What is Acne? What Causes Acne? How to Avoid Acne?


What is Acne?

 “Acne” the word acne has taken from a Greek word akme meaning “spot”. Acne is a skin disease that occurs when the oil secreting glands in the skin secrete extra oil. Then it blocks the skin pores (hair follicle) and carries the dead skin cells. In dead skin cells, bacteria grow up and create infection and called as pimple, acne, zits, etc. Acne may appear on neck, face, back, shoulder and chest.

What Is Acne and Causes Acne

Types of Acne

There are different types of acne. Acne can be non-inflamed acne, inflamed acne, and severe acne.

Non-inflamed acne is also known as whitehead and blackhead. In non-inflamed acne an only pore plugged and is without infection.

Inflamed acne is the acne in which the infection grows in the steps. First pore become red and after they enlarge.

Severe acne is that in which the pimples, acne and zits appears on the other part of skin in large quantity.

More about Acne

Acne is not so harmful, but it can leave the permanent scars and makes spots on the skin. Most of the times acne leave scars on face. This acne scars will affects the beauty of face. The sign and symbols of the acne presence are pimples, zits, blackhead, and whitehead. It affects 80% young or teenagers.

The sebaceous glands in the puberty secrete an oily liquid substance called sebum. This sebum blocks the tiny holes (pores), which give a chance to the bacteria growth and create acne on the skin.

“Sebum” is an oily substance which, increases oil production in the human skin. Then the pores block and the bacteria grow up there and create pimples or acne. There is a kind of bacteria called p acne (Propionibacterium acnes) bacteria which help in the development and growth of acne.

This bacteria is not making the acne, it only helps in the growth. Acne is very common disease in teenagers all over the world. The acne is a treatable skin disease. Acne can last for so many months’ and sometime years also if not treated well. Acne occurs on all regional, racial and ethnic groups. Those people who affected with acne they need to start the treatment at the same time.

The adrenal androgen hormone, when this hormone release in the body then it affects the sebaceous glands and create a large amount of oil in the skin then blocked the pores and result in the acne creation. Acne starts from the age of 11-30 years-old in both male and female. The research shows that the male getting more acne as compared to the female. In men, it is because of testosterone hormone, which can make acne for a long time.

Causes of Acne

The main cause of acne is the increasing of oily substance, know as sebum. The sebum Increase in the human skin then it blocks and plugged the tiny pores. Therefore, these pores become acne and pimples. Stress is another cause for acne. The Research shows that hormones like adrenal androgen released during stress and then create sebum in a greater amount which plugged and block the pores and result in acne creation.

As we discussed above, and we got it that the main cause is the increase of sebum (oily substance) but, there is the other small cause such as sun. If some people have acne on their skin so, they need to keep aside from too much sun because the sun also increases the release of sebum.

Steroid medicine is also a small cause for acne. The steroid and some other medicine are iodides, bromides, birth control pills, etc. There are some drugs which causes in acne making and growing such as high depression drugs.

How to Avoid Acne?

You can avoid acne or save yourself from acne through these ways such as eating a balanced diet. Also, you need to take sufficient amount of water. There are so many others ways and techniques through which you can avoid such as eating vitamin A, vitamin C and minerals. The examples of these foods are carrots, orange, banana and etc.

There are some other methods to avoid acne like yoga. Some people causes acne is not just because of the teenage years, but because their food does not have sufficient vitamins and minerals. You can avoid acne with eating a balanced diet. Green leafy vegetables are best to include in daily diet plan and good source of minerals



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