective to get rid of bed bugs. This home cure is not that more prevalent. Clove is a compelling home solution for killing the bed bugs and as their eggs as well. The oil of this flavor contains impactful inhaling ingredients which are tested to be acidic in nature. This is because of the vicinity of Eugenol.

Eugenol is the basic element which is present in the clove which gives it a particular peculiar taste. Eugenol is a compound that offers acidic PH and smell to cloves. This is the genuine purpose of the non survival of bed bugs as they cannot survive to the particular smell of clove. Place clove oil or the clove itself in the spaces between your beds and cushions. It will produce a particular smell inside your bed covers and in the room which will work against the bed bugs. All the home cures are hundred percent alright for human well being.

7.) Azadirachta Indica (Neem) For Bed Bugs

Azadirachta Indica (Neem) is also known as the Indian Lilac which is mainly grown in the soil of India and other parts of the Asian courtiers. Neem is one effective remedy to remove the bed bugs.

  • All you have to do is take a few leaves off the Neem plant and wash the leaves properly. Take boiling water and put the leaves in that water and let it boil for around 20-30 minutes.
  • This will result in all the juice of the leaves to get mixed in the water.
  • Let the water to cool down and put all of your infected clothes and bed covers inside that water. Do not mix anything else in that water.
  • Let the clothes stay in Neem water for about an hour and then wash them with tap water.
  • Dry the clothes in open sunlight.
  • The neem water is peculiar in taste as well as in the smell. It serves as antibiotic too, which helps in the prevention of the bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Moreover neem water can also be very helpful in the treatment of bed bug bites. Taking bath with neem water works as a perfect medicine against the bites and it also helps prevention of the bed bugs to bite you!

8.) Tea Tree Oil For Bed Bugs

Tea tree oil is an effective treatment to get rid of bed bugs. This oil is a bit expensive, but it is very effective and it ensures complete elimination of the bed bugs and its eggs. Tea tree oil has antibacterial ingredients which create unfavorable conditions for the bed bugs and ultimately leading them to die. Antibacterial element present in the tea tree oil works as a strong ingredient for killing these parasites.

  • To use tea tree oil in effective means, add 300 ml of oil in boiling water. Put your infected clothes in this water and let it rest for about an hour.
  • After that rinse your clothes with tap water and wash them off with any detergent in order to take off all the oil.
  • Dry your clothes in sunlight. You can apply his treatment on all the clothes, toys, curtains, bed covers, cushion covers etc. once a week in order to eliminate bed bugs completely.

9.) Garlic For Bed Bugs

As already discussed, the natural remedies work best for the treatment of the bed bugs. Like tea tree oil and turmeric powder, garlic has also got built-in natural antifungal properties, which work to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Take garlic and peel it off properly. Crush all of its pieces a bit. For your convenience, make small pouches of cloth or just put it in a small bowl and place it in the corners of your room. Garlic smell is very effective in this regard.
  • The smell will spread in all the surroundings of the room which will make the senses of the bed bugs to die and ultimately the bed bugs to die.
  • As discussed earlier, bed bugs are fond of living in certain conditions and in a certain environment. If you make their surroundings unfavorable through any different odor or antibacterial element, it makes their survival difficult.
  • Although the smell of garlic is weird for humans too, but once it is tolerated, it will make you free from the irritating pesticides.

10.) Baking Soda For Bed Bugs

People generally know baking soda as an important ingredient for baking and in cooking. And no one would have even thought of using baking soda for the purpose to get rid of the bed bugs. Baking soda can really be very effective against the bed bugs.

  • You can use baking soda by mixing it bin water and sprinkling it all over the bed, pads and pillows and even on the couches.
  • The consistent use of a particular remedy is very important for getting complete results.
  • Baking soda is very effective source of getting rid of the bed buds as it has the properties of drying out.
  • When you put baking soda in all the infected places, it works as a drying agent and prevents the bed bugs to live and reproduce as well.
  • Baking soda is also effective in killing the eggs of the bed bugs.

11.) Lavender to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Lavender is a name of a flower which has a particularly strong smell. It works as an effective repellent to get rid of bed bugs. The smell of lavender cannot be tolerated and endured by the bed bugs. Lavender is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the bed bug as the flower essence is available in sprays as well.

  • Buy a lavender spray bottle and spray it all over your bed sheets, curtains, couches and cushions and even on to your clothes.
  • Another way is, pluck the lavender flowers and let them dry. Put the dried flowers in your room, in your cupboards and under your bed.
  • This will help in spreading a particular smell of lavender flowers which will be disturbing for the bed bugs and ultimately lead them to die very soon.
  • It will help not only in the prevention of the bed bugs and their bites, but also creating an aroma of beautiful flowers in your room.
  • Lavender flowers are pretty awesome and they can also be placed inside a room in a beautiful vase which may give an appealing effect to the overall look of your room.

12.) Red Chilies For Bed Bugs

Red chilies or Cayenne pepper is a herb which is an important ingredient of cooking. It is a spicy herb which is used to put flavors in different dishes. Red chilies can also be used for the prevention of the bed bugs. Due to the spicy taste of these chilies, they can be as effective as anything else. This herb can really be an irritating element for the bed bugs. Chilies are also harmful for human beings if they are taken as raw. For bed bugs, they definitely work successfully.

  • All you need to do is buy the red chilies and let them get dry in the sunlight for a day or two.
  • Make small bags of red chilies and place them under your bed and in your cupboard which has infected clothes. This will create an infuriating environment for the bed bugs to live and ultimately lead them to die.
  • If you have small kids in your home, then this remedy can be a bit dangerous until and unless you place chilly bags at such a place which is not reachable by the small kids.

13.) Silica Gel For Bed Bugs

Use silica gel to get rid of bed bugs. Silica gel has an antibacterial element which can make difficult for the bed bugs to survive and starve bed bugs to death.

  • Crush some silica gel and apply it all over in your room. Put some on your sleeping pad, and in the little spaces in your bed and even under your bed.
  • The silica gel will stick to the bug, making it dry out and ultimately die.
  • Different tests have shown that silica gel has the quality of getting stuck to the bacteria or any pesticide.
  • After getting stuck to the bed bug, silica gel makes it confirm that it dies off. It dries the skin of bed bug which makes the bed bug to die slowly and then all at once.
  • Silica gel is not easily available so don’t try applying this remedy unless you have a benevolent neighborhood uncle who has a gadget shop and can save you a little pack.

14.) Excessive and Intense Hot Environment

You can evacuate bed bugs effectively by creating really hot and intense environment. As already discussed earlier, bed bugs can live and reproduce in a particular environment which has normal temperature.

  • For applying this remedy, you need to use a normal cloth washing dryer and put all your infected clothes and sheets in the dryer.
  • When the dryer is run, hot air is generated which is hot enough to kill all the germs and bacteria. Putting all the infected clothes in the dryer can effectively kill all the pesticides.
  • Drying a heap of contaminated garments at high temperatures has the capacity to kill all the bed bugs as they are unable to tolerate the hot environment and the pressure of air.
  • The laudable infected things can be treated with a lot of remedies and treatments, but it becomes difficult and tricky when it comes to the treatment of such items which cannot be washed away. So putting all such items in the dryer can really be helpful in killing the bed bugs and getting rid of them.
  • For real and effective results run the dryer for about half an hour so that all the bed bugs and their eggs are killed in their whole.

15.) Scented Sheets to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The smell of scented sheets is appalling to the bed bugs as they cannot tolerate different nature of smells. The bed bugs are fond of surviving in normal environment which has a certain level of heat and odor. If you put the scented sheets under side your bed, between the pillows and inside your cupboards as well, it may help to get rid of the bed bugs through the unfavorable smell. The smell created by the scented sheets cannot be tolerated by the bed bugs to survive.

The idea of buying scented sheets is a novel idea which is not known by many people. Many people hesitate from using some natural home remedies like using garlic or turmeric powder because they may not like the smell of that particular remedial product. But the smell of the scented sheets may not be unfavorable for the human beings to adjust in but it definitely is not appalling for the irritating parasites.

The scented sheets are available in different scents of flowers and fruits which can make the environment of your room refreshing, but intolerable for the bed bugs at the same time. So you can easily adopt this simple and a very comforting way to get rid of the bed bugs.

16.) Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The air pressure can also work as a smart remedy for the removal of bed bugs from the infected areas. Vacuum has the property of sucking each and every dirt particle through air pressure. If you don’t want any sort of smell to prevail in your room or any difficult way to adopt, vacuum cleaner is the best option then.

  • It can successfully be utilized to uproot bed bugs and their eggs from your beds, couches and small places in the room.
  • Keep in mind to focus on the creases of bedding and box springs, along edges of rugs, under baseboard, and in some other spaces and any place where you feel the presence of bed bugs.
  • You won’t get all bugs and eggs with a solitary vacuum treatment because you may not get to work out in each and every corner. So rehashing the procedure several times is much suggested.

17.) Properly Wash Clothes to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Washing can really help you in lowering the pain and itching caused by the bites of bed bugs. As these insects feed on human blood and when they suck the blood, one gets dark red blisters which are really painful. It is recommended not to sleep in places or on such mattresses which are expected to have these parasites inside them.

  • Washing helps in the prevention of any skin infection or skin disease that may lead to serious problems afterwards.
  • Washing prevents itching. Itching can cause the bites to get worse. So it is very important that the itching is controlled somehow.
  • If you are unable to get the medicine on urgent basis, then the easiest way to lower down the pain and itching due to bed bugs is watching that body part off. Washing enables to react in such a way that it prevents multiplication of the infection.
  • It has been tested that through regular washing parasite bites 3 times a day results in healing within one week or two.

18.) Steam to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Steam infiltration is an exceptionally basic home solution for fighting against the bed bugs. This home cure is impacted by means of the vermin control strategy received by expert organizations. These bugs can’t tolerate a temperature higher than a certain degree.

  • Consequently, it is an alternative to put hot steam straightforwardly over your bedding.
  • Because bed bugs are unable to tolerate high temperatures, the die due to hot steam.
  • This home cure is very mainstream and is adopted by many people at their homes, since it can likewise successfully kill the eggs of these parasites too.
  • Then again, this system works out to be successful and helpful until and unless the quantity of bugs in your bunk is not alarmingly high. In the event that these parasites have effectively developed and recreated to a vast degree, every one of them may not be killed through a hot steam as well.
  • So, this natural remedy can only work out for you at the time when bed bugs are at initial stage and have not developed and reproduced much.

19.) Sun Bathing to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

As specified above, bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperatures and hot weather. You ought to sun-douse your bedding for the duration of a complete day if steaming your bed does not work to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Sunlight and radioactive waves are very beneficial to avoid bed bugs. More than 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is all what is needed for killing these parasites.
  • When you hold your sleeping cushion under the open sun, it warms up to more noteworthy temperatures than 90 degree Fahrenheit. This surely kills all the bed bugs and their eggs too.
  • It is an exceptionally basic home solution to get rid of bed bugs.
  • In the event that you are living in a tropical atmosphere, it is a lucky charm for you to use the sunlight as a natural remedy as the sunlight is very intense in the tropical areas.
  • Wash all your garments and cot related apparel in boiling hot water and dry them in immediate daylight. Bugs can’t resist to the hot temperatures and have a tendency to bite the dust.

20.) Light Exposure to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Researchers have found out that the bed bugs reside in very small areas and increases where you cannot even think off. They can even penetrate inside your mattresses and can irritate you while sleeping. So it is very important that you first diagnose and get to know the proper and particular place where the bed bugs are residing, the reproducing power of bed bugs is also very strong and speedy, so it is likely favorable that they have laid eggs in the places where they are present too.

The very first step of addressing the problem is to know about where the problem actually lies. So it is very important that you get to know about the actual place where the bed bugs are residing inside your room. Using the flashlight you can actually come to know about the places affected by the bed bugs where you may not have even thought about. The bed bugs are very tiny creatures which can sneeze into the smallest places and creases of your bed and couches.

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