How to Clean Make Up Brushes?


This article is about the ways to clean up make up brushes. “Make is self-confidence applied directly on the face.” Applying makeup on the face makes you appear more beautiful and attractive. But, applying make on the face does not add only add make up to your face. It also adds germs and bacteria, if not cleared properly. Cleaning make up brushes becomes important as this will protect the transfer of germs and bacteria to the face. Cleaning brushes also softens the bristles of the brush. In this article, we are going to discuss the way that will help you clean make up brushes. Read the article and learn more about ways to clean make up brushes.

Ways to Clean Make Up Brushes:

Cleaning the make up brushes is important as it will make brushes better and will help apply make up evenly. Here is the way that will help you clean make up brushes. These steps are easy and will help you clean make up brushes at home. Follow the given steps to clean make up brushes:

how to clean make up brushes

1.) Cleaning Lightly-Soiled Brushes

Let us start with lightly-solid brushes. When you want to clean make up brushes, you have two types of make up brushes. Here are the steps that will help clean make up brushes that are lightly-solid. Follow the given steps for the purpose:

Examine the Brush

The first step that you have to go for is to examine the type of brush. It means that you have to check if the brush has been used for. If the brush was used to apply powder then it needs light cleaning and if it was used to apply some cream then it needs heavy cleaning.

Run Water on it

Run lukewarm water on the brush. This should be done in a way that water runs thoroughly into the bristles. This cleans bristles nicely and also removes the contents from deep inside the bristles. Also make sure that you go for lukewarm water. Using hot water also spoils the brushes.

Final Steps

  • Take a quarter cup of warm water. Avoid using hot water as it may spoil the brush.
  • Add a teaspoon of baby shampoo to it.
  • Swirl the brush into the bowl of the solution. This will help clean it thoroughly. Only use the area with the bristles.
  • Massage the brush while swirling.
  • Run water on the brush. While you run water on the brush, keep massaging it.
  • Pat dry the brush and reshape it.
  • Allow it to dry on its own. Keep it in a way that the bristles section hangs out the edges.
  • When it has dried completely, fluff it.

2.) Clean Heavy-Soiled Make Brushes

In the process to clean make up brushes, next target is to clean heavy soiled make up brushes. Follow the steps given below to clean it:

Examine the Brush

Again, examine the type of brush it is. If the brush is used to apply powder than it can easily cleaned with soap and water. But, if it is to apply cream then soap and water is enough. You will also need some oil for the purpose.

Start the process to Clean Make Up Brushes

  • Take a paper cloth and dip a few drops of almond oil to it.
  • Dip the brush into the oils. Make sure that you do not soak it.
  • Now run the bristles of the brush under water. Hold it downwards while running water. If the lukewarm enters the brush where bristles meet the brush, then it will affect the glue of the brush and thus will loosen the bristles. Also, make sure that you do not run hot water, it will spoil the bristles of the brush.
  • Take some baby shampoo in your palm and dip the brush in it. Swirl it in the oil for a while.
  • Run lukewarm water on it and keep massaging.
  • Now pat dry the brush with the help of a towel and reshape it.
  • Keep it on the table to dry, with its bristles hanging out.
  • When it has dried, fluff it and keep it.

Prevention to Keep it Clean:

We learned the steps to clean make brushes, now let us learn the preventive measures to keep it cleaned. Dirty brushes not only transfers bacteria but they also lower the quality of your keep it. Follow the steps for the purpose:

  1. Clean natural brushes every week. Weekly clean make up brushes that are used to apply powdered make up like eye shadow and powder.
  2. If you have synthetic brushes then they should be cleaned daily. These are the brushes that you use for water and cream based make up.
  3. Don’t keep the brushes while they are drying. Let them dry properly and then keep them.
  4. Allow the brushes to dry naturally on their own. If you use the hair dryer then it will damage the bristles of the brushes.
  5. Store them in ventilated area. Allow it have some fresh light. This will keep the bristles healthy. Do not dry them moist and enclosed places.
  6. You can also disinfect your brush by dipping in a white vinegar solution. What you have to do is take some vinegar in a cup and dilute it. Swirl the brush into it, rinse with water and dry it well.
  7. Store them upright when they have dried completely. You can keep in a cup of stand or you can also lay them on a side.


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