How to Lighten Hair with Honey?


Many women afraid to go for a dye job as they contain chemicals that damage the hair. But, we have good news for those women who want to lighten hair naturally. You don’t have to use bleach or dye your hair. Just simply use honey that restores the natural moisture and balance it by serving the lighter shade of hair. Here are the best ways to lighten hair with honey that surely blow your mind.lighten hair with honey

Best Ways to Lighten Hair with Honey:

1.) Prepare Mixture to lighten hair with honey

To lightening hair with honey, you need to prepare the mixture of honey. As honey highly sticky and thick. You need to add water loosen the honey so that it will get easily apply on the hair. Prepare the mixture by adding four parts of the honey and one part of the apple cider vinegar in a bowl and blend it properly. If you want instant change, then you can add capsules of hydrogen peroxide into the mixture. You will see the result as your hair becomes several shades lighter. Make sure you don’t use the hydrogen peroxide for the black or brown hair, your hair will become orange.

If you want reddish blonde hue, then you can add cinnamon, henna powder, and ground coffee into the mixture. And if you love strawberry hue, then you can add a hibiscus petal into the mixture. Leave the mixture like this for 30-60 minutes so that it gets mixed properly.

2.) Use the Honey Mixture on Hair

Apply the honey mixture on your tresses to lighten the hair with honey. First, wrap the towel around your shoulder in order to protect your cloth from the mixture. Then slowly pour the mixture on your hair in small doses. You can use your finger to apply the honey on your tresses. Use your finger and give massage properly. Keep pouring and applying the honey to all your hair get covered with honey. Make sure honey covered all your hair.

You can also cover the floor with a towel or paper where you are going to perform this process. As it can irritate if when honey get stuck into the floor. If you have used reddening powder to the honey, then no need to wear the cloth to perform the process. Wear your towel for better comfort.

3.) Cover Your Hair

After applying the mixture properly cover your hair with shower cap or plastic. You can use a few sheets of plastic to cover your head. Leave the mixture to sit on your hair for 2 hours to get the lighter hue. If you have long hair then apply the mixture properly and twist your hair into the bun. Secure the bun with clip and cover the whole head with a plastic bag to perform the lightening process.  And if you are capable of keeping the honey mixture on your head overnight then you will get much lighter hue as a result. If you need deep conditioning, then leave it overnight. Put a towel under your pillow to protect the cover from stain and go to sleep with a shower cap. You don’t have to blow dry your hair as honey works amazingly in room temperature.

4.) Wash Honey Mixture Properly

When you leave the mixture overnight, then rinse your hair next morning. Gently wash your hair so that the honey get out of your hair. For hair wash, you can use warm water so that honey easily gets removed.  Rinse the honey with normal shampoo and follow it with hair conditioner. Then dry your hair with hair towel or blow dryer. After drying your hair, you can see stunning highlights in your hair. So use these methods to lightening hair with honey.

Another Way to Lighten Hair with Honey

1.) Prepare Honey Conditioner for Lighter Hair Hue

The best and easy way to lighten the hair with honey is to prepare the honey conditioner. For this method, you have can use any normal hair conditioner with honey. You just have to add ¼ cup of honey and ½ cup of conditioner in the bowl. Mix both the ingredient properly until it gets perfectly mixed. Don’t mix all the conditioner in the bowl as you need an extra conditioner for later use. You have to take the same quantity of honey to make the larger batch.

2.) Use the Honey Conditioner After Every Hair Wash

The best and easy to lighten the hair is to use the honey conditioner after every wash. Yes, you just have to use the honey conditioner after every head wash so that your hair will get lighter after every wash. Shampoo your hair and use conditioner after every wash like a normal conditioner. When you wash your hair shampoo, then use then distribute a small of conditioner on your hair and wash it off after leaving it few minutes. if your hair becomes sticky then add conditioner to balance the quantity of honey.


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