5 Best Oils For Breast Enlargement Massage


In our modern times, where the standard of ideal beauty is set very high, many women are becoming increasingly self-conscious about their looks. When it comes down to breasts, there are many those who wish they had a bigger bust size. But the surgical option “going under the knife” is frowned upon – besides being a tad too expensive, it can also cause problems and side effects later in the life. In comparison to artificial methods, natural methods to enlarge breasts are very popular these days, and one of the methods is the massage using oil, this also being beneficial for the health of the breasts. It is recommended to use certain oils for breast enlargement, when massaging the chest, but how do you choose the best one out of the many existing oils available?

There is no clear-cut choice, given the fact that each woman is unique and so will be the oil for breast enlargement. What might work for one may not have the same set of results for others. The best idea is to try (trial and error) several different oils, use these oils for massage and decide for yourself which is the ideal one for you. There are certain oils that are praised for their unbelievable effects. You simply have to test them and see if the rumours are true, whether massaging with oil for breast enlargement actually works.

5 Oils for Breast Enlargement:

1.) Almond Oil For Breast Enlargement

Besides the magnificent scent it will leave on your body, this oil also boasts of magical properties. Of course, one can’t realistically expect to have a huge breast overnight. You will definitely see some difference, but it takes its own sweet time. Almond oil can be procured anywhere and it is quite cheap. It is a general ingredient in many skin care products,  the best combination is with Ylang oil and Geranium Oil. Peach or Apricot oil is also an excellent substitute, having almost the same effects.

2.) Jojoba Oil For Breast Enlargement

This is another miracle oil for breast enlargement, containing  numerous vitamins and other vital substances, such as Omega-9 and vitamins A, B, D, E. The reason why this oil is highly preferred as oil for breast enlargement massage (and massage in general also) is because it is very light and thus has a composition very similar to our sebum, so it will not clog the pores on the skin in the process.

Best Oils For Breast Enlargement Massage

3.) Lavender and Tea-Tree  Oil For Breast Enlargement

A blend of these two oils will certainly have great results as these two are considered as the best oil for breast enlargement. A few years back, there was a problem with this mixture of being too “estrogenic” and inadvertently causing some young boys to accidental grow breasts. Later the myth was busted and it was settled that it was not the tea-tree oil and lavender oil mixture to be blamed. But still, the mixture remains a good choice for breast massage, having indeed numerous positive effects.

4.) Flax Seed Oil For Breast Enlargement

This oil for breast enlargement is rich in Omega-3, which is an excellent substance for the entire body of yours, not only for the breasts. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer, so it is a pretty safe and good choice, even if it does not make your breast “explode”.

5.) Olive Oil For Breast Enlargement

The best friend in any kitchen, the olive oil, can also be used for breast massage and as an oil for breast enlargement. You might probably feel like a salad, but it has an ulterior purpose. Regular massage and oiling with olive oil will not only make your breast grow, but it will also make your skin firm and soft and, most importantly, it will protect you against breast cancer. What more can you desire from an oil for breast enlargement?

So there you have,  the 5 best oils for breast enlargement and massage. But the list is in no way finished,  oils like Avocado, Sesame oil, Coconut,  Rapeseed & Evening Primrose, Walnut, Cocoa and Shea Butter are all worth giving a try. You have to try, mix and match a couple of these oils to figure out which is the best one for you. Analyse all the details – the results, the texture and the smell and you will have your ideal oil.


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