How to Clean a Bong?


Hygiene plays a major role in your health. It is really important to be hygienic if you want to stay healthy. Even if you prefer bong water, then it is really important to keep it clean so you can use filtered clean water to smoke. So, if you think that your bong gets filthy, then it is really important to clean it as soon as possible. This article is going to guide you about various ways to clean a bong.

How to clean a bong

Simple Ways to Clean a Bong:

Here are few simple ways that you may follow to clean a bong. Follow few simple steps sincerely to clean a bong.

Step 1: Disassemble Bong to Clean It:

This is the primary step to clean a bong. All you need to take apart individual pieces of a bong. Just try to remove all the removable parts like mouthpiece and bowl.

Step 2: Wash the Bong:

Once you separate individual pieces of a bong, then the secondary step is to clean them with hot water. After this, leave them to get dry completely.

Step 3: Use Epsom Salt to Clean a Bong:

Take a little bit of Epsom salt in a bowl. And pour it into a bowl. Use it to clean the bong. Take approximately 1/3-1/2 cup of Epsom salt to clean bong. Pour this to bowl and mouthpiece of the bong. You may even use a funnel to pour it.

Step 4: Use Your Cleaning Product to Clean a Bong:

You may clean solution like vinegar, rub alcohol to clean a bong. It is better to use rubbing alcohol to get best results. Just pour it in the bong. For bubbles and pipe simply take a zip lock baggy and pour some amount of rubbing alcohol and salt to it. Once, you are done with this, then simply put the pipe in the bag and shake it vigorously.

If the resin inside the pipe is thick then you may leave it overnight so that the solution soaks in it completely. After, cleaning a bong if you find that the resin is left inside it, then you may repeat this process again to clean it completely.

Step 5: Do the Final Detailing:

Clean the stem by using cotton tipped applicators and pipe cleaners. We really pay attention while rubbing alcohol. So, it is really important to use a brush for cleaning a bong completely.

How to Keep a Bong Clean?

Here are few certain ways that you may follow to keep a bong clean.

  • Try to use the external attachments to outsource all dirty work.
  • Also, use ash catchers which are actually the attachments used to keep the things clean.
  • All kind of debris, resin, and ash gets caught inside the catcher. It will prevent such things to go directly into the bong.
  • Also, keep on recycling the water on a regular basis. This should become your daily habit and routine.
  • Just refresh the bong depending on your use whether you use it daily or weekly.
  • Always feed your bong with fresh water.
  • Always Store your bong without any water in it. This is the basic strategy behind keeping your bong clean. This is a very simple concept that one should fill the bong only when he/she needs to smoke. It is also a great strategy that will prevent you from smoking more.  As, you will require some preparations, then simply you will feel that it’s useless to smoke right now as you will feel quite lazy and tired to do this.

Few Tips and Tricks You May Follow to Keep Bong Clean:

Here are few tips that you may follow to keep your bong clean. ‘

1.) Use Fresh Lemon Juice to Prevent Residue Build-up:

  • Lemon is a great refreshing flavour, but beyond that, it is a great agent that will clean your bong. Just add a few drops of lemon juice in bong water to keep it clean for a longer period of time. The basic concept behind this is that the active enzymes present inside lemon help in breaking down and preventing resin formation. It even prevents resin build-ups on the inner glass of bong.
  • It will keep the smell of bong water fresh. Moreover, it will also help in killing notorious bong water.
  • It is simply a magical substance that may help a lot in keeping your bong clean to an extent.

2.) Try to Use Refreezable Ice-cubes to Preserve Water Level:

  • Just replace the traditional ice cubes with re-freezable ice cubes. Once you did this, then there is no need to worry about the melting race and time.
  • All just it needs is the perfect water level for your bong. Once you find it, then don’t try to mess it up.
  • And always keep in mind that you must use very small pieces that won’t stuck in your bong.

How to Clean Stubborn Areas of a Bong?

Here are few ways that you may follow to clean stubborn and hidden areas of a bong.

  • Take a coat hanger.
  • Take the paper towel and roll them on a twisted hanger. Also, fold them in half of the hanger.
  • Use elastic band to secure paper towel tightly.
  • Now, bend the hanger and form a “J” shape.
  • Add cleaning solution on the paper towel.
  • Now use it for cleaning the areas of a bong.

So, follow the above ways sincerely to clean a bong. It an easy way to clean a bong at home. Also, keep following some of the simple preventive ways to keep your bong clean.


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