How to Get Gum out of Hair?


Kids manage to get dirty easily but sometimes they come home with covered in muck, sometimes with the paint on their face and sometimes with the chewing gum in their hair. Getting gum in your hair is usually ends in tears, a trip to the barber or an unplanned hair cut. Getting chewing gum out of their hair is the most tricky and tiresome thing. It takes months to girls to grow hair and just because of a stubborn chewing gum you have to cut your precious hair. But don’t worry there are easier and less cost effective ways to remove that gum. You can use many household things to get gum out of hair.

get gum out of hair

Ways to Get Gum out of Hair:

1.) Peanut Butter to Remove Gum

Peanut butter is a classic solution and the first choice of many individuals. It works very effectively due to its oil content, while the natural qualities of the peanuts break down the gum.

  • Use a rubber band to separate the affected hair and keep the mess from spreading. Or you can use a small piece of foil on the affected area, it will also work well to keep the slippery products from spreading across your head.
  • You can apply peanut butter with the help of a toothbrush. Begin from the top of the gum and work on downward with the toothbrush to get gum out of hair.
  • Use long strokes so that peanut butter and gum could mix, then the gum will break down. After a certain point, you may want to switch over to a comb or your finger to get larger chunks out of your hair.
  • You will need to use the back of the spoon behind the gum as a hard surface to spread the peanut butter on.
  • Once the peanut butter will break down the down use a cloth or paper towel to work the gum out of your hair.
  • Comb and a peanut butter will only work the chunks out, but there still be residue that can be picked up a towel.
    peanut butter will require the generous shampoo to wash out of your hair.

2.) Ice to Get Gum out of Hair

Applying ice on the gum is also an effective method as it hardens the gum and allows it to be chipped out of the hair.

  • This known is known to be more painful than the other methods because the cold gum still has to be removed out of the hair.
  • If you have long hair so you can close your hair inside the freezer. If you have short hair so you can apply an ice cube to the affected area and wrap it in a plastic bag and hold it there for 20 minutes.
    You can also apply salt water to your hair beforehand to lower the freezing temperature of the ice.
  • You the gum will get hard and breakable you will be able to chip it out of your hair. if it starts to get soften then freeze it again.
  • If the gum is stuck too hardly to your hair to pull off, so you can add a small amount of cooking oil to it and freeze it again.

3.) Oil to Remove gum out of Hair

The greasiness and the stickiness that oil contains works very effectively and helps to get gum out of hair or anywhere else. oil is hydrophobic in nature and break down the stickiness of the gum without even damaging the surface of the hair. You can use any oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, cooking oil, eucalyptus oil etc. gently rub enough amount of oil on the chewing gum especially on the edges where it touches the hair. Then let it sit for a few seconds and then pull it downwards with your fingers. You can even comp your hair gently.

4.) Vaseline to Get Gum Out of Hair

Just like oil Vaseline also contain greasiness and the oiliness. Any other petroleum jelly can also help you to take out the chewing gum from your hair without causing any damage to you. When you are using Vaseline in your hair, your have to make sure that you hair should be dry not wet. Take some Vaseline on your finger and rub it on the affected hair. Massage it gently until the gum started to losses out. once it has applied on your hair then you can get gum out of hair with the help of finger and comb. You might wash your hair once the gum is out since Vaseline can make it greasy.

5.) Baking Soda to Get Rid of Gum

Baking soda is also very effective to get gum out of hair. You just need to take a spoonful of baking soda in a bowl and then add few drops of water to make a thick paste.  Apply this paste on the wad of gum and even the strands of the hair where chewing gum is stuck. Then let the paste sit for a few minutes. When the paste will get dry you will be able to easily remove the chewing gum from the hair.

6.) Hair Mousse to Get Gum Out of Hair

Hair mousse and hair spray can remove sticky things stuck in the hair easily. You need to be extra careful when using it on your child since hair sprays can easily get in the eye and can cause irritation. Apply a small amount of hair mousse on the chewing gum, then wait for a few seconds and then comb it out. if you are using hair spray a spritz is enough to take out the gum easily.

7.) Toothpaste to Get Gum Out of Hair

Toothpaste is very simple and easily available household remedy and can be used for many home remedies and quick fixes. One of its property is to take out the chewing gum from the hair. Apply a small amount of toothpaste directly from the tube without diluting it on the affected hair and wait for it to dry. Once the toothpaste will get dry remove the gum with the help of your fingers.

8.) Alcohol to Remove Gum

Alcohol can work very effective to get gum out of hair. Take some cotton and dip it into the solution of alcohol and rub it on the gum for a few seconds. then check whether the chewing gum has loosened up or not and then pull it out with the help of your fingers. You can also use rubbing alcohol to take the gum out of the hair.

9.) Mayonnaise to Get Rid of Gum

Mayonnaise has the same effect on the chewing gum as an oil.  Due to the high-fat content present in mayonnaise, it is greasy and oily in nature. Take some small amount of mayonnaise ad rub it on the affected hair and also rub the edges of the gum. Pull the gum out softly and rinse the hair to take out the residue as well.

10.) Cold Cream or Moisturizing Cream to Remove Gum

You can also use creams and lotion from your beauty counter to get gum out of the hair. Or you an apply cream on the chewing gum and rinse the hair with the mouthwash. It is known to take out chewing gum from hair easily. Take a small amount of cream and lotion and apply it on the affected area. Start with the top of the gum and work on the downward.

  • Once the cream will break do use a cloth or paper towel to work gum out of your hair.
  • Comb and cream will only work the chunks out but there still be residue that can be picked up a towel. Then apply removing all the gum from a hair wash out your hair with shampoo.

Tips and Warning

  • When you will shampoo your hair make sure to use lots of conditioners. Conditioner often contains lubricants that will make it easy to remove any residue that you have missed.
  • Make sure to do this soon because you will not like to have a sticky gum set in your hair for too long.
  • Be careful when using WD-40 because this substance can be harmful or even fatal if consumed. So make sure to wash your hands after applying to your hair.

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