How to Make a Paper Boat?


Remember the last rainy season when you only wanted to sail your own paper boat. You might not have been able to do so by then, here is a good opportunity for you to learn how to make a paper boat for yourself and sail it in the next rainy season. And why only in rainy season you can anytime fill a tub full of water and sail your boat. So, get ready to learn the techniques to form a paper boat at home with us. For this you will need a piece of paper, marker, scale, a pair of scissors and colors if you want to color your boat. So, let’s quickly get into the steps to make a paper boat.

make a paper boat

Steps to Make a Paper Boat:

1.) Fold the Paper to Make a Paper Boat

The first thing you need to do to make a paper boat is take a paper, but obviously and then fold it. For this you can use any paper. It may be origami paper, printer paper or construction paper. Once you have taken a paper fold it. Fold the paper into*28 cm in the half with the short side. This technique is called “hot dog style”. After folding the paper, make a nice and crease.

2.) Unfold the Paper and Rotate It

The paper that you have fold in the previous step, unfold it and rotate it at the 90 degrees and again fold it from top to bottom along with a long side. This method of unfold, fold and again fold is known as “hamburger style”. The new fold will give you a fresh crease in the center of the paper. By now there must be 2 crease on the center of the paper that could be x-axis and y-axis of the page.

3.) Flip the Paper to Make a Paper Boat

After completing the previous step flip the paper, while doing make sure that the fold opens on your side. After this, fold the top corners of the paper and leave 2.5-5 cm space at the bottom.  Fold the corners in such a way that they line up together in the center crease. This crease will help you to line up the corners perfectly. Make sure, you crease the edges to hold the folds.

4.) Fold the Bottom to Make a Paper Boat

Fold the bottom side of the paper, opposite to the both the sides. Hold the top flaps that has been created by now on the bottom of the paper. Fold this. Opposite to the previous folded triangles. Now turn the paper and repeat the same with the flap on the one side. This will now look like a paper hat.

5.) Fold the Corners of the Bottom

Once you have achieved the paper hat, hold the corners of the rectangle that sticks out of the triangle. After this fold the top flap of the corners at the edge of the hat triangle. Now fold the flat that is at the bottom over the top flap that is already folded down.

6.) Fold the Triangle into a Square

Hold the triangle and rotate it at the 45 degrees. Then with the help of your finger open the bottom of the corners of the triangle. It should naturally look like a square by now. The corners at the bottom of the triangle should be folded over each other and it should become the corner of the diamond. Then crease the page with the edges to give it a square shape.

7.) Fold the Bottom Flaps to Make a Paper Boat

Arrange the paper in such a manner that the bottom corners of the diamond can be folded upwards. Then fold any of the corner, aligned towards to the top corners. Now flip the paper and repeat the same with opposite side.

8.) Convert the Triangle into the Square

Like a previous step, hold the triangle and rotate it at the 45 degrees, then flip the bottom the new triangle. By now bottom the corners of the bottom will line up and become a bottom point of the diamond formed. Now neatly crease the paper with the edges to keep the square shape intact.

9.) Pull the Triangles to Make a Paper Boat

Start with the top of the diamond and slowly pull both the sides opposite to each other so that crease running towards the middle of the diamond opens. Now neatly crease the bottom of both the folded sides to make your paper boat strong. Then you have to pull the triangle into the diamond while pulling both the sides opposite. Make sure the triangle forms inside the diamond that sticks straight, this will be the paper boat’s mast.

10.) Float the Boat

By now your boat is ready and you can float it. If it is a rainy season you can float it anywhere. And if not, fill a tub with a water and sail your paper boat into it. If it droops, make the changes and adjustment accordingly. Make sure the edges of the boat do not sink in the water.

 Steps to Make a Paper Boat with Three Sails:

1.) Take a Sheet of Paper

To make a paper boat with three sales, take a A4 size sheet. Or any sheet that you want to use to make a paper boat. However, for the accurate measurement cut the sheets into 8.5’’*11’’.

2.) Fold the Paper

 Find the center of the paper and mark a red line in the center. After making a red line fold the paper into two halves then unfold the paper. By now you will get a neat crease.

3.) Fold the Edges

After unfolding the paper, fold the top edges of the paper. It will form a triangle. Fold the left side on the right and unfold it again.

4.) Fold the Top Bottom of Triangle

Now fold the top bottoms of the triangle downwards on the red line that you created in the second step. Then fold the top corner upwards on the red line created.

5.) Fold the Triangles to Make a Paper Boat

In this step fold both the small triangles that area created on the edge of both the sides. Fold the triangles on the left side and right in the backwards so that it is not visible.

6.) Turn the Paper to Make a Boat

Now turn the paper and fold the bottom corners of the triangles. By know it will look like a hat. Turn the hat into the 90 degrees and open the corners. The thumbs of the sheet should be inside. Hold the lower and upper part of each side.

7.) Fold the Bottom Front Triangle Upwards

Fold the bottom front triangle towards the lower triangle formed. Now you that will be created. However, the hat won’t have the brim. Now open this hat once again and fold the upper part towards the lower side

8.) Look for the Center

Look for the center of the paper after folding the left side towards the right side and unfolding it again.

9.) Fold the Lower Front Triangle

Now fold the bottom front of the triangle on the upper side on the red line created. Then turn this paper over and repeat the same procedure of folding.

10.) Turn the Hat

Turn the hat at the 90 degrees and flip it. Fold upper part over the lower part. Then pull the corners from the upper side of the triangle like arrows and your boat with three sail is ready.


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