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How to Get Rid of Weevils?

get rid of weevils

Due to the insect problem people have started storing their all foods in glass or plastic zip top bags. But grain weevils also called granary weevils or wheat weevils can chew through paper and plastic packaging. That’s how they got …

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How to Kill Termites?

How to Kill Termites

Termites are the small insects that can create a problem for you. They work as a silent killer. They can appear on any wood material or any plant without indicating their presence. There are five types of termites that can …

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How to Kill Bed Bugs?

How to Kill Bed Bugs

This article is about ways to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs are small in size but big at creating nuisance. These tiny beasts are not only nuisance but can also be painful as well. They can be painful as they …

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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs?

How to Get rid of stink bugs?

Stink as the name itself release a foul odor when they’re disturbed or threatened. They smell like a predator brush off and if they are at home the smell lingers for a long time. These bugs naturally spend winter holed …

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