How to Cut Your Own Hair?


How to cut your own hair at home? An excursion to the beauty salon for a haircut is fine for an exceptional event, yet it can get extravagant to go at regular intervals. Spare some cash by trimming your own particular hair at home! You may be a little anxious the first couple of times, however after you get the hang of it, you’ll be happy you learned it follow a set of guidelines to understand how to shorten your hair and trim your bangs.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

(A) Cutting Your Own Long Hair

1.) Scissors to Cut Your Own Hair

Buy a sharp pair of scissors. The initial phase in cutting your hair at home is to put resources into the right apparatuses. You will need a sharp pair of hair cutting scissors (not just any old scissors you have lying around at home) and a fine-toothed comb.

Hair cutting scissors are effortlessly accessible at beauty supply stores – you can discover them pretty inexpensively, some place in the $25 to $50 territory. In the event that you would prefer not to purchase a hair cutting scissors, a fabric scissors will do – just verify its truly sharp.

Utilizing dull scissors is an awful thought as you will think that it is harder to cut your hair and may wind up providing for yourself split ends – which overcomes the reason for providing for yourself a haircut in any case!

2.) Wash to Cut Your Own Hair

Wash your hair, however, don’t dry it. Wet hair is much less demanding to cut than dry hair, so make a point to cleanse and condition your hair before you start cutting.

Completely comb out your hair once you escape from the shower. Your hair needs to be as smooth and tangle free for the comb. Use a good conditioner incase you have a frizzy hair.

On the off chance that your hair is long or thick, there’s a great risk that sections of your hair may start to dry before you get around to cutting them. To handle this, fill a spray bottle with water and a little conditioner. At that point you can hose your hair at whatever point you need to!

3.) Clip to Cut Your Own Hair

Clip up the top bits of your hair. Contingent upon how thick your hair is, hope to work in a few sections as you cut, starting with the base most layer and working up.

Use flexible hair binds or crocodile cuts to partition hair into sections. Just verify the sectioned hair isn’t left to hang detached – else it could hinder your scissors.

When you’ve completed with the base layer of hair, you can start discharging alternate sections as you go.

4.) Find Split Ends to Cut Your Own Hair

On the off chance that you just want to give your hair a little trim to dispose of your harmed ends, you will initially need to investigate your hair to discover the amount of hair will need to be cut.

Investigate the ends of your hair. On the off chance that they seem scraggly or uncontrollable, or you can see the split hairs, they’re presumably harmed and need to be cut.

Hope to trim around 0.25 inch (6 mm) above where the harm stops. This will keep your hair in great condition.

5.) Measure to Cut Your Own Hair

Measure where you wish to cut. For a precise cut, grab a section of hair between the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand.

Drag your fingers down your hair, until you achieve a point slightly above where you want to cut your hair. Verify the hair isn’t tied or wound between your fingers – it must lie impeccable level.

Your hair will look shorter when it is dry, so be a traditionalist when you’re measuring the amount to cut. This is particularly critical for individuals with curly hair.

Keep in mind – you can always about-face and cut it shorter a short time later, yet you can’t undiscovered it on the off chance that you cut excessively off on the first go.

6.) Trim the Ends to Cut Your Own Hair

When you’re prepared to start cutting, hold the scissors just underneath your fingers, in a parallel manner. Attempt to keep a sensible strain on the hair between your fingers.

Trim slowly, letting the cut hair fall away as your fingers (and the strand they’re holding) remain steady and similarly situated.

In the event that you want a gruff end to your hair, just cut straight crosswise over and abandon it at that. In any case in the event that you want a gentler completion, hold the scissors vertically (perpendicular to your fingers) and cut straightforwardly into the hair, making sure to avoid any kind of sharp angles. This will give the ends of your hair a more padded look.

7.) Match Ends to Cut Your Own Hair

Make sure your ends match up. After you’ve wrapped up one layer of your hair, verify the ends match up. Grab a section on each one side of your face with your hands, utilizing your thumbs and forefingers.

Pull your fingers down the hair at precisely the same pace. Whichever hand, uses up hair first was holding a shorter strand.

Trim as needs be to match up. Re-check the length until you’re fulfilled, then proceed onward to the following layer of hair.

8.) Trim Your Layers to Cut Your Own Hair

Working with layers, particularly on the off chance that you have thick or curly hair, is best left to the experts. Be that as it may, If you completely need a snappy trim on the layers encircling your face, utilize the accompanying procedure:

Grab however much of the ends of each one layer of hair between your fingers as could reasonably be expected, then trim as meager hair as would be prudent, holding the scissors at a slightly descending angle.

As it were, trim your hair emulating the angle from your jaw on that side of your face to the shoulder on the same side.

Utilize the softening method depicted above to level out the ends of the hair, then match the layers on each on one side of your face to verify they’re the same length.

9.) Double Check to Cut Your Own Hair

Double-check your hair when it is dry.  When you have dried your hair (typically you do it, whether that is air-drying or using a hair dryer to blow dry), recheck your hair length to ensure there is no mismatch

Utilize a hand held mirror to check the hair at the back of your head or, exceeding all expectations, even further, ask a trusted companion to check it for you.

In the event that you discover any unevenness, take your scissors one more time and, precisely, endeavor to even it out, cutting as meager hair as could reasonably be expected.

(B) Cutting Your Own Short Hair

10.) Gather Materials to Cut Your Own Hair

Most additional short haircuts are accomplished with an electric razor and a pair of scissors. Verify you have the guard you want for the razor (which will decide how much of your hair it cuts off) and sharp scissors.

11.) Wet Hair to Cut Your Own Hair

Start with wet hair. You can wash it, or just hose it with a spray bottle before you start. Wet hair is less demanding to cut, and makes cleanup a breeze.

12.) Start With Top to Cut Your Own Hair

Start with the top of your head. For a conventional men’s cut, the hair on the top of your head ought to be slightly longer than it is on the sides and back.

Start an inch or two (2.5-5 cm) over your ear, and pursue that line around the back of your head the other ear, moving the razor in a straight-up movement as you cut.

At that point, starting at your forehead, trim the top of your hair by moving the razor back over the characteristic bend of your head.

Get any spots you missed between these two regions.

13.) Cut Back & Sides to Cut Your Own Hair

Cut the back and sides. Start by trimming the side portions of your hair, slowly moving the razor in an upwards movement. Cut just the extent that the point where you started utilizing the longer guard.

Don’t stress over the distinction long for the time being – that is the place the scissors come in.

14.) Mix Lengths to Cut Your Own Hair

Use scissors to mix the two hair lengths. Utilizing the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand, gently get hold of  a section of longer hair that is marginally above where you exchanged guards.

With the scissors, painstakingly trim the hair until the two separate lengths mix into one another.

Do this the distance around your head until the two sections look overall mixed and then there is no evident contrast between the two lengths.

Have a companion twofold check the back of your head, or utilize a hand mirror as a part of front of a bigger mirror to check it yourself.

In the event that the “long” part of your hair on top is shorter than finger-width, then skip utilizing your index and middle fingers to pull out sections.

(C) Trimming Bangs to Cut Your Own Hair

15.) Sharp Scissors to Cut Your Own Hair

Get a sharp pair of scissors. You can purchase scissors implied for hair cutting at a beauty supply store. Don’t just utilize paper or nail scissors – they’re excessively dull for your hair and will make clumsy cuts.

16.) Decide the Length to Cut Your Own Hair

Decide how short you’re going to trim. Make a moderate appraisal of where you want your bangs to fall. Recall that, you can always trim all the more, however developing back the hair that you didn’t intend to cut takes a great deal longer.

17.) Pull Back to Cut Your Own Hair

Pull back whatever remains of your hair. Secure non-periphery hair so that it is away from your face and out of the risk zone. On the off chance that essential, utilize a comb to part your bangs away from whatever is left of your hair.

18.) Wet Your Bangs to Cut Your Own Hair

Sprinkle a bit of water on the hair, or utilize a spray bottle. They’ll cut all the more effectively wet, and you can do a touch-up once they dry.

19.) Measure to Cut Your Own Hair

Measure where you want to cut. Grab a section of hair between the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand. Slowly pull your fingers down so that they’re resting just above where you want to make a cut.

20.) Use Fingers to Cut Your Own Hair

Trim the hair underneath your fingers. To cut your own hair, you place the scissors close to your fingers (so that they’re very nearly parallel) and cut slowly. Your fingers (and the hair they’re holding) ought to remain steady as the trimmed hair falls away.

21.) match Sides to Cut Your Own Hair

Make sure your sides match up. In the event that you want your bangs to be the same length the distance over, verify they match up.

On each one side, grab a strand between the thumb and index finger of each one hand. Pull your fingers down slowly and at the same pace.

Do this until you’re fulfilled that the lengths are even.

22.) Cut Side Bangs to Cut Your Own Hair

Cut side cleared bangs (discretionary). In the event that you want your bangs to breadth to the side, comb them in the course that you want them to go.

Tip your head forward slightly, so your bangs fall away from your face. Put your scissors in the course you want your bangs to run.

Starting close to the part, position the scissors where you want the shortest part of your bangs. For side cleared bangs, they’ll get a bit longer as you go on. In light of this, angle your scissors slightly descending.

Make short, little cuts over your bangs. The lengths ought to be a bit uneven, yet not excessively so. Plan to cut sections that are around 0.5 inch (12 mm) wide.

At the point when your bangs dry, touch them up. Unsettle the hair a bit, and see in case you’re content with where it falls.

Other Useful Tips to Cut Your Own Hair:

  • In the event that this is your first time cutting your own particular hair, don’t go excessively short. That way, in the event that you destroy, you can have it professionally altered at the length you want.
  • Always use two mirrors to check the backside of your hair, so that you can spot any inconsistency during the process
  • The Next time you go to a salon, watch how the beautician cuts your hair. Utilize this data next time you want to cut your own.
  • You’ll show signs of improvement at cutting your own particular hair with practice.
  • The thicker your hair,  more troublesome it will be to get a smooth and even cut. It is better to  do the trimming in the presence of an expert.
  • In the event that you don’t want your ends to be limited and huge or would lean toward a more common line, you can flip your hair over, brush it straight and cut a straight line over. This functions admirably on the grounds that you can see your hair before you and you don’t need to disturb mirrors.


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