How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger?


If you get jealous of those people who can talk fluently to anyone they want then you do not need to worry much about it as you too can be like them. To be talkative and be confident while making an approach to any stranger you will be needing to keep few points in your mind. While approaching any stranger do not hesitate, nothing bad can happen that they won’t reply you. In most of the cases, strangers feel welcomed and they will talk to you back politely. Practice talking to people and eventually your fear will go away. Use given below tips to start a conversation with a stranger.

How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Steps to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

1.) Ask a Questions to start a Conversation with a Stranger

Any question according to the surrounding would help you to have a conversation with a stranger. Strangers would also feel glad to get a chance to help someone. If you see someone alone then it can be the case that they are also getting bored and would be happy if someone would initiate to talk to them. Do not think much about it just go and ask them and you might end up making a new friend. All you need to do is summon up a bit of courage and everything will be good.

2.) Exchange Gestures to talk to a stranger

You can do this easily, stand at a place near to the person you want to talk to and when you find them looking at you then pass on a smile to them. If you get successful in making an eye contact then you can easily talk to them further. Smile with making an eye contact and you have already initiated the bond.

If by any chance you do not get to catch their attention towards you then you can touch them accidentally and while saying sorry ask about any other things which will help you both to communicate.

3.) Open up Your Conversation

Once you have initiated then it is time to bring on the conversation part. Any question which would initiate a conversation should be asked. If you see them responding properly and find them taking interest then you can add more in your conversation. Make them feel that you would have died of boredom but they saved you. Think of anything to open your conversation and just do it.

To talk to a stranger you should not think much as just think of a good starter and go on with it to initiate. Most of the time people love it when they find someone approaching them.

4.) Make People Laugh

Humor always works to make strangers friends. If you are good at humor then you can think of something funny to start a conversation with a stranger. People would love your sense of humor and will even want to keep in touch with you. To start a conversation with a stranger using humor is great and it will even make them feel how good you are with humor. Everyone wants to have a laugh in their busy and tensed day. If you can make someone laugh then there is nothing better than it. Humor will even make the conversation funny and joyful. People like to stay and talk to someone who can make them laugh. Do not be a serious person and think of having fun while talking to strangers.

5.) Do not Sound Desperate

When you go to start a conversation with a stranger rather not sound desperate. To make a healthy and interesting conversation do not sound desperate to talk to others or they might fear of talking to you. Keep it calm and cool have patience while talking to a stranger and be a good listener. Make them feel comfortable while talking to them. Do not act as it is a big issue for you to talk to a stranger. Be a good listener while talking to them. Choose topics which would interest him/her too, do not keep on talking about things which you find interesting.

6.) Talk About Them

Do not keep the conversation about yourself. when you are having a conversation with a stranger then you need to talk about them. If you will keep on talking about yourself then you would feel them getting bored or disinterested in your talks. To put a better impression on a stranger keep it about them more. Ask them about their likes and dislikes. Ask them about their opinions, favorite things, hobbies or what interests them more. Let them talk if you feel like they are talking part in the conversation. When you will keep on talking yourself then you would make them lose interest in the conversation easily.

7.) Think of Them as Your Friend

When you will imagine them as your friend then you will treat them better and there will be great chances to have a good conversation between you two. This way you will also feel comfortable in approaching a stranger and will not hesitate or get nervous while talking to them. When you will be friendly they will also be friendly back therefore, it is better to talk to a stranger than wondering if you would have talked. Friendly gestures and friendly talks will keep you both interested in talking to each other. Try to appear friendly with your gestures and words both. Think of them as your friends and you would get the strength to talk to any person you want.

8.) Do not Think of Outcome

People gets hurt when they expect. When you need to talk to a stranger then do not have any expectations in your mind. There are different types of people in the world and you cannot make them reply according to your way. you may find few strangers rude but that does not mean you should stop trying out your luck. Do it for fun not for any serious relationship. You can even get life long friends if you are lucky but do not keep it in your mind before initiating a talk to a stranger. Thinking of outcome may put fear inside you and you may lose all the strength you had to talk to the stranger.

9.) Talk on Trendy Topics

Famous trending topics will help you to make your conversation interesting. If you watch them reading books then it would be great as you have got the topic to initiate the conversation. You can talk to them about everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones and see people going crazy to talk about it. Ask people about their favorite books or movies or who is gonna be the next president? You may vary in your opinion but it will be fun to listen things from other’s perspective. Topics like these are fun to have a chat. You can try the observing step to see what could interest that person then go ahead. You can talk about popular sitcoms if that stranger is young or if he is a teenage guy then you can talk to him about his favorite sports or video games.

10.) Compliment Them

Complimenting is probably the best way to make a person feel good about them. It is also a great way to start a conversation with a stranger but you need to do it with full confidence and a smile on your face. If you find her dress lovely do not hesitate and go and compliment her. If you feel like he has a great smile then why to wait to compliment him? When a stranger compliments people feel great and it can even make their day. You can compliment if you find them wearing a nice pair of earrings or a unique neckpiece. Tell them what make them noticeable among others and they would love it. It is a great way to start a conversation with anyone.


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