Chia Seeds Side Effects (Side Effects of Chia Seeds)


This article, tells you several chia seeds side effects and benefits also. Chia seeds have become one of the most famous super foods in the health sector. They are simple to digest when make well, and are a very flexible ingredient that adds easily to other recipes. The chia seed is loaded with various nutrients and hit the energy level. Not only that, A study says that the chia seed benefits are even bigger than we understand. Now they have even been associated with healing diabetes.

Originally developed in Mexico, the seeds were highly cherished for their nutritional value and medicinal properties. Aztec warriors had consumed chia seeds to for high endurance and energy.  They said just 1 spoonful of chia could keep up them for 24 hours.  Chia means “strength” in the Mayan language, and they were known as “runners food” because warriors and runners would use them as energy during battle or running long distances.

Being rich in several important nutrients, research has uncovered that regularly eating chia seed can improve your health in several ways. Some of the top chia seed benefits are:

Chia Seeds Side Effects (Side Effects of Chia Seeds):

1.) Flatulence

Flatulence is also a risk of chia seeds side effects. Probably the most common criticism about the chia seed is that it can lead to excessive gas in your stomach. Most people who have this complaint are consuming a huge amount of chia seeds. If you keep your intake from low to modest level, you may reduce this problem. It is not a serious problem that you can’t get over it.

2.) Blood Thinning

Chia seeds are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds can work as a blood thinner. It’s supposed to be a vital dietary element, but may be upsetting for those with specific blood infections or who are on certain blood-thinning treatments. If you have a condition or are taking medication that needs you to be careful. The omega-3s in chia seeds may create the problem for you. You’ll also want to seek doctor’s advice about the safety of Chia seeds in your diet if you are planning to have surgery in the future.

Chia Seeds Side Effects Side Effects of Chia Seeds

3.) Pregnancy Issues

Chia seeds side effects plays a major role in pregnancy. Woman those who are pregnant or who wants to become pregnant need to approach chia seeds with extreme care. A research has been performed on the chia seeds side effects on the pregnant women and their fetuses. As a result, most health advisers suggest that pregnant  woman or breastfeeding women should stay on the safe side and stop the use of Chia seeds. When it is all about your baby’s health, it’s  better to be safe than sorry, and consult your doctor about eating Chia seeds until after you give birth.

4.) High Triglycerides

Chia seeds have been popular to worsen the problem of high triglycerides in some patients. There are some kind of chia seeds that increase in high triglycerides, but there’s also a range that doesn’t show any signs of triglyceride levels i.e: Salba. If you’re worried about your triglycerides, but you want to have Chia seeds, then choose Salba variety. High triglycerides can be the major risk of chia seeds side effects.

5.) Prostate Cancer

This is one more chia seeds side effects. While there’s no direct proof exists between prostate cancer and Chia seeds. Chia seeds consists of lots of alpha-linolenic acids. The study says that alpha-linolenic acids present in Chia seeds contribute to a major risk of prostate cancer. If you are undergoing at risk for this disease, it is recommended to limit your consumption of chia seeds so that you aren’t increasing this diseases anymore.

6.) Allergic Reactions

Some people can be allergic to chia seeds. If you are allergic to mustard seeds or mustard, chances are more that you must be allergic to Chia seeds also. In that case, it is best to avoid taking chia seeds. Signs of an allergic reaction include: nausea, watery eyes, vomiting, hives, skin rashes, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the throat and mouth. If the reaction is severe, it can cause anaphylactic shock. When left untreated, it may lead to death as well. These reactions happen as a result of coming into contact with the protein present in chia seeds. So to avoid Chia seeds side effects, reduce the intake of Chia seeds.

7.) Addiction Risks

Some studies says that it is possible to become habituated to chia seeds. As such, you should only consume it in small quantity, for short periods of time. Take a pause before you add more chia seeds to your diet again, just make sure you do not become addicted to it. If you have an extremely addictive nature, consume Chia seeds with care.

8.) Toxicity

Because of the insecticides that has been used to treat chia seeds while they are producing, it is likely to practice a toxicity reaction. Since as it is difficult to know the chemicals and how much of it have been used in the process. It’s best to choose wisely when you buy chia seeds and look for the best type. Stick to 100% organic kind and make sure you are not filling your body with deadly pesticides. This chia seeds side see effect can be very harmful for the body, so reduce the intake of it.

9.) Interactions with Certain Medications

Because of the effects on blood thinning, blood pressure and insulin resistance. Chia seeds can react with some medications. If you are taking any treatment for diabetes or blood pressure, talk to your medical expert before the consumption of Chia seeds. They might still be harmless for you to use with your medications, but try to use less of them. Using too much chai seed with those medications can lead to blood thinning and can also cause low blood pressure.

10.) Vitamin B17 Overdose Risk

This is another chia seeds side effects observed. Chia seeds consists of lots of vitamin B17. If you are consuming chia seeds while taking a supplement that contains B17, you could overdo on the phytonutrient. Vitamin B17 can also be found in apricot kernels. The kernels are used in making of oil and medicinal works. It is normally used by IV or mouth to help in various cancer treatments. As with any nutritional supplement, it’s best to continue with caution. It is always suggested to consult your doctor while taking any new supplement with chia seeds that may not cause any serious problem for you.

Some Benefits of Chia Seeds:

Being loaded with so many nutrients, research has discovered that regularly eating chia seed can increase your health in several ways. Some of the top chia seed benefits are:

1.) Chia Seeds for Skin & Aging

Researchers says that chia seeds consists of antioxidant properties two times higher than previously reported, and the antioxidant property was shown to reduce 70% of free radical. It is important to know that chia seeds are one of nature’s riches antioxidants. It helps speed up the skin recovery and prevent additional damage. Taking chia seeds can stop premature skin aging due to tenderness and free radical damage.

2.) Chia Seeds for Heart Health

Chia seeds’ ability to inverse inflammation, lower blood pressure and regulate cholesterol make it extremely valuable to consume for heart health. Study says that it is very beneficial to treat allergies, angina, cancer, coronary heart disease, hormonal disorders, heart attack, endocrine disorders, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, vasodilatation and stroke.

3.) Chia Seeds for Cure Diabetes

Because chia seeds are loaded with fiber and alpha-linolenic acid, it can help stop metabolic issues like insulin resistance and dyslipidemia (extreme fat in the blood) these two are the major factors in the increase of diabetes.

4.) Chia Seeds for Boost Your Energy & Metabolism

A study says that eating chia seeds improved exercise performance for workouts. Just similar the way a sports drink lasts 90 mins but without sugar. Adding a small amount of Chia seeds to your routine can help boost up your metabolism and can reduce burn belly fat too.

5.) Chia Seeds for Stronger Bones

Just one small amount of chia seeds has 18% of the of calcium for daily routine. Calcium is essential in bone health and helps keep bone mass and strength. Chia also consists of boron which is another vital nutrient for bone health. Boron helps metabolize magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese for healthy growth of muscles and bones.

6.) Chia Seeds for Build Muscle & Lose Weight

Chia seeds are also positioned among the top plant-based resource of protein.  This is another reason this super seed is great to eat. Chia seeds are loaded with powerful antioxidant hit to help restore some of those nutrients lost when workouts. Try eating small amount of  chia seeds, those seeking to control on lean muscle, balance blood sugar levels, and burn fat.


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