How to Stop Hiccups?


In this article, we will tell you about some home remedies to stop hiccups. Sometimes, all of a sudden after having foods of your choice or drinking any liquid product you feel a sensation in your body as if your diaphragm has tightened up. You feel like your vocal cords are closed. Then a sound of ‘hic’ begins to come out every two seconds. This is called as hiccup. It may be referred to as singultus in medical term. You tend to face problems in breathing because glottis closes along with larynx. Mostly, these hiccups get stopped in a short interval of time but if they persist for longer period then it affects your day-to-day work. So, to get rid of hiccups people have generated so many theories and created various ideas. We are sharing here in this article various effective natural ways to stop hiccups.

Quick Tricks to Stop Hiccups:

1) Honey to Cure Hiccups

Honey has anti-bacterial properties and it can cure sore throat too. Honey can tickle that vagus nerve in order to stop the hiccups. You can add a teaspoonful of honey in a glass of warm water. Drink it to make hiccups stop. You may have a teaspoon of honey alone. Keep it at the back of your tongue and swallow it to get rid of hiccups.

2) Drink Water While Plugging Your Ears to Stop Hiccups

How to Stop Hiccups

Drinking water can help you stop hiccups. It is believed that if you drink a glass of water with a straw while keeping both of your ears blocked then you may get rid of hiccups. It is a simple technique in which the vagus nerve gets tickled and due to this stimulation it starts functioning again. Indeed, this remedy can be beneficial to stop hiccups.

3) Pull Out Your Tongue to Treat Hiccups

It may look weird but by pulling your tongue out you can cure hiccups. When you take out your tongue out of the mouth it stimulates vagus nerve and your diaphragm eases. As the diaphragm gets into the right place you get relieved from those incessant hiccups. Try pulling out your tongue using your fingers in case you are not able to do it properly.

4) Eat Sugar to Get Rid of Hiccups

Eating something sweet can be the cure to stop hiccups. You can overload the nerve ending with a sweet food item or you can even try a teaspoon of sugar. Just place it at the back side of your mouth so that the nerve gets tickled with the sweet sensation. It may bring the diaphragm at its right place and you may get rid of hiccups.

5) Peanut Butter to Cure Hiccups

Peanut butter has a paste like consistency and you can swallow it at a one go to get rid of hiccups. You need a teaspoon of peanut butter. Place it in your mouth. Keep it there for 5 seconds so that enough saliva produces in your mouth. Swallow it abruptly. It may tickle the vagus nerve and as a result your hiccups may get cured. In place of peanut butter you can have nutella or almond butter since both of them have same consistency.

6) Breathe In Air to Treat Hiccups

You may try breathing for a longer period to get rid of hiccups. Taking deeper breathes without releasing out the air, just like you are swallowing it can be beneficial for your hiccup problem. Inhale as much air as you can. After waiting for 2-3 seconds, you can exhale out all the air in a controlled way. It can rest your breathing pattern and as a result can stop hiccups.

7) Start Burping to Stop Hiccups

A burp can relieve you from incessant hiccups. Swallow air from your mouth and create burps. As the swallowed air goes in it may come out in the form of burps. The chances are that while doing this process your vagus nerve get tickled and can help you to stop hiccups.

8) Get Tickled by Your Friend to Get Rid of Hiccups

Sometimes this remedy works for those people who are ticklish. Ask your friend to tickle you. It should last at least for 30 seconds. It is possible that you may forget about your hiccups and your diaphragm resets. You may ask them to surprise you so that you gasp enough to reset your vagus nerve. These methods are commonly used to stop hiccups.

9) Breathe in a Paper Bag to Cure Hiccups

Get a paper bag. Put it close to your mouth and insert your nose area into it. Start breathing slowly and deeply. In this process, the paper bag gets filled with carbon dioxide. So, the body becomes alert and starts focusing on the ways to get rid of that extra carbon dioxide. As a result, your hiccups get terminated. Your body prefers other most important things over hiccups.

10) Drink Through a Paper Towel to Stop Hiccups

It is a very simple technique. You just need a glass of water. Cover it with a paper towel. Now, drink water sipping through this paper towel until it finishes up. The idea behind this technique is that you need to apply more force and suction to sip water through towel. It forces your diaphragm to reset and you can stop hiccups easily.

11) Change Position to Cure Hiccups

You may try this method which is very simple but can be effective too. If you are sitting for a longer period then stand up immediately or you can stand for some time and then sit abruptly. These methods can alert your body and create distraction from your continuous hiccups.

12) Hold Your Breath to Stop Hiccups

Holding your breath can work for you. For this, inhale a large amount of air and hold it for 10 seconds. It can lead to formation of carbon dioxide in your lungs and in turn, your diaphragm relaxes. It may help you to stop hiccups.

13) Sip Vinegar to Cure Hiccups

You can sip a small amount of vinegar to abandon hiccups. Take a teaspoon of vinegar and swallow it in a one go. The sour taste of vinegar can cause stimulation in your vagus nerve and you may get rid of hiccups.

14) Chew Dill Seeds to Stop Hiccups

By chewing some tasty dill seeds you can stop hiccups. Take a teaspoon of dill seeds and chew it slowly. Swallowing these seeds can stimulate the vagus nerve and resets your diaphragm. Hence, your hiccups stop.


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