15 Stylish Wet Hairstyles


Go trendy with wet hairstyles. Looking sizzling hot nothing like crispy, slightly greasy, which is very famous in the 80’s. Freshen up your look with frizzy perms, bright neon colors and acid wash jeans. We have shared slicked and sophisticated look which take the wet hairstyles to the next level. We have shared wet hairstyles is insanely gorgeous.

15 Stylish Wet Hairstyles

1.) Intricate Braids with Wet-Look Shine

You can opt for the wet look which looks best with micro braid. Add the wow factor to your look by adding a design to your hairstyle. You can add sheen to your look with special products that surely give you a polished look. The intricate braids with wet look shine are one of the stunning wet hairstyles. These products make your braids from looking frizzy and frayed.

intricate braid with wet shine stylish wet hairstyles

2.) Demure, Damply Tousled Bob

If you have curly or wavy hair, then you can opt for a dozen of wet style by adding highlights in your hairstyle. You don’t have to spend time by ironing straight. You can flaunt this wet look with a bob hairstyle. Left damp and tousled look makes the hairstyle gorgeous. The demure, damply tousled bob is one of the modish we hairstyles. Paired this look with amazing eye makeup.

Demure damply tousled bob stylish wet hairstyles

3.) Short, Sexy Side Part Hairstyle

You can see in the picture, the wet hairstyle are best for the short hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the sleek back long fringe and a sharp part which creates a stunning look. You can get this beautiful feminine look which looks adorable with a bright red lip, such a bold eye or femme-cut suit. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone. Oval face shape and a square face shape pull off the look nicely.

Short sexy side part stylish wet hairstyles

4.) Long Slicked Back Style

Go for the natural and wet look that look astounding on long hair. When you’re in hurry and don’t have time to dry your hair then gently dry it. Comb your hair with fingers and sleek it off with the product. The hairstyle is absolutely stunning. Paired your look with bold eyeliner and nude color lipstick that really look sensational. The long slicked back style is one of the sassy wet hairstyles.

Long slicked back stylish wet hairstyles

5.) Layered and Laid Back

Add a wow factor to your look by adding layers in your look in damp hair. You can boost lift and volume with layers in your hairstyle. It is really important to get the sufficient amount of volume as to avoid lifeless and flat look in wet hair. The hairstyle is suitable in any length.

layered and laid back stylish wet hairstyles

6.) Short, Sassy and Glamorous

Another alluring look that takes all the attention. In fact, it is one of the ruby rose hair inspo. A short hair length which adds shape to the cut and draws attention away from your features. It is suitable for round face as it takes away the attention from your chubby cheeks. The short, sassy and glamorous is one of the trendy stylish wet hairstyles.

Short sassy glamorous stylish wet hairstyles

7.) Vintage- Inspired Finger Waves

Show off the elegant and marvelous wet look that surely remind you, the feminine flair of 1920. You can add finger waves which are best for the short or medium length. Add sheen to your look to flaunt the ravishing wet hairstyle. The Vintage-inspired waves are one of the alluring wet hairstyles. The hairstyle is suitable for every face shape.

Vintage inpsired finger waves stylish wet hairstyles

8.) Chic Messy Chignon

If you are looking for the simple and stylish hairdo that you can carry in school or upcoming date. You need to first wash your hair, then dry it with your towel. Make sure you don’t comb your hair, just apply texturizing products on your fingers and run through your tresses to spread the product properly. Make a messy look but extreme side part and paired with the loose chignon. Enhance your look with amazing floral accessories that really make a statement in your look.

Chic messy chignon stylish wet hairstyles

9.) Long Loose, and Little Damp

The long, loose and little damp is one of the latest wet hairstyles. If you really don’t want to put hard efforts ten try this simple hairstyle. Just leave your hair damp, comb it out and wear it in any style. The hairstyle is suitable for both casual and formal look.

long loose little damp stylish wet hairstyles

10.) Flawlessly Wavy

The hairstyle is very unique but very sculpted. You can add this structure to your look by taking the help tutorial for flawless wavy. In this hairstyle, you need to slick your hair back then create a loose and wavy structure that keep all eye on you.

flawless wavy stylish wet hairstyles

11.) A Royal Wet

Add embellishment to your look by adding braids in your wet look, In this hairstyle,  You need to divide your hair in the middle partition then braids towards it to the forehead. At last, you need to spill the ends of a braid and carry them as a hair accessory.

A royal wet stylish wet hairstyles

12.) Tempting Tousled Crop

The tempting tousled crop is one of the cute wet hairstyles. You can create this adorable look, tousled your lock naturally by adding a bit mousse on your finger and run through your tresses.

tempting tousled wet hairstyles

13.) Cute, Curly and longer Than Life

The long hair looks absolutely fantastic when it’s wet. If you have black hair then add sheen in your hair to achieve the marvelous look. As you know, the loose curls are highly in trend.

cute curly longer than life stylish wet hairstyles

14.) Sleek, Straight and Sophisticated

The sleek, straight and sophisticated is one of the astonishing wet hairstyles. The flawless and sleek surely grab the all the attention on you.

sleek straight and sophistictaed stylish wet hairstyles

15.) Smooth Back and Flowing

The hairstyle is very common and trendy, especially on the catwalks. You can take a little help to keep the look slicked back so smoothly.

Smooth back flowing wet hairstyles


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