How to Make a Fortune Teller?


Have you ever wished to become a fortune teller? If yes, here is a chance to become. No, we are not going to give any educational or professional tips for how to become a fortune teller. This is simply for fun and kill your free time. Below we have listed steps to make a fortune teller with paper at hom. It is fun to make and moreover, it’s fun to play with paper. So, let’s quickly dive into the steps to fold the fortune teller.

how to make a fortune teller

Steps to Make a Fortune Teller:

1.) Get a Paper to Make a Fortune Teller

If you have rectangle shape sheet, then simply cut it to get a square shape sheet. It is easy to make a fortune teller with square shape. As far as color is concerned, you can choose any color. If you want a fortune teller to be colorful then you can work on nice bright paper.

2.) Fold the Paper Diagonally to Make a Fortune Teller

The top corner of the paper in such a way that it touches the opposite corner. Neatly crease the fold with your finger. After folding one corner of the paper over the other, unfold the paper. And, then fold the paper from the other side. Then fold left top corner in such a way that it touches bottom corner in the right.

3.) Fold the Paper into Half to Make a Fortune Teller

After folding the paper as described in the previous step, fold the top edge of paper over the bottom edge of the paper. And then neatly crease it using your fingers. Then fold the paper in the other way. First turn the paper and fold one edge the opposite side. Neatly crease the fold again. By now the paper must have four creases that will crises cross from the middle.

4.) Bring the Corners to the Center to Make a Fortune Teller

Crease the folds neatly then you be having a small square shape. Flip the paper, the smooth side must be on the above. By now all the corners must be meeting in the center. Then neatly crease the edges and you are done. The fortune teller is completed but it is incomplete without the fortune written on it so move ahead and pen down the fortune.

5.) Flip the Fortune Teller

Once the fortune teller is ready it’s time to pen down the fortune on it. Flip the fortune teller in such a way that the squares face on the upper side.

6.) Fill the Squares

Now finally it’s time to pen down the fortune on the fortune telly. Take sketch pen or a marker and write names of different colors. Such one one corner you can right, one another blue similarly fill all four squares with the names of different colors.

  • Alternatively, you can make any shape like triangle or circle with different colored sketch pen. It color will denote its name. You can do any of the way you like.
  • Or you can simply pen down names of different planet or animals on the square. You could even write the name of the celebrities on the squares. However, make sure you chose one thing for all the squares for example if you are writing the name of the planet on square then write names of planet on another 3 squares as well.

7.) Flip the Fortune Teller

After writing the names of colors or planet or what you wanted on each square flip it on the other side. After flipping the triangles will face.

8.) Write Numbers on Triangle

Like you wrote names of different colors, planet or so on the squares similarly scribble different numbers on the triangle. Every triangle is divided into two. In total, you should have 8 triangles. So accordingly, you put number on it such as 1,2,3…….8.

9.) Pen Down the Fortune

Once you have written numbers on the triangles and names on the squares, Open the triangle that you name 1 and 2 and pen down a fortune over it. Do the same with rest of the triangles. Lift them up and write different fortune on each triangle. You can write anything you want. You can write the following things on the triangle

  • You are going to meet a celebrity tomorrow.
  • Your teacher will praise you.
  • Tomorrow you are going to get kiss from a special one.
  • You should think positive to achieve something and similar things.

10.) Tell the Fortune to Other

Once you have made a future letter and written what all is asked to write it’s time to make it work.  For this flip the fortune teller in such a way that squares face up. Then stick your thumb and fingers beneath the flaps like a puppet. With your fingers and thumb inside it will make small cone. Hold the fortune teller in such a way that the tips of cones touch on the middle.

11.) Work with Fortune Teller

Once you have put your thumbs and forefingers inside each triangle, you will be able to operate it. Move your fingers and thumbs together as if you pinch someone. By doing so the all the sections of your fortune teller will move in and out along the fingers. When you will open, and close the fortune teller it will resemble to a mouth opening and closing.

12.) Tell People their Fortune

No since everything is ready in your hand it’s time to answers people’s question. Hold the fingers in the squares in such a way that you can see the names of the colors that you wrote on each square. When finally, you are done call a friend of you.

  • Ask some to choose the color that you wrote on all four squares.
  • Once the person picks the color spell out the name of the color and move your fingers to and for. For example, if the person has pitch green then spell G.R.E.E.N and simultaneously keep moving the cones with your thumb and forefingers.
  • Pause for while where it ends for egg, if it ends at N of green then take a pause and open the mouth of the fortune teller. While doing this, the other person would be able to see the triangles and the numbers written on it. Ask the person to choose number.
  • Whatever the number the person says, make the fortune teller in and out same times. For example, if the person says two then move in and out the mouth of the fortune two times.
  • Then take a pause place where it finally lands.
  • Not let the person have sneak in what is written behind the number that he picked up. Open the flap and read what is written.

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