Anger Management Tips: 10 Technique to Manage Your Temper


Anger management tips work great to manage the anger. It is just normal to feel angry. You get angry over matters done wrongly.  You get angry when you do not get what you expected. It is a healthy emotion that lets out your disappointment and frustrations. What makes anger unhealthy is when you cannot control it. It becomes bothersome if your anger is controlling you. Not knowing how to manage anger may ruin your relationship with others. To avoid it, learn how to control your temper. Below are ten basic anger management tips to get you through.

10 Basic Anger Management Tips to Control Your Temper

Anger Management Tips Technique

Lear the Dangers of Your Anger

Do you shout? Do you tend to throw things around when you are mad? These are the very reasons why you need to control your anger. Managing your anger will avoid you from doing these things. Recognizing that your anger can ruin your relationship with others will at least stop you from getting crazy mad.

Cool it Down

When you feel that you are about to burst out because of anger, let yourself cool down. If you are talking to someone, ask for a very short break, leave the room, and count one to ten. This will keep your composure. This will take your mind out of the situation for just a while. This will instantly calm your mind and body. When you have already cooled down, go back to the room and proceed with the conversation. You were already able to control your temper and you are not likely to burst into anger any more.

Breath Slowly

Breathing slowly calms your body and mind. If you are faced with a situation that will raise your temper, control your anger by breathing long and slow. Breathe in, breathe out is the key. You are able to control your temper in this method, and you can think clearly about the problem without getting mad.


Pressing matters in the office and too much household chores at home make you stressed out. Not to mention that your children need your time and attention. You lack sleep, you lack rest, you lack socialization—all these add to stress. Stress makes you angry easily. That is why you must learn to manage stress. Have a time for relaxation. Read a book, watch a comedy film, have a massage. Go out with friends, dine out with your partner, and play with your kids. These simple ways will help control your temper and manage your anger.

Positive Thinking

Thinking positively instantly changes the frustrating or disappointing situation that you are in. This is not an easy method, but it works effectively. Instead of getting mad about an unclosed deal, think of something that will turn the situation positively. Think that you were not able to close the deal because a much important project is about to come. Or think that at least, you were able to know new contacts that can help you in your future endeavours.

Always have a Back-up Plan

Disappointments and expectations not met are two major reasons of anger. To counter these situations, have a back-up plan always. Say, if your husband could not make it to your date, plan a DVD date at home instead. Or, if your boss did not allow you to have a week long vacation, plan a short vacation on the city’s fine resort instead. Having back-up plans in mind will avoid you from getting frustrated.

Stay Away From Anger

The best method to not get angry is to stay away from it. For instance, it is better to understand your husband why he is later than being angry about it. Or, ask your colleagues the reason why they were not able to submit the project in time before getting mad about it. There could be valid reasons behind these frustrating situations. Being considerate of the valid reasons will control your anger and temper.

Anger-Reliever Materials

Do not underestimate the power of a stress-ball. Squeezing it when you feel angry can calm your body and mind, and can prevent the burst of anger, too. Watching the fishes swim in the aquarium is also an effective way of getting rid of anger.

Favourite Music

We all have a favourite song that instantly lifts our mood. Listening to that song can effectively take your mind away from the frustrating situation you are in. If you see yourself getting crazy mad, have that music in the background.

Happy Thoughts

Have your happy memories ready in disappointing situations you are in. Instead of focusing on the matter, have a space in your mind for your happy thoughts. This will balance the situation. This will calm your mind and will help you in thinking clearly instead of getting mad.


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