Best Braids for Men


Men are hairstyles are not always short or cropped. When you have long hair, you can add versatility to your look. It’s time to try something creative like braid hairstyles. You can opt for simple braid, fishtail or edgy cornrows that add texture in your tresses. In today’s trend, braid hairstyles are not only for long hair or shoulder length hair. You can create amazing braids by keeping the both sides short and leaving long hair at the crown area. Here are best braids for men for your ravishing personality.

Best Braid for Men

1.) Zig-Zag Braid for Men

The major advantage of braid hairstyle, that you can add design without shaving your hair. You can do experiment with multiple designs that add interest in your look. Achieve this creative look by parting your hair. And you can do manipulation with braid into the choice of design you like. The zig-zag braid for men is one of the best braids for men.

Zig zag braid best braids for men

2.) Intricate Male Braids

If you want a style that adds interest in your look then go for intricate male braids. It is best to go with smaller cornrows instead of French braid styles. The hairstyles divide each strand easily without wear and tear. As the style allow you to opt any design without any compromising anything. Flaunt your sassy personality with intricate male braid.

intricate male braid best braids for men

3.) Braid and Top Knot

Buns are best for your sassy look. The hairstyle works best for all the guys by using braids to get the edgy faux hawks effect. You can flaunt your amazing tattoos with braids. Wear your casual outfit with fetching accessories to take the style to the next level. It is best suitable for medium to long hair.  The braid and top knot are one of the stunning braids for men.

braids and top knot braids for men

4.) Classic Cornrows for Men

Classic Cornrows for the recognizable braided hairstyle. You can go for classic straight back cornrow hairstyle that really makes a statement in your look. Just pair the look with the beard. The hairstyle is best suitable for medium to long hair. The classic cornrows for men are one of the smashing best braids for men.

classic cornrow best braids for men

5.) Double Design Braid

You can add fun to your hairstyle by combining two braid designs into one look. Go for outrageous hairstyle by adding two simple styles like straight and wavy plaits so that it complements each other. It is a low-key hairstyle that works best for medium to long strands. The double design braid is one of the best braids for men.

Double design braids for men

6.) Bob with Braids

Men braids are good for an androgynous look. You can go for slanted individual braid bob that is highly popular nowadays. In this hairstyle, lack of facial hair makes the hairdo amazing. Magnify your look with casual tees and denim jeans. The hairstyle is best suitable for round face shape.  Don’t waste your time just try it.

bob with braids for men

7.) Braid Effect Short Hair

If you don’t have long hair that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for braid hairstyle. You can style your hair by applying pomade into the hair. Just twist a few pieces in the front to get the marvelous look. It is best for the hunky that loves to flaunt their look. The braid effect short hair is one of the wonderful braids for men.

Braid effect for short hair braids for men

8.) Male Braid with Short Sides

If you have longer hair at the crown area but still too short for flowing hairstyle then style is made for you. In this hairstyle, the hair won’t have enough length to flaunt the tight waves that give you cool petal-like a texture. In the end, you can secure the hairstyle with the elastic band from the slipping during the days.

Male braids for short sides braids for men

9.) Blonde Braided Cornrows

Blonde hair looks extremely good black men. As it gives you warm complexion with gold and red undertones. You can add design with braid hairstyle without shaving your hair. The blonde braided cornrows are one of the sassy braids for men.

blonde braided cornrows braids for men

10.) Crown with Middle Part for Men

You can create this beautiful hairstyle at the crown area to diversify your braids for men hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the middle part allows you to create asymmetrical style. You can add shaved lines in your hairstyle to add interest in your hairstyle.

crown with middle part braids for men

11.) Braid and Mini-Bun

Accentuate your look with braid hairstyle even you don’t have the long length on both the side. You need to pull your hair at the crown area that takes the style to the whole new look. The braid and mini-bun are one of the ravishing braids for men.

braid with bun braids for men

12.) Male Braid Style for Tattoos

You can flaunt your sassy tattoos with this hairstyle. Style your hair with modish braid and also add tattoo on your head to reveal your bold personality.

Male braid style braids for men

13.) Braided Bun with Ribbon

When you’re going for the braid hairstyle then play with accessories to add interest. You can opt for the headbands and barrettes but soft ribbons that add the little drama to your look.

Braided bun with ribbons braids for men

14.) Male Braids into Bun

You can opt for the flat braids that are ideal for boys. Wear the hairstyle that requires the frequent touch-up. The male into buns is one of the top braids for men.

Male braids with bun braids for men

15.) Simple Side Braid

Men hairstyle should not be too much complicated. You can go for side braid when you don’t want to add frills to your look. Enhance your look with color or you can go for a natural look.

Simple side braid best braids for men


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