How to Clean your Room?


Cleaning your rooms can seem like a tedious process there are many ways to do it faster. You will need an organized approach to clean your room. First, put on some upbeat music so that you will not get bored while doing this and make a schedule. Have some bags and boxes ready for sorting trash. You will need to work in sections, clean up messes and put the things away. Sort through your boxes and put away the items you want to keep and discard the ones which you don’t want. After separating and arranging all things you will need to dust and Vaccum all the surface in your room.

clean your room

Steps to Clean your Room:

1.) The bed to Clean your Room

Start with the bed to clean your room. Making your bed will give you a sensational feeling of that your mission of cleaning your rooms has accomplished. It will give you a flat surface to fold clothes and take breaks on. Move all the stuff that is present in your bed into a pile in one section of your room. Strip your bed and flip your mattress over. Flipping over your mattress will give it a long life. It will also give your good feeling when you will sleep on the side that hasn’t been using very much. Put some fresh sheets and blankets.

  • Take the extra time to really make your bed and tuck your sheet under your mattress. Make the blankets straight and throw your dirty sheets into your hamper or washing machine.

2.) Put Objects in their Rightful Places

Put everything which is one the floor away first. In that way, you will be able to get around your room without tripping over. The objects you put away, there is no need to be them clean just simply put them where they belong. Start placing with the bigger things, like pillows and books, then move to the smaller things like pencils and other stationary objects to clean your room.

  • Remove the largest items first when attacking the pile. You will see a big improvement just after removing a few things. Continue with the next largest items until you are left with the little objects like pencils.
  • Don’t let yourself become distracted by the items you are putting away. You might find a photo album which you have not seen at a long time but look at t while you are cleaning your rooms. If you really want to look at it then make it a part of your reward you will give yourself after cleaning your room.

3.) Organize Room Logically to Clean your Room

Put the things in an easy to reach surface which you use often and that you don’t use often, you can put them in hard to reach spots. You are more likely to put the things away when you don’t and if its nearby and easy to get to, this will help you to clean your room. Don’t create too many piles of things because later on, it will tiring to try and look through everything to find stuff.

4.) Put Away any Clean Clothes that are Lying Around and Dirty Dishes

Fold the clean clothes that are lying around and place them in your dresser or hang them up. Fold your clothes neatly and try not to wrinkle them.

  • You need to place a laundry bin. Place them outside your room, it is best to place them in the hallway. Place any dirty clothes you find into the laundry bin. Don’t take your dirty clothes into the washing machine until you have finished cleaning your room.  As you will never know where you might find another dirty sock that needs washing.
  • If there is any sticky liquid in a bowl or cup, take it down immediately to avoid the risk of spilling into the hallway.
  • If you find anything else that goes in another room, put it in a separate box and take it away after you are done to clean your room.

5.) Clean Out the Things Under your Bed

Pull everything out from under your bed as you may be surprised to find that how much junks is present there, much of it probably the stuff your thought you have lost or may have forgotten about it.

  • Separate it into the piles, you can give your stuff which is not useful to you to charities, or you can sell two piles one on the thing you want to get rid of and the 2nd which you want to keep. Sort the trash pile into the things you can recycle and the thing you can’t. also look under the things of your furniture like your desk, end tables, dresser, nightstands or bookshelves.

6.) Attack the Separate Piles, but Leave the ‘Keep’ Pile for now

If you have giant piles, then sort them into sub categories before you begin to put them away.

  • First the trash. Put the items that can’t be recycled in the bin, then the items that can be recycled into the recycle bin.
  • Now you need to sort the belong elsewhere pile. If the items belong somewhere in the same house then take them to their places one by one. But if they belong in a different house then put them somewhere that you will remember.
  • Gather all the stuff which you want to give to the charity and the stuff to sell in two separate bags. In this way you will be able to clean your room.

7.) Organize your Closet to Clean your Room

Clean your closet by taking everything out of it and add them to the piles you made for the thing you found under your bed. Throw items that you don’t need anymore. Once you have cleaned out your closet and decided what you are keeping, match all of your shoes and place them back in your closet. Then hang your clothes and organize the stuff on the shelves in your closet.

  • If you find clothes that you have forgotten about try them on. But if you don’t like them and don’t want to put them anymore then put them in a giveaway pile to make room for clothes you do like. Consider purchasing a shoe rack if you feel like you don’t have enough space for your shoes.

8.) Organize Items in your Room

  • Books and magazines-  stack them by height, biggest on the bottom and shortest on the top. Organize your bookshelf if you have one.
  • You have to make sure to make your shelves presentable. If you will just keep the things on yourself and desk it will not look good.
  • Items in desk- buy desk organizer at your local office supply store. These desk organizers will help you to keep your pencils from running into glue which in turn will be kept separate from your scissors and markers.
  • Organize everything- Look around your room and see if there are any spots remaining which si looking messy. Now is the time the time to untangle your jewelry, rearrange your picture frames and so on. Focus on the finishing touches.
  • This is also a good time to think of possible upgrades your room needs. If you need then you can buy a shoe rack, jewelry case etc.

9.) Dust the Surface and Vacuum your floor to Clean your Room

You can use a duster to wisp away all the dust on the surface of your desk, bookshelf, dresser and any other surface you have in your room. Dust before you vacuum or sweep because often dust will become displaced and then settle back on your floor. Make sure to open the window while doing this, especially if you are allergic to dust.

Go over the dirtiest part of your room and vacuum more than once. If you want, sprinkle some carpet deodorizer on the carpet before vacuuming to give your room a pleasant scent. If you don’t have a carpet, then sweep the floor.

10.) Clean Mirror and another random part

  • Use the microfiber cloth so that smudge marks don’t get left on the windows. Cleaning your windows will give your room a glowing look.
  • Clean the other random parts of your room like door handles. Wipe them with the cleaning solution. If you have a ceiling fan then wipe the blades down with a wet cloth. Make sure to dust away any clothes that may have formed on your ceiling.
  • Pick up any bit of trash that may have accumulated to do the finishing touch. Spray some air freshener or place some bags of dried lavender in your room.
  • Take your boxes of giveaways somewhere you will not forget to give them away.
    take any dishes or items that go in other rooms to their respective places.


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