How To Get Rid of Cramps Fast & Naturally? (Body Cramps)


How to get rid of cramps fast and naturally? Cramps are one of the worst bodily ailments that you can possibly come across. The reason it is considered to be one of the worst such ailments is because we never know when it is going to affect us. We can be in the middle of a meeting, having a shower or even fast asleep when our stomach, limbs or even the back could get cramped. If you are awake and moving about, then there could be something that you can do about it. But what happens when you are jolted awake from your sleep with a severely painful cramp? Well, there is nothing much you can do about that, however, you can take some preventive measures to ensure that you are not fazed by such unpredictable ailments when you are fast asleep. There are many remedies to take care of period cramps for us, sadly, not many of us know what those remedies are and how best to use them.

Causes of Cramps:

There are many reasons why you can be affected by cramps at any given point of time. One of the most common reasons among women would be their monthly menstrual cycle. At the same time, a deficiency in the diet could also lead to muscle cramps. When there isn’t enough protein or calcium in your body the onset of cramps would be very regular.

  • Even exercises do play a role in how often and how severe your cramps could be. Under exercising your muscles or even after exercising them, without giving it the necessary time to get used to the exercise, will lead to severe cramps
  • Usage of stimulants like cigarettes and alcohol also does lead to muscle cramping. Dehydration of the body leads to very less blood and oxygen being carried to various parts of the body, this again leads to muscle cramps which in the long run can lead to something even worse.
  • Remember that muscle cramps could also denote an underlying serious problem. Consult your doctor immediately to prevent anything more harmful.

how to get rid of cramps fast and naturally

Get Rid of Cramps Fast & Naturally (Body Cramps)

1.) Pressure to Get Rid of Cramps

When your muscles are cramping and sending across searing pain all through that area, make certain that you first apply pressure to that particular area. Alternate between applying pressure and after two minutes releasing the pressure again. Repeat this until the time the cramps are gone. This action of alternating between applying pressure and releasing it, helps rush blood to the cramped area. When you apply pressure, it cuts out the blood supply and when you suddenly release the pressure, they held back blood rushes in. This particular technique also helps in soothing the muscles and relieving the cramps by sending the required blood to that affected area.

2.) Acupuncture to Get Rid of Cramps

Acupuncture is one of the oldest remedies for a variety of ailments in the human body to get rid of cramps. It is also believed that acupuncture can help in relieving cramps and perhaps even get rid of it permanently. When it comes to the regular muscle cramps, the acupuncturist would prick in the acupuncture needles onto the veins that carry blood to that particular area. This again helps by stopping the flow of blood, redirecting it and also enabling more blood to flow to that area. Such redirection of blood or concentration of the blood enables that muscle bundle to get rid of cramps sooner.

In the case of menstrual cramps, the needles are pricked on the nerves that concentrate blood flow to the liver and the spleen since this is the area that is found to have an energy imbalance. Once the needles do the magic of restoring the balance in that area, the cramps and the pain are also gone.

3.) Massage to Get Rid of Cramps

Massage is also an effective remedy to get rid of cramps and pain management. Regular massage sessions will help in relieving muscle pain from any part of the body. Massage also works as an effective stimulant that increases the flow of blood to various parts of your body. Every time you have a cramp, you can just massage that area for instant relief. Alternatively, you can also get one of those little massage gadgets that will come in very handy to take care of such cramps.

In many of the Asian countries, medicated massage therapies are known to work miracles. There are therapies designed to help joints and bones and then there are the massage therapies that are designed for muscles and tendons. To take care of muscle cramps, look for massage therapies that are designed for muscles and tendons. Before you sign up for a massage therapy to get rid of cramps completely, always make it a point to go to a therapist who is renowned and certified.

4.) Warm Compress to Get Rid of Cramps

Be it feet cramps, back cramps or even abdominal cramps, there is nothing as soothing as a warm bottle of water placed on that particular area. For any cramps and pains, even doctors advise application of a warm compress on that area for instant relief. If you are prone to frequent cramp attacks, then it would be best to carry a hot water bottle or a hot water cramp bag with you at all times. Just fill the bottle or bag with hot water and apply it upon the affected area. If you are looking for instant relief, then it would be best that you have two such bottles or bags handy. This would ensure that more area is covered for instant and faster relief.

5.) Warm Bath to Get Rid of Cramps

One of the most instant ways to get rid of cramps would be to draw a nice warm bath and enjoy it for a long duration. The warmth in the water regulates better flow of blood to various parts of the body, thus eliminating all pain and cramps fast. You can also use Epsom salts in your warm bath as this would help in dealing with cramps better. These salts are known for their magnesium rich character which is very important to deal with cramps effectively.

You can also try using other bathing sea salts to your bath to get rid of cramps. Most such salts are rich in minerals that would help your skin and your body in a lot of ways.

6.) Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Get Rid of Cramps

If Omega-3 fatty acids are something that you have never heard of, then there is a high possibility that the consumption of it has also been nil. Let’s just say that Omega-3 fatty acids are good fat that is necessary for the smooth functioning of your body and also to take care of various ailments that your body could come across. This fatty acid is also known to help getting rid of muscle cramps. Apart from being one of the best agents to get rid of cramps, Omega 3 is also proven to eradicate cramps over time.

Studies have proven that regular consumption Omega-3 fatty acids have not only led to the reduction of pain during periods, but it has also shown complete removal of pain over time. Fish in general are rich in this particular fatty acid. Increase the consumption of river fish on a daily basis to benefit from it even better.

7.) Herbs to Get Rid of Cramps

Getting the right homeopathic concoctions made at home is something that is not going to be very easy. Finding a homoeopathist in any of the first world countries is going to be an equally great challenge. So by the time you could find one who has the recommendations and the certifications, your cramps and pains could possibly get worse. So during this time, you have to make your own concoctions and lotions to help alleviate the pain and cramps to a very large extent. Some of the plants that you can use to help you in this endeavor are, Zingiber Officinale, Nardostachys Jatamansi, Saraca Asoca.

The last two are slightly difficult to get, but not impossible. On the other hand Zingiber Officinale is pretty easy to get since it is commonly called ginger in our stores and household!

8.) Stand Tall to Get Rid of Cramps

The next not so easy way to get rid of cramps would be to stand tall. Well, even if you are tall ordinarily, you would have to stand even taller. You don’t have to stand on a ladder or a stool for this particular remedy, rather you could just use the ball of your feet to stand tall. You don’t have to be point on your toes like a ballerina, but stand on the ball of your feet where the toes end and stretch. When you apply pressure to this area and stretch your body, blood flow is increased in this area, thus get rid of cramps soon.

9.) Bar of Soap to Get Rid of Cramps

One of the old wives’ tale remedy that people swear upon to get rid of cramps would be to place a bar of soap in their bed before they go to sleep. They have stated that placing a bar of soap between the fitted sheets helps relieve the pain on the feet and prevents cramps from setting in through the night. Doctors state that there is no direct evidence on how a bar of soap can help with the cramps, however, they believe that it is the placebo effect that does make a difference to many people. If you are going to try this particular remedy, then make certain that you place the bar of soap between the fitted sheet and it doesn’t matter what the brand bar of soap it is. As long as it doesn’t stink your bed through the night, it should be good.

10.) Yellow Mustard and Mustard Oil to Get Rid of Cramps

You can use this remedy, if everything else fails or doesn’t seem to work the way you want to. Studies have shown that mustard has medicinal properties that can get rid of cramps and deal with menstrual pains as well. Eating a spoon of yellow mustard thrice a day will help in preventing an onset of cramps. You can also drink mustard oil to get rid of cramps. However, we need to warn you that it has the most disgusting taste ever. You can also apply warmed mustard oil over the cramped area and massage it in for instant relief, but be warned, it smells worse than it tastes!

11.) Stay Hydrated to Get Rid of Cramps

The very first remedy to get rid of a cramp would be to hydrate your body really well. When you have enough and more water in your system at all times, the necessary nutrients are carried across very easily. This would ensure that all the muscles in the body get what they need to function without any problems. Also, water would ensure that your muscles are well lubricated that they do not dry and cause severe pains.

Drinking a lot of water before any particular exercise would also help in soothing the muscles and maintaining the moisture at the right level to prevent your muscles from cramping. When you tend to dehydrate, your body loses calcium, magnesium and sodium that are required for the proper functioning of your muscles. In the case of abdominal or stomach cramps, it would be best if you could drink warm water for the same soothing effect.

12.) Watch What You Eat to Get Rid of Cramps

Eating a mineral rich diet would make certain that you not only have healthy bones, but also muscles and tendons that are healthy. Most people suffer from muscle cramps because of the lack of nutrition found in their diets. If you wish to prevent bad episodes of muscle cramping, then it would best to eat food that would enable better growth and protection of your muscles. When you eat food that is rich in calcium and magnesium, you can prevent cramping to a very large extent. Food items like egg, meats, fish, dairy products, fruits, cereals and nuts are rich in magnesium and in calcium. Food items that are rich in potassium and sodium are also good for muscle protection.

13.) Avoid Caffeine to Get Rid of Cramps

It does not matter which part of your body is suffering from cramps, you need to avoid caffeine to ensure that it does not affect your body by sending you into a cramping episode ever. Caffeine, being a stimulant reduces the amount of oxygen being carried to various muscles in your body. It also facilitates faster utilization of the water in your body which then would lead to cramping of your muscles. Doctors also recommend patients with severe cramping problems during menses to stay away from any caffeinated products few days before the cycle begins and also avoid such products for a few days after the cycle stops. This apparently helps women patients overcome cramping during this period easily.

14.) Strengthen Your Muscle to Get Rid of Cramps

If you really wish to avoid those painful episodes of cramping, then you need to take the time to strengthen your muscles. Muscles that have never been through a strengthening course are seemingly week that they are prone to cramping very often. Lack of exercise does not only make the muscles weak, but it also carries lesser blood to the muscle to protect it. When you work out, lot of blood rushes to that area to help soothe the muscles. Regular exercise would ensure that there is lots of blood around the muscles, not only to soothe it, but also to make certain that it is well protected. Exercise also strengthens the muscles, thus protecting it from cramping often.

15.) Stretch Your Muscles to Get Rid of Cramps

One of the best ways to protect your muscles from cramping would be to stretch them regularly to get rid of cramps. Stretching also helps muscles that are already cramped and relieves the pain really soon. When you stretch various parts of your body, the stretch itself ensures that there are no kinks in your nerves that run through your muscles. When there are no kinks in the nerves, then there would be a proper flow of the blood. This would ensure that your muscles do not get cramped that very easily.

It helps not only to stretch before and after you commence an exercise, but it also helps before you go to bed. Naturally in the mornings, the first thing that every one of us unconsciously does is to stretch our bodies. If you are not used to it, then it would be best to do so the moment you wake up. This makes certain that the blood flows to all parts of your body without a problem and that if there are any muscles cramped, then the blood flow will help get rid of it soon.

16.) Infusions and Tea to Get Rid of Cramps

Look for tea or more precisely for infusions that are one hundred percent caffeine free. Chamomile tea and other fruit, herb or flower infusions that are rich in amino acids and glycine are very necessary to help protect your muscles from going through spasms. Regular intake of the said tea and infusions will help prevent cramping in the future. However, drinking chamomile tea and other infusion will also help relieve severe pains that are a cause by such cramps.

Many researches have also shown that drinking chamomile tea during a woman’s period would help relieve the pain in her lower abdomen by relaxing the uterine muscles. Though chamomile tea is abundant in the market, you have to choose one that has a higher percentage of glycine and amino acids in it. Remember to drink this tea not only when you need relief from cramps, but even at times when you don’t – just to make certain that your future is not marred by such terrible cramps.

17.) Electrolytes to Get Rid of Cramps

Remember that cramping happens not only due to heavy workouts but also due to the lack of nutrients in your body. This could be caused by the surrounding temperature and humidity where in your body could have lost potassium, magnesium and sodium along with the sweat. There is not much you can do to avoid such a loss of nutrients, however, it is imperative that you replenish the lost nutrients at the earliest.

When you have to go out in the sun a lot or when you are to involve in a lot of physical activities both indoors or outdoors, you are bound to sweat and lose your nutrients So always make certain that you keep two bottles of energy drinks with you at all times. This would ensure that your body is well replenished and also makes certain that your muscles do not cramp. Having energy drinks that are rich in electrolytes would also protect you from having a complete shutdown halfway through the physical activity.

18.) Supplements to Get Rid of Cramps

If you are under certain types of medications that could have an adverse effect on you upon introducing supplements into your routine, then it would be best to consult with your doctor on what would be the best way to introduce them. Mineral supplements like calcium and magnesium are available across the counters. You can purchase them for an entire month and have about 1g of calcium citrate, each day along with magnesium supplements. This would help prevent all kinds of muscle spasms, including the ones that you could have during your periods. You can also increase your intake of Vitamin D and Vitamin E to help fight inflammations and pain during a cramping episode.

19.) Sleep Right to Get Rid of Cramps

How you sleep and what you sleep upon also does make a difference on whether or not your muscles can cramp and how often they would cramp. Sleeping on a very hard mattress is not only bad for your back, but also for every muscle in your body that comes into contact with it. The harder the muscles are pressed against the mattress, less blood flows to that particular area. Always invest in a good quality soft mattress with a memory foam cover on it. This would not only help you sleep without feeling cramped, but it will also help you feel well rested when you wake up in the morning. If you wish to deal with the pain and the period cramps better, just make certain that you lay down with your legs propped up. This would send more blood towards your abdomen, thus soothing the pain faster.

20.) Acupressure Therapies to Get Rid of Cramps

Acupressure, as an alternative therapy, is also gaining much importance in the field of pain relief and cramp management. This particular therapy is now sought for the long term benefits than for the instant relief. Acupressure does not promise instant relief like what massages and acupuncture does, but it sure does provide a long term relief upon completion of the entire course. An acupressure therapist uses the technique of applying pressure upon that particular area which is prone to severe cramps. Based on the frequency of the therapy sessions and upon the regularity of such therapy sessions, you can now get rid of your cramps and pains really very soon. This particular therapy is also known to completely get rid of menstrual cramps as well.

21.) Reflexology to Get Rid of Cramps

This particular branch of science is also gaining popularity among people with a variety of bodily ailments. Some reflexologists also claim that regularized reflexology therapies are bound to even cure terminal illnesses amongst many patients. Even if such a claim raises a lot of questions, it is generally believed that this practice sure helps with muscle cramps easily.

With reflexology, the ailment in a particular part of the body is dealt with through the feet. In this science, it is believed that all nerves that pass through various parts and organs of the body pass connect at the bottom of the feet. Reflexologists demark each area on the sole of the feet pertaining to a particular organ in the body. They then apply differentiated pressure upon that area to treat the organ in question.

So let’s say that you have abdominal cramps due to your periods, a reflexologist would locate the area on the sole of your feet that pertains to the uterus. He will then massage that area by differentiating the amount of pressure that goes upon it. This over a period of time is believed to get rid of cramps easily.

22.) OTC Pain Killers to Get Rid of Cramps

You can also get over the counter pain killers to get rid of cramps. Such pain killers are effective in managing the pain as well and that too in a very short period of time. Unlike the hot water bottles or warm baths you don’t have to wait for the water to get hot or to be filled in. This particular method is very easy and less messy as well. All you have to do is pop a pill and give it some time to work.

Over time, though, such pills might end up losing their effect on the cramps and pains and you may have to start taking higher doses which is not very advisable. Hence, taking painkillers should be one of the last measures when everything else that you have tried has completely failed.

23.) Blood Tests to Get Rid of Cramps

If your cramps are very frequent and prolonged, then it is best to bring in some medical expertise. You would have to get in touch with your primary physician to get an authorization to have a blood work done. Your physician should order a blood work to find out about the levels of vitamins, minerals and hormones in your body. Tests should also be done to find out about your thyroid levels. This could help your physician pin point to the underlying problem of the cramps. If it is something as simple as nutrient deficiency, then your physician can just put you on extra supplements. However, if the tests show any problems with your blood circulation system or if there are problems with the thyroid levels, then it would be easy for your physician to either direct you to specialized care or provide better treatments soon.

24.) Check For Neurological Problems to Get Rid of Cramps

Remember that cramps are muscle contractions and they could be caused by a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons that lead to cramps would be an improper flow of blood to that particular area of the body. When it comes to improper flow of blood, there are many reasons that could cause it. Some of the most common reasons are the thickening of the nerve or the accumulation of cholesterol in the vein that is stopping the flow of blood.

If such accumulation has happened in one part of your body which is triggering frequent episodes of cramps, then there is a very high possibility that there are other areas that are also getting clogged. Other areas that are not as evident as these areas that are prone to cramps. You should immediately get your doctor to have you checked for any underlying neurological issues. It is better to prevent such issues than to ignore it and have it literally blow up!

25.) Homeopathy to Get Rid of Cramps

Homeopathy has been yet another field of alternate medicine, which has been around for a very long time. This particular branch of medicine uses naturally abundant items to help cure various ailments of the body. Though this particular branch of medicine takes longer to heal, the results are everlasting and you do not have to keep alternating the medicines or tweaking the doses over time.

There are a lot of homoeopathists out there, but make certain that you find one who has experience and comes certified from a university that offers homeopathy as a course. Homoeopathists would make medical concoctions and topical creams with various plants like Viburnum, Chamomilla, Caulophyllum, just to name a few. Studies have actually shown that these medicinal plants can alleviate pain and cramps and upon completing the prescribed dosage, you will never suffer from cramps again.


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