Funky Hairstyles for Girls


Are bold and daring? If yes, then these hairstyle suits your personality. You are willing to take any comment easily, then you have landed on the right page. We have shared some sports exhibitionists hairstyles that will never go out of your comfort. Here are funky hairstyles for girls that make you feel different and highlighted in the crown.

Funky Hairstyles for Girls

1.) Flying Ponytail Braid

A stiff ponytail is a best funky hairstyle for girls that make all the spotlights on you. The flying ponytail is can be achieved by giving a base to the braid and amazing texture give you neat and polished look. The flying ponytail braid is one of the funky hairstyles for girls. Magnify your look with amazing makeup that highlights your facial feature. Go for this hairstyle, that gives you unusual flying effect.

flying ponytail funky hairstyles for girls

2.) Tied Purple Hair with Shaved Sides

Another funky hairstyle for you! Get this electric and magnetic hairstyle with tied purple hair with shaved sides. You can get this look with center top dyed hair with startling purple. For the funkier look, tied your hair with an elastic band. Paired your look with red lipstick and golden jewelry to take the hairstyle next level.

tied ponytail with purple shaved side funky hairstyles for girls

3.) Highlighted Wispy Bob

Get the chic boho look with a short bob haircut. You can add thin and wispy layers make the look endearing look with random highlights. Pull off the look with highlights and eye makeup that look fantastic on fair skin tone. The hairstyle is not made for particular ages, anyone can go for this look. Wavy and wispy bang with random highlights makes you popular in no time.

highlighted wipsy bob funky hairstyles for girls

4.) Craze Buzz Cut

When you bold and full of confidence then go for the craze buzz cut. If you are willing to accept any comment for your look, then go for the craze buzz cut. In this funky hairstyle, the whole head covered with very short hair, which is clean and polished look. The hairstyle is best for the round face shape. Wear some attractive jewelry to make the look appealing.

craze buzz cut funky hairstyles for girls

5.) Airy and Volumized Top Hair

Here is the punk look that you are waiting for. In this hairstyle, hair gets to remain on the top of the head and the sides get almost shaved. Boost the volume and make your texture more sassy with hair spray that maintain the airy flair. Embrace this look with dark red lipstick. Blonde hue will double the charm of your look. Airy and volume hairstyle is one of the funky hairstyles for girls.

Airy and voluminized top hair funky hairstyles for girls

6.) Random Bold Spiked

The funky hairstyle is bold and beautiful. To get this look, you need to shave both the sides and colored the remaining hair with blonde spikes. For hot and sexy look adds highlights with dark roots. Magnify your look with colored contact lenses. Big lashes and red lips steal the look. If you are planning to go to any party, then try these look and see how madly people for you.

random bold spiked funky hairstyles for girls

7.) Sleek and Sharp Ultra-Stylish Hair

The dangerous style that you should never ever try at home. Achieve this ultra-stylish hairstyle in sleek a and straight hair. Add the perfect roll at the top and insert large blades for the bold and funky look. The hairstyle is best for any ramp walk or photo shoot. Embrace this look with sharp eyebrows and bold red that are truly a threat. These blades get easily insert in your beautiful tresses with a roll.

Sleek and sharp ultra stylish hair funky hairstyles for girls

8.) Sparkly Ombre Waves

When you decide to look sizzling instead of funky then try sparkly ombre waves. The look will definitely snatch the attention of all fashion lover. The sexy beachy waves make the look sensational and thrilling. Go for dark roots and blonde ends. For party freak look, wear some accessories.

sparkly blonde ombre waves funky hairstyles for girls

9.) Mysterious Long Hair

The amazing funky hairstyles for girls who love to flaunt the long locks. If you are planning for Halloween party, then try this weird and mysterious look which is the great option. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine by going funky all day. Don’t forget to do wild makeup that give you proper Halloween touch. Mysterious long hair is one of the funky hairstyles for girls.

mysterious long waves funky hairstyles for girls

10.) Messy Stray Layers with Volume

To get this look, ask your hairstyle to give you excessive layers at the crown area. The layers give you volume and amazing look. The messy stray layers with volume are funky as well as classy.

messy stray layers with volume funky hairstyles for girls

11.) Gigantic Mohawk with Extra Volume

The platinum blonde Mohawk makes you funky and different in no time. The electric offers you plenty of volume in the hairstyle.

gigantic mohawk with extra volume funky hairstyles for girls

12.) Fringe Waves to Roll Back Top

You can achieve this look with platinum fringe and roll the top to get this dazzling look. Deepen the look with cobalt blue highlights that is different and funky.

fringe waves roll back funky hairstyles for girls

13.) Sleek Hair with Bold bangs

Sleek hair with bold bangs is elegant and funky hairstyles for girls. Go funky with a deep side part and bold bangs. Remaining hair will get tie to get the sleek hair with bold bangs.

sleek hair with bold bangs funky hairstyles for girls

14.) Afro-Textured Twisted Hair

The good look pulls off the afro texture very amazingly. You have to create multiple parts throughout the head and twist it in single buns. Do not forget to secure the ends with bobby pins.

Afro textured twisted hair funky hairstyles for girls

15.) Bun Hairdo with Massive Pouf

When you want to look unusual and different then try bun hairdo with the massive pouf. It is one of the funky hairstyles for girls.

bun hairdo with massive pouf funky hairstyles for girls


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