How to Pluck your Eyebrows?


Plucking perfect eyebrows to achieve that flawless, face-framing arch can be a painful and difficult process. But fuller and thicker brows in style. The shape of eyebrows can enhance your appearance by balancing your features, framing your eyes and flattering your facial shape. Eyebrows help to define your face and enhance your beauty. But it should be done according to your face shape and sizes because if eyebrows enhances your beauty so it can also make you look bad. If could be difficult to go parlor every week to maintain your brows. You can pluck your eyebrows at home. You just need to follow these steps.

pluck your eyebrows

Ways to Pluck your Eyebrows:

1.) Find your Inspiration to Pluck your Eyebrows

The eyebrow shape you choose can have a different effect on your face. Your brows create the framework for your face so try different styles to find out what suits you.

  • Check out photos in magazines, you can also search online. Stash aside some pictures so you will have a bit of inspiration. Any celebrity who inspires you is to bound to have an online tutorial based on their brows.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to watch someone else create the look before you go at it on your own. You will have tips on how to replicate the bool you love then you can go out and alter it so it will perfect for you.

2.) Prep your Face 

You will have an easier time plucking right after you take shower. You hair follicles will get open and your hair will get soft. If you take a long, hot shower, you might want to wipe your brows with some rubbing alcohol. There is a fine line between too slippery and softened so use the alcohol if you are having a hard time gripping hairs.

  • If you don’t have time to go to the shower, wash your face with a washcloth or a facial scrub. If your hair is thick and you will have trouble plucking, hold a warm compress over your brows for a few minutes.
  • You can also try using a dab of hair conditioner to soften up your hair. Your routine should be based on your hair and the type of skin so experiment a bit.

3.) Get Comfortable Before you Pluck your Eyebrows

If your skin tends to get irritated by plucking process, so try to make it easier on yourself. Use some numbing cream before you start to pluck your eyebrows. You can get some tooth and gum numbing cream along with the toothpaste in any pharmacy.

  • You can also use a gel for teething babies. This one will help you to numb your skin to some degree so tweezing will be more comfortable.
  • You are naturally a bit more sensitive the week and during the period. Most of us cannot go two weeks without tweezing so just prepare yourself. You will find that plucking totally comfortable one week then torture the next.
  • Plan your numbing ingredient according to where your body is at. If you find that your skin feeling sensitive and don’t have any supplies on hand, so just ice the area briefly before you start. You are closing your hair follicles but you will not really feel the tug.

4.) Get Tweezer to Pluck your Eyebrows

You should prefer to buy stainless tweezers because they are better than nickel or alloy tweezers. As this metal is suitable is for all ski type and guard against any skin infection.

  • If a traditional type of tweezers doesn’t work for you, so can you can use scissor style tweezers. They are equipped with slanted and square tips as well.
  • Smoother pulling of the hair or better functionality can be determined by how comfortable you are to handle the tweezers. If the arms of the tweezers are too narrow for you, so choose wide grip one with oval handles.
  • Check for a matter finish or epoxy coating or you can use rubber padding for the better to ensure the better grip into the tweezers.
  • Use slanted tweezers for the regular shaping of the eyebrows over the pointed tweezers because pointed tweezers are made to pull out ingrown hair or the square tipped hair.

5.) Set the location

You will need a bright location to pluck your eyebrows well. Sit next to a window in the afternoon to find the brightest light in your house. Using magnifying mirror can be helpful but don’t rely on it alone.

  • It is easy to overpluck if you are just using a magnifying mirror. It could be a great to get a close-up view on the small hairs but use a normal mirror during most of the process.

6.) Create an Outline

You will like to have a slight arch to your eyebrow. To find out where the peak of your arch should be, you will need to use a pencil or an eye shadow brush. Hold it parallel to the outside edge of your iris. it doesn’t need to exact but you can see how your eyebrows are naturally in that area. You will like to tweeze under the arch to make it more pronounced.

  • Before you get started with the actual plucking, you will need to find a white eyeliner pencil to start drawing guidelines. Use that pencil along with your measuring brush or pencil.
  • To decide on the width, you will need to hold the pencil against the side of your nose. You should pluck any hair that falls over the nose, including nostrils. To stay away from the unibrow look, you need to hold the pencil against the outside corner of your eye to see where your brows should stop. You will want them to directly stop parallel to the edge of your eye.

7.) Hold Tweezers like a Pencil to Pluck your Eyebrows

Take a pair of tweezers in your hand which you can hold like a pencil. The open end should be up and give it a few squeezes so you are comfortable with the motion you will need to pluck your eyebrows.

  • Place the tip of the tweezers at the root of the hair you want to pluck. Get as close to the root of the hair as possible to pull them. Always pull the hair in the direction of hair growth. Keep the tweezers angled as close to the skin as possible.
  • Continue this process until you have finished plucking one brow, then repeat this on the other eyebrow. If you want some rest then its ok resume plucking your eyebrow when you will get ready.
  • Sometimes plucking eyebrow causes the nose to itch and eyes to tear up. it is perfectly normal so just keep going until you will get finished.

8.) Start Pulling to Pluck your Eyebrows 

Brush your eyebrow in the upward with a comb or an extra toothbrush. This will give you a good view of the hairs. Trim your eyebrows as necessary. Hold your skin taut so it will be easier to grab and more comfortable for your skin.

  • Pull your hair in the direction that it grows. Just grab one or two hair at a time. it doesn’t matter really matter from where you start as long as you have a clear plan for where you are going.
  • Every few seconds took a look at your face every time you pluck a few hairs. Keeping your head buried in the mirror will make it too easy to over pluck.
  • Keep rubbing alcohol on hand as you go. As you will pluck you are going to start getting a buildup of oil on your eyebrow, so just dab some alcohol on a tissue and clear it off.

9.) Relax After Plucking the Eyebrows

After you finish to pluck your eyebrows, if your skin gets really irritated, so apply some piece of ice or splash it with cold water. Apply some Aloe Vera to calm it when it will get dry.

  • If Aloe Vera doesn’t work for you, so switch to an over the counter cortisone cream. But remember that, cortisone can actually cause irritation if you will use it too often, so apply it sparingly and save it for when you need it.

10.) Perfect your Shape

Brush your brows then hold the shape in place with brow gel. Remember that your eyebrows are a hair too so any regular hair product will work there. While brushing your eyebrows, pull the hairs upward at the start of your bows until you arch. After your arch, brush the hairs towards the edge.

  • If your eyebrows are a bit of sparse or spotty from some area, so fill them wit some brow shadow. If you prefer working with pencil, go ahead but use short strokes, then rub it lightly with a brush to soften the look.


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