Home Remedies to Get Rid of Corns (Corns Remedies)


How to use home remedies to get rid of corns? On the off chance that you are dynamic, it is typical that you may develop corns on your feet and hands eventually of time. In spite of the fact that not hazardous, corn can make your life a hopelessness. Also the way that these hardened skin layers can take a ton far from the magnificence of your limits.

Thankfully, there are a few home remedies for corns that you can use to lessen the pain and dispose of the corns. Before we get into the home remedies, how about we take a gander at the symptoms and causes of corn. This will help you see how corns develop and what measures you can take to prevent them from recurring.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Corns Corns Remedies

Symptoms of Corns:

In the event that you notice little, hard, and thick areas on or between your toes, they certainly are corns. On the off chance that the corn happens to a nerve or pushes pressure on the encompassing nerves, you will likewise experience pain. A portion of the symptoms of corns include:

  • Hard unpleasant areas on the skin
  • Tenderness under the skin
  • Dry or waxy skin
  • Elevated thick knocks on your skin

Corns generally have a firm, hard focus and can be painful. On the off chance that you are diabetic or experience pain, it is best to counsel a specialist as opposed to selecting home remedies. You may require a particular treatment that home remedies can’t offer.

Causes of Corns:

There are numerous purposes behind the development of corns on your hands or feet. Typically, they structure due to pressure on the skin’s surface. Corns are more pervasive on the feet than hands, and frequently develop due to inaccurate footwear.

A percentage of the causes of corns include:

1.) Wearing Footwear Without Socks to Get Rid of Corns

On the off chance that you have a propensity of wearing shoes or shoes without socks, the time it now, time to change. Socks secure your skin from the harsh and firm materials that shoes and shoes are produced using, preventing friction and corns.

2.) Severely Fitting Shoes to Get Rid of Corns

On the off chance that your shoes are excessively tight, they will push pressure on certain parts of your feet, prompting the development of corns. Then again, if your shoes are detached, your feet will move around inside the shoes, bringing on friction. High heels are a significant cause of corns among ladies, as they push uneven pressure on the feet.

3.) Difficult Work to Get Rid of Corns

On the off chance that you are the sort of individual who uses hand devices or lifts substantial materials routinely, you are at a higher danger of developing corns on your hands due to friction.

4.) Participating in Athletic Events to Get Rid of Corns

On the off chance that you frequently participate in sports occasions, you will develop corns due to exorbitant pressure on certain parts of your feet and additionally hands.

5.) Unusual Structure of Bones to Get Rid of Corns

In the event that you have an anomalous bone structure, different shoe size and shapes can cause pressure or friction, bringing about corns.

6.) Defective Functioning of the Feet to Get Rid of Corns

Certain health conditions, for example, scoliosis, bring about imperfect working of the feet, creating uneven appropriation of weight. This can prompt the development of corns.

Straightforward Home Remedies to Get Rid of Corns:

There are various home remedies for corns and calluses, yet it is best to utilize numerous remedies all the while on the off chance that you need to dispose of it rapidly. While utilizing the home remedies, dispose the hardened skin with the help of pumice stone.

1.) Pumice Stone to Get Rid of Corns

As corn is dead skin, it is best to attempt and remove it by rubbing the affected part of your foot or hand with pumice stone. Then again, before you do it, soak the area in warm water to soften the affected skin area. This will help in getting rid of the corn with the help of a pumice stone and not cause any distress while sanding.

2.) Cornstarch to Get Rid of Corns

Your corn can decline or even get contaminated if your toes are continually soggy due to sweat. You can keep away from this complexity by spotting cornstarch on your feet, especially in the region between your toes. It will ingest the dampness and keep your feet dry.

3.) Headache Medicine to Get Rid of Corns

Other than curing cerebral pains, ibuprofen can likewise help with your corns. Make a thick paste by mixing a couple of aspirin with a couple drops of water. Rub this aspirin paste on the corn and conceal it with a bandage or a bandage. Leave it overnight. Rehash the process consistently until the corn vanishes. You ought to see results in around two weeks.

4.) Lemon to Get Rid of Corns

The corrosiveness of lemon is an extraordinary home remedy to dispose of corns. Apply a slice of lemon on the corn and secure it with a bandage. Leave it overnight. Not just will it help to ease the distress, you will likewise notice the corn decreasing in size in a couple of days. Proceed with application of lemon until there is no hint of the corn.

5.) Castor Oil to Get Rid of Corns

This home remedy has been utilized for a considerable length of time. Try applying castor oil on the corn for at least thrice in a day. Castor oil will help to make the hard skin of the corn, soft, thereby making it easier to peel off the dead skin utilizing a pumice stone. This technique for treating corn is one of the best home remedies for corns on the feet and hands, as it is speedy. You will notice results in only three to four days.

6.) Pineapple to Get Rid of Corns

This tropical soil grown foods can turn out to be an effective home remedy for corns on the feet. Take a bit of pineapple. Place the pineapple overnight on the corn. Do this consistently. Not just will it help to ease the pain, however, will likewise hurry the healing. You will notice the corn vanishing in a week or thereabouts.

7.) Preparing Soda and Lime to Get Rid of Corns

Blend level with amounts of heating pop, lime juice, and water. Make a paste and apply it on the corn. Leave it overnight. Do this consistently for five to seven days. It will help the corn to dry and piece. Be watchful while utilizing this home remedy, as the paste ought not touch whatever other part of your skin. Else, it will dry up your healthy skin. In the event that utilizing on the toes, place cotton balls between your toes to keep them differentiated.

8.) Papaya to Get Rid of Corns

Papaya has long been known for its healing properties furthermore can slough off the skin. In this way, it bodes well for use it on the corn. Apply a little bit of papaya on the affected area and leave it overnight until the corn tumbles off. In the event that you think that it hard to apply papaya, you can likewise spot crisp papaya juice on the corn with same results.

9.) Chalk to Get Rid of Corns

The humble chalk that children use on writing boards can end up being an effective remedy for corns on the feet. Make a thick paste by grounding the chalk into a fine powder and adding some water. Apply the paste on the corn. Not just will it help the pain, it will likewise cause the corn to slowly vanish.

10.) Chamomile Tea to Get Rid of Corns

Make a mitigating foot shower for your feet with some chamomile tea, Epsom salt, and warm water. Not just will this assistance to lessen the pain. However, will likewise soften the corn, so you can slough it off with your pumice stone. Chamomile tea can stain your skin, so be careful while utilizing. The uplifting news is that the stain can be removed with cleanser and water.

11.) Green Figs to Get Rid of Corns

In the event that you can lay your hands on green, unripe figs, snatch them. Squeeze out the juice from the figs and apply them on your corn for three times in a day. This home remedy serves to cure the corn furthermore prevents it from recurring back. A smooth and soft skin will be your additional  reward!

12.) Fruit Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Corns

In the wake of soaking your feet in warm water or Epsom salt foot shower, apply fruit juice vinegar on the corn. Approximately for 5 minutes keep the cotton soaked in vinegar firmly pressed on your corn . Let the vinegar, dry and after that apply tea tree oil on the corn. Don’t flush. Utilize these home remedies for foot corns consistently and you will notice that it will get to be easier for you to slough off the corn in two to three days.

13.) Onion to Get Rid of Corns

Place a slice of onion on the corn and secure it with the assistance of a bandage. Leave the onion overnight and the following morning disposes of it. Do this consistently and you will notice results in a week’s time.

14.) Ivy Leaves and Vinegar to Get Rid of Corns

Soak some ivy leaves in vinegar solution for at least 12 hours. Separate the leaves from the solution and  soak a slice of bread in the vinegar arrangement and apply it on the corn. Secure the bread with a bandage. Dispose of the bread slice at night and replace with another slice of soaked bread. Let this bread sit on your corn overnight. Sounds strange? Anyway, it does work!

15.) Turpentine to Get Rid of Corns

Use corrected turpentine for this particular home remedy. Soak a clean fabric in turpentine and wrap it around your corn. Do this a few times a day and the corn will dry and piece of.

16.) Vinegar to Get Rid of Corns

You can utilize any sort of vinegar for this home remedy. Soak a bundle of cotton in vinegar and place it on the corn. Apply firm pressure on the cotton for around 5 minutes and after that secure it for 24 hours. The corn will likely fall off when you will remove the cotton the following morning. If not, rehash the process.

17.) Oatmeal to Get Rid of Corns

We all know oatmeal functions as an astounding peeling executor and can be mitigating for the skin. Thus, utilizing it to treat your corn ought to create alluring results. Boil some oatmeal in plain water for around 5 minutes. Now, you need to stain and apply the boiled oatmeal on the corn. Verify it is not very hot or you may wind up singing your skin.

18.) Garlic to Get Rid of Corns

Garlic is utilized as a home remedy for various sicknesses, including corns. This is one of the effective home remedies to remove corns that can be best utilized at nights, as you will possess an aroma similar to an Italian eatery! Cut a clove of garlic into half. Rub one half of the corn for a moment. Let your skin dry and after that cover it with a crepe bandage. The following morning wash as typical. Do this consistently and in a couple of days your corn will vanish.

19.) Lemon Juice and Brewer’s Yeast to Get Rid of Corns

Make a paste of Brewer’s yeast utilizing lemon juice. Verify the paste is thick. Slather it onto the corn and leave it overnight. It will help heal your skin and dispose of the corn.

20.) Licorice to Get Rid of Corns

Licorice is known to have healing properties and you can utilize them to heal corn as well. Take four licorice sticks and make a paste utilizing some mustard oil. Apply it on the corn just before resigning to bunk. The following morning utilizes warm water to wash off the paste. Do this consistently for a couple of days and you will see a critical change.

21.) Turmeric and Honey to Get Rid of Corns

This is an Asian home remedy to heal corns. It can be truly effective. Make a thick paste of turmeric powder and nectar. Apply it on the corn and let the paste air dry. You will notice the corn, diminishing in size in around two to three days.

22.) Cocoa Butter to Get Rid of Corns

One of the home remedies to remove corns is by making them soft, with the goal that you can sand them off with a pumice stone. Apply cocoa spread on the affected part three times a day until your skin turns soft enough to be sloughed off.

23.) Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Corns

Coconut oil is a heavenly skin lotion. Apply it three times a day on the affected area, guaranteeing that you knead it a ways into your skin. When your skin turns supple and soft, it will be not difficult to remove the corn with a pumice stone.

24.) Ice Compress to Get Rid of Corns

On the off chance that your corn is painful, try using ice therapy by wrapping some ice on your corn affected area. It will help facilitate the pain and give you provisional alleviation.

25.) Dandelion Stem to Get Rid of Corns

Concentrate juice from a dandelion stem and apply it on the corn. It will help remove the corn and rush the healing process.

These are some home remedies for corns that you can utilize in the event that you or a friend or family member has a corn. Utilize a few home remedies together for best results. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are diabetic or your corn is bizarrely painful, it is best to counsel a specialist first. Make it a point to wear appropriately fitted shoes and keep your toenails trimmed to prevent pressure on your toes. With cleanser and water each night wash your hands and feet. These three measures will prevent corns from recurring.


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