How to Remove Water from Ears After Swimming or Bath? (Home Remedies)


After writing how to pop your ears?, we are now writing how to remove water from ears after swimming or bath? Swimming can be a very enjoyable activity. During the summer season, this is the instant solution to the scorching heat of the sun. It is also a cardiovascular activity that is very pleasing to do. Be careful, though. That’s cool, clear water may get into your ears anytime. Water being trapped in the ears is a common happening when swimming. It is called Swimmer’s Ear. Even if it is not a serious condition, water in the ears must be removed at once. It can be very uncomfortable. But aside from that, it can also lead to ear infection. That is why it is important to remove it immediately. See the below solution to remove water from ears after swimming.

Remove Water From Ear Home Remedy

How to Remove Water from Ears after Swimming or Bath?

You will not instantly feel that you have water in the ears, especially if you are enjoying the swim. You will know there is water inside the ear if there is swishing between your head. The water seems to flow inside the ear. Removing water from the ear is a simple matter. You will not have a hard time getting rid of water in the

Step 1: Get out of the water– There is a need for you to get out of the water first. This is to ensure that there will be no additional amount of water that will get in the ears.

Step 2: Find a suitable place– This is another reason why you need to go out of the water. A stable place for letting the water flow out of your ear is needed. A ground or floor that is flat and free from obstruction is ideal. Make sure also that the ground or floor is not wet or slippery.

Step 3: Tilt your head– Once you are settled, tilt your head on one side. The key here is to know which ear the water has entered. You will feel if it is in the left ear or the right ear. There is a slight discomfort or an unusual feeling on that side of the ear.

Remove Water From Ear After Swimming or Bath

Step 4: Shake and jump– Once you have identified which side of the ear the water is, shake your head to release it. Your head must still be tilted to one side to let the water flow out of the ear. If shaking is not enough, you can jump. Again, you must jump with your head tilted to one side.

Step 5: Pop ears– Try popping your ear to get rid of the water in the ear. Pinch your nose and keep your lips pressed. Blow your nose from this position. The eardrums will be forced to move outwards, causing a popping action. This will push the water out of the ear canal.

Step 6: Yawning motion to remove water from ears after swimming- Another effective method is yawning. You are stretching the ear canal when you yawn. Once it is stretched, the water is easily pushed out from the ear.

Remove Water From Ear After Swimming

Another Home Remedies to Remove Water  from Ears after Swimming

If the above steps do not remove the water in your ears, you may try these home solutions as well:

Blow dry- If you have a blow dryer at home, this can be an effective tool for Swimmer’s Ear. Put the temperature of the blow dryer at its lowest. Place it on the side where the water is. The position of the hair dryer will be determined on how comfortable the heat it is on your skin. The blow dryer procedure will dry the water inside the ear. It will let the water evaporate until it is removed.

Chewing gum- Amazingly, chewing a gum will remove water in the ear. The motion of chewing a gum is an effective remedy to Swimmer’s Ear. The up and down motions of the jaws put pressure to the ears. This will encourage the ear canals to stretch. Once stretched, the water can easily go out from the ear.

Remove Water from Ears Rubbing alcohol- Put a few drops of alcohol in the ears. The alcohol is effective in drying up trapped moisture. This will also prevent the development of infection. Treat one ear at a time. Allow some time for one ear to dry first. Go to the other ear for the second treatment.

Garlic with olive oil– These can be easily found in the kitchen. Apart from its use in cooking, the garlic and olive oil mixture will take away the water from the ear. You have to crush the garlic. Add few amounts of olive oil to the crushed garlic. Lightly heat it as if you are sautéing. Use only a low fire for this procedure. Once done, use a strainer and pour it in a clean container. Put a few drops of it in the ear. This will kill the bacteria and prevent infection. It effectively gets rid of the ear moisture as well.


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