How to Be Cool? (Be a Really Cool Guy)


How to be cool or how to be a really cool guy? Have you always wanted to be the cool fellow, who always seems to make the best choice? Alternatively, would you say you are longing to be the cool girl, who carries through life no sweat and beauty? On the off chance that you think about all the people who you think of as cool, you’ll observe that they have a few characteristics in as something to be shared: they’re all confident, one of a kind, and for the most part on friendly terms with everybody; there’s no reason you can’t be similar to that yourself. There is really no genuine general definition on the best way to be cool, yet here are a few rules to kick you off.

(A) Being Cool to Be Cool

1.) Do Things to Be Cool

Don’t just think about it, do it to be cool. It’s all extremely well to peruse books and online journals about self-change, yet you need to actually get out there and apply the hypotheses that reverberate with you. Do it! It’s startling yet in this way, so animating. Who knows who you’ll meet and what they may have the capacity to offer you?

  • Be a person of action, not a person of thoughts.
  • Obviously, thinking things through before bouncing the weapon is a great quality. In any case thinking things through and afterwards not doing anything won’t go anyplace.

2.) Don’t Be Needy to Be Cool

Remember cool people are not needy or frantic, unflinchingly. Rather, try to tackle issues yourself at whatever point you can. On the off chance that you are self- sufficient, people will likely seek your help you or  ask for your assistance. This quality attracts people. Neediness is an enormous turn off unless you’re really in a tight spot. This doesn’t mean you ought to act powerful; just don’t ask people for help, act like you can’t be distant from everyone else, or anticipate that others will alter your issues.

  • Friendships are great, yet don’t act like you’ll kick the bucket in the event that you need to use a Friday night alone. Getting some alone time is a good thought.
  • In the event that somebody hasn’t gotten back to you, lay off. There’s no need to catch up with irritating instant messages. Give people their space and they’ll respect you more.

3.) Be Yourself to Be Cool

It will be something that other people will look up to. You are interesting, and you don’t need to join a faction. Make your own particular friendships. Being cool is continuously yourself in an outgoing way, regardless of the fact that you are quiet however not dour and latent forceful. Don’t try to be similar to any other person by duplicating another person moves or act, albeit trying out those acts is fine yet in the event that you do that all the time, it’s going to come out as fake on the grounds that it’s not a piece of your personality and you are trying to be something you are definitely not. Live for who you are. Don’t lose sight of yourself or your ethics to be cool. Being cool, isn’t about changing your identity.its about maintaining your individuality and being comfortable about it.

  • In the event that you don’t let people see the real you, then what’s the point? Having the capacity to act naturally and to have people admire you is the coolest thing of all.
  • Own your personality to be cool. Your bad looks, thoughts, likes, aspirations, anything which fits in with you. Own it and don’t apologize for what you have a place with you to anybody regardless of the possibility that it is bad or you dislike it about yourself. Remember, we are all people and we try to accept one another, notwithstanding all the imperfections and qualities we have.
  • Compose a rundown of every last one of the objectives you are going for. What basically makes you cool is your character. Try to discover your ability – sports, music, workmanship, whatever. People will notice your energy and respect you for it. You can likewise learn new abilities and meet new people by trying new things.

4.) Practice Self Disclosure to Be Cool

In order to understand you better you have to disclose yourself. Self-disclosure is both the cognitive and intuitive act of uncovering all the more around oneself to others. This may incorporate, however, is not constrained to, thoughts, feelings, yearnings, objectives, disappointments, triumphs, reasons for alarm, dreams and one’s likes, dislikes, and top priorities.

Self-disclosure happens gradually. Don’t tell the first person you meet at a party about your personal life or things will rapidly go south.

How to Be Cool Be a Really Cool Guy

5.) Be Friendly to Be Cool

Be friendly, yet not unreasonably avid to be cool. Everybody adores somebody who is outgoing, however, nobody likes somebody who is excessively excited. Numerous people discover somebody who is excessively energetic to be irritating. Try not to compel yourself with people. Smile and strike up a conversation, however, verify you know the line in the middle of a friendly and over the top. When you meet another person, take it easy, regardless of the fact that you think you’re friend perfect partners.

  • In case you’re so energetic there is no option hang out with another person, then it may look as you don’t have any other friends.
  • You can give somebody a friendly compliment, yet don’t spout to the person about how astonishing he or she is for 60 minutes.

6.) Good Conversation to Be Cool

  • Be a good conversationalist to be cool. Everybody cherishes somebody who knows what to say at the right minute. Don’t overwhelm the conversation. You don’t need to impart a comparable story at each setting. Just listen and remark quickly on the other person’s story. More often than not, it is much better to be kind of quiet and break down the conversation, getting a charge out of the humor of your friends and being a good listener.
  • Be a good listener to be cool. Remember the brilliant standard; Always try to make the other person feel important and do it genuinely and truly. When you listen to people it makes them feel important as well as serves to become a good listener and enhances your centering.
  • Most people want to talk about themselves. On the off chance that you keep the conversation focused on others, then people will love to talk to you. At that point sit tight for the right minute to make a remark, ordinarily to great result.
  • Be energetic! Joke around with them. Making fun of people is fine, yet verify that you know the limits of it and that the people you’re around are the sort of people who know you’re joking.

7.) Avoid Colloquialisms

Refrain from utilizing an excess of colloquialisms to be cool. This may make you appear as “fake” or unable to handle your respected language. Talk ordinarily, plainly and confidently and in the event that you feel it is fundamental receive a more formal enlist and use polysyllabic words. However, don’t go over the edge as this may make you appear affected, this being just as bad as seeming fake.

Discovering the right adjust in your discourse is important to making you seem astute and to a degree refined in the vicinity of your associates.

8.) Use Humor to Be Cool

Cool people always utilize humor and simplicity within any circumstance. They don’t get irritated and irate, and regardless of what number of bad things befall them, they don’t take it excessively cruelly; they make jokes about it. They have a brilliant, passionate awareness and they don’t let bad feeling influence them, they have magnificent enthusiastic control and understanding.

Learn how to snicker at yourself. Being cool doesn’t mean being impeccable, and having the capacity to discover the humor in your snippets of ungainliness and inconvenience is the characterizing sign of being cool. People won’t just respect you for it, however, they’ll like you for being yourself.

You can be cool and you can be excessively cool. People who are excessively cool take themselves excessively genuinely to giggle at a goofy, clearly senseless yet funny joke. Don’t be that person.

9.) Speak Up to Be Cool

Watch people who are “cool”; they normally talk confidently and plainly, at a good pace. They don’t prattle quickly, stop, say uh, um…, or mutter. They say what they mean, and mean what they say. Be confident in your oath and don’t let anybody try to change it. On the off chance that you express your opinion and people dissent, don’t stress.

You said what you felt and people will respect you for that, unless you say it knowing it will affront somebody. Then again, make the most of it. Don’t yell out your opinion just to be heard. Verify its application, and be prepared to back it up soundly.

10.) Keep Yourself Cool to Be Cool

The very meaning of cool is, no doubt calm, created, under control, not excited, indifferent, and socially adroit. Commonly, cool people are those that don’t get excited about things, that don’t always need to talk. Learn how to manage people. Don’t get furious or baffled. Being cool is regular.

Periodically, the people who strive the hardest for coolness are attacking themselves by trying excessively hard. People like people who don’t try, however, are still fruitful. How does that work? One of the insider facts of being cool is that, when one is just in the middle of trying and not trying whatsoever, things just fall into the spot.

Take a full breath. Being cool is about being relaxed and comfortable in any condition. Don’t lose your cool. On the off chance that you feel yourself going to lose your temper, or begin crying uncontrollably, or lose control in any capacity, take a full breath and reason yourself. Stay calm.

11.) Avoid Bad Means to Be Cool

Don’t utilize bad conduct to get attention. There are numerous people who take up smoking, drinking, harassing, and other bad habits. Frequently, this comes from negative fortification. In the wake of doing something bad, a person may be compensated with attention. This attention is temporary and won’t last long

You ought to never substitute negative attention for really being cool. More often than not, the people who are gloating rivalries about law-breaking and bonging brewski don’t fit into the classification of cool. On the off chance that a group of people doesn’t like you for who you are and the lifestyle you’ve picked, proceed onward.

Don’t do drugs to be cool. Real cool people know how to be cool without the impact of medications and liquor.

Don’t smoke to be cool. It won’t make you cool, it will make you smell bad. Different smokers won’t notice the bad smell in light of the fact that they smell the same way. When you smoke, you will in all probability hang out with different smokers, and this limits your choice of boyfriends and girlfriends in light of the fact that most non-smokers scorn the smell of smoke and won’t want to associate with you. Don’t pass judgment on smokers- just don’t take up a habit you will inevitably pay somebody to help you stop.

Never contend to be cool. When you’re cool, contending is always scratched off. You realize winning a contention is pointless. When you know you’re on the right track, you just don’t need to show  it. You don’t need to waste time, exertion and energy by endeavoring to convince somebody who hasn’t seen the things you have seen.

(B) Thinking Cool to Be Cool

1.) Remember People are Equal to Be Cool

Remember that people are your equivalents. Indeed a group of people is equivalent to you. In case you’re talking to a potential superintendent, a group of rich contributors, a kid, an outsider, the president of the United States, or an attractive gentleman or girl, for instance, remember they are not one or the other better than you or more regrettable than you are. They ought to be dealt with as you ought to be dealt with. Be respectful of other people, however, expect that they will accept you all things considered.

When somebody is disrespectful to you, disregard them until they evaluate it. Not as though you didn’t hear your foe, however, easily and converse neglects their comments. There is a reason that they didn’t show respect towards you or the person didn’t do what you asked of them.

People may be discourteous to you on the grounds that they are unhappy, somebody harms them as of late, you were disrespectful towards them, or on the grounds that they were never taught the right way to act around people. Yet always know it is for a reason, be eager to discover what the reason is the length you want them to respect you.

2.) Some Won’t Get It to Be Cool

Understand that some people won’t get it. While it feels astonishing to amaze people with your fast wit, sometimes you will meet somebody who just doesn’t get you. They’ll look at you curiously and ask you to elucidate what you thought was a cuttingly perceptive pop-society reference. Doesn’t make a difference. What’s intriguing about people is that they are so differing.

Faculties of humor change fiercely. In case you’re getting empty looks, just be amiable, pardon yourself, and annul any humiliations later in a stand-up comedy schedule.

3.) Have Confidence to Be Cool

Have confidence in your peer group. There’s a is a reason behind them , liking your company. The personality attributes you detest in yourself may be the very eccentricities they discover charming. Give them a chance to choose as opposed to exhibiting an inadequate form of yourself to the world. In the event that you want to be cool, then you need to believe that the people around you really like you and find your relationship meaningful.

Remember that it’s not cool to hang out with people who you think are cool just in light of the fact that you think it’ll make you cool as a substitute. Life doesn’t work that way.

4.) Don’t Be Reluctant to Be Cool

Don’t be reluctant to be unique or to be cool. Whether that means, safeguarding another person, or taking enthusiasm toward something that nobody else does, such as playing a musical instrument. Cool people are the ones who once in a while break against the tide and make people address business as usual. Unstable people will, at times, become desirous of you. These people will try to get to you, trying to take the attention off of you and present it to themselves.

The important thing to remember is not to smile in shortcoming; just disregard them. Not as though you didn’t hear your opponent, yet coolly and conversationally ignore their comments.

5.) Be Self-aware to Be Cool

There’s a distinction in letting people’s judgements influence yourself regard, and being aware of how you come off to others. What you are really doing is continuously aware of how you look from someone else’s point of view. In terms of physical appearance: Be careful with nourishment getting stuck in your teeth, bad breath, body smell, bathroom tissue adhered to your shoe, and so on. In terms of composure; be smiley, stand/sit up straight (it makes you look and feel more confident), smile liberally, be well mannered and circumspect, and so on.

Take care of displaying a confident body language, all the times; dissecting body language can be a helpful device in knowing how to present yourself.

Knowing how you come off amid school, amid a soccer match, or at a party can help you have a feeling of what people think of you, and to adjust your actions in like manner. It doesn’t mean that you need to change for you are, yet in the event that you’re at a party, it’s good to notice in case you’re totally ruling a conversation and actually exhausting people so you can back off a bit.

6.) Relax to Be Cool

Always letting yourself know that you’re poor at standardizing makes nerves that play on your brain whenever you banter with somebody. You then concentrate on said tensions, and the entire thing becomes one major cycle of self-satisfaction. In case you’re always nervous about what can happen in a social circumstance, you won’t have the capacity to acknowledge things that are going right.

In case you’re nervous or restless, other people will have the capacity to tell, and they will encourage off of your nervous energy, making significantly more uneasiness. Rather, be calm and make people feel like they are more calm in your vicinity and they will be attracted to you.

It’s alright to oddity out to a trusted friend in the event that you need to now and again. Just don’t get a notoriety for being a person who is always going ballistic.

(C) Looking Cool to Be Cool

1.) Presenting Yourself to Be Cool

Present yourself in a positive way to be cool. Stroll with good carriage and look people in the eye. On the off chance that you droop or gaze at your feet, people won’t respect you. You need to look and feel confident to get the respect you need. Don’t walk excessively quick either in light of the fact that it would appear that you are fleeing.

Smile to be cool. Be a habitual, unrepentant over-similar, with each smile being a real one. In the event that you smile when you meet somebody, you right away appear confident, inviting, warm and relaxed. Confident and relaxed people are substantially more engaging than their unsettled compadres.

2.) Be Fit to Be Cool

Being fit will raise your self-regard and will make you look at the world in a more positive perspective This doesn’t mean that you need to visit the gym everyday to be cool, yet it does mean that dealing with your body is definitely cool. Try to practice consistently, go to the rec center, or play a game and keep fit as a fiddle. Consume solid as well. Having the energy to be included in numerous things is something that not everybody is conceived with, so try to work out. You will see results in the event that you work hard.

Know that you will never have the capacity to please everybody. Try hard, however, don’t be so concerned with judging yourself or being judged by others. People have a great many ways to get under your skin. Learn to spot them and become safe. Be happy with yourself and do what you revel in.

3.) Good Cleanliness to Be Cool

Make sure to brush your teeth each morning and consistently. Furthermore, at whatever point you can, significantly after lunch. Wear fragrance (in case you’re a girl) and spread on a bit, just a bit of cologne (in case you’re a kid). Shower consistently and wear antiperspirant. Additionally, utilize moisturizer so your skin is not a shy and put on some lip analgesic if your lips are dry. You ought to wash your face each morning to keep crisp and pimple free.

You don’t need to invest hours on your looks every day to be cool. At the same time hey, 20-30 minutes used to give and prepping won’t kill you.

4.) Confident Body Language to Be Cool

Project confident body language to be cool. In the event that you want to look cool, then your body need to extend certainty at all times. In case you’re talking to somebody, reach, utilize your hands to signal, and sit or stand with good carriage. Smile, regardless of the possibility that you’re feeling somewhat nervous, and don’t squirm with your hands or look at the floor when you’re talking to somebody, or you won’t look like you believe what you say.

5.) Find Your Style to Be Cool

Find your own particular style to be cool. The length of your personality beams through, you can wear whatever you like. Fellows have been known to get girlfriends despite the fact that they wear sweats constantly. A percentage of the dorkiest, “uncool” gentlemen are known to get girlfriends on the grounds that everybody has a different view of cool. That is definitely an assertion of coolness.

You don’t need to take after patterns to be cool; you just must have the capacity to look comfortable and happy in whatever you are wearing.

Other Useful Tips to Be Cool:

  • Be respectful of others. Don’t be contentious and oppressive in the event that you feel others are incorrect. Everybody is qualified for his/her perspectives regardless of how differed they are.
  • In the event that being singled out is your stress, know and understand that showing yourself influenced by it is accurately what differentiates the coolest from the others, and take this as an opportunity to actually be seen as cool. Know that who you are in your center is not dictated by others, particularly in the event that they don’t positively know you. Be happy with yourself as you seem to be, following there is nothing really wrong with you in your center.
  • Learn to peruse people and be patient when imparting an insight. Understand that whatever you say to somebody or give guidance, that is just your opinion. They either accept it or reject it, there’s no need to compel them to understand. Just verify you know what you’re talking about.
  • Being vain to the degree of narcissism is not cool. Be that as it may then again, personal attraction regularly utilizes lowliness and acceptance/assention, gratefulness, of common eagerness or delight over: a class of music, a like conviction (like a confidence), self-dissent and alluring authority.
  • Don’t just hold up for somebody to ask you to hang out. They’re sitting tight for you. Welcome them over. Also, be arranged. Don’t have them come over and you can’t think of anything creative to indulge in, It’s portrays a very negative image to your friends, and they won’t want to come back once more.
  • Don’t be timid to be cool. However, additionally don’t be a windbag. Act chill and act naturally. Be social. Go out have a fabulous time and meet new people.
  • Remember to be calm and gathered. This means don’t get overexcited, don’t be annoyingly noisy and don’t be clingy.
  • Change your attitude to be cool. Cool people are known for their positive attitude. Nobody likes a negative person. At the point when people get to know you and see that you always have a positive look on things actually when things are not going your way, they will revel in your organization.
  • Figure out how to love learning. The coolest people do a great deal of really cool things.

Warnings / Precautions:

  • Always stay up for people, and don’t spook others, on the grounds that to be cool means to be loved by everybody, including the individuals who are not as socially high-positioning as yourself.
  • Some people are not the people that would be a good impact on you. You can “be cool” without being a piece of the most famous group.
  • Don’t build your coolness with respect to making others seem uncool. You’ll make a greater number of adversaries than friends that way. People aren’t going to love somebody who supervises or beats them around constantly. They’ll be frightened maybe, yet they won’t respect you.


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