How to Remove Wallpaper?


Wallpaper gives nice and attractive look to boring and dull walls. They add some life to it. There are many types of wallpapers available in the market so choose the best that can be easily removed later. Otherwise you will definitely have a tough time while removing it. Though wallpapers like traditional wallpaper are tough to remove but yes, they can be removed. Like every problem has a solution this too has. Below we have listed some ways to remove wallpaper.

Remove Wallpaper

Steps to Remove Wallpaper:

1.) Spread old Sheet over Floor to Remove Wallpaper

Before beginning with the process of removing wallpaper, spread an old sheet or newspapers on the floor to prevent the mess around. When you will remove the wallpaper, the traces of paper or anything will fall on the sheet or newspaper that you have spread and will not spread here and there making your room untidy or filthy. And it will be easier for you to clean the room later.

2.) Shut Down the Circuits and Cover the Electric Outlet

After spreading newspaper or old sheet on the floor of the room, look for the circuit and shut them down. Since you will be working with water, so if the circuits won’t be off it could be harmful for you as you will be exposed to the current running in the circuit. After switching off the circuits, cover all the electric outlets with the electrical tape also known as insulating tap. It will help to insulate the electrical wires and close the materials that conduct electricity. This will not let the water go inside any electrical material during the wallpaper removing process. In addition to this cover the outlet that do not have power. If you are working in the morning, then sunlight will sufficient to work in. However, if you are working in night then keep the halogen lamp handy.

3.) Figure Out the Walls Thoroughly to Remove Wallpaper

Once you are done with all the basic things of spreading the sheet and covering the electrical material with electrical tap, it is time to figure out the walls. This will give you an insight to the structure of the walls and thus you can have a fair idea how you can remove the wallpaper and what all technique you can use to do the same.

Most of the walls are made of drywall or plaster. Plaster is quite durable, hard and water resistant on the other hand drywall is just a paper covered on the gypsum and is not water resistant and hard like plaster. So, you must be careful while working on the drywall. The best way to know what kind wall it is tap the wall, if it sounds hollow then it is definitely drywall. If it is then you have to extra careful while removing the wallpaper with steaming and water method.

4.) Determine the Type of Wallpaper

In order to remove wallpaper, you must know what kind of wallpaper it is and you can work accordingly. There are many types of wallpaper. The best ones are those which are easily peelable and strippable. To determine the type of wallpaper there is a small test. Put a knife under the corner of the wallpaper, lift it slightly and then use your fingers to peel the paper from the back. If it peels away in one go then it is strippable walls.

However, if only the surface layer of the wallpaper comes out, it is definitely not the one which could be easily removed. But if you cannot peel the entire wallpaper not even the surface then it is traditional wallpaper that is definitely going to give a tough time while removing it. Nevertheless, if the wallpaper peels or not do not remove it with your hand.

5.)  Remove Wallpaper that is Strippable

Once you have determined your wall and wallpaper it is time for an action. To remove strippable wallpaper, make the corner of the wallpaper loose. Such wallpapers are easy to remove and will be removed on one go without ripping off. After removing the wallpaper there will some traces left of the wallpaper. To remove these traces, dip a sponge, towel or rag into the solution of hot and and soap. Use this sponge or rag to clean the wall. Make sure you do not end up flaking the wall so be careful while working onto the wall.

6.) Remove Peelable Top Layer Wallpaper

During the test of the wall, if only the upper surface of the wallpaper comes out then this is the right step to perform. The top layer of such wallpapers is made of the vinyl so it can be pulled off easily. Once you will be able to remove the top layer, half of the work will be done. However, if the wallpaper tears in between then look for another corner and start stripping it all again.

Once the upper surface of the wallpaper is removed it’s time to wash off another layer or the left over. Dip the rag or sponge in the warm water or paint troller and dab it over the entire layer. Leave it on for an hour. After a few hours scrape and peel the backing paper off the wall. For this you can use a putty knife. And later wash off the residue. Clean it will soapy solution and then pat it dry.

7.) Remove Wallpaper- Traditional Wallpaper

By now you must have an idea that this kind of wallpaper is quite tough to remove. There are many solutions to remove wallpaper that is traditional. At first you can try to remove wallpaper with stripping solution.

  • Do some holes in the paper with the help of the stripping solution. Once the wholes have been created you can penetrate the adhesive inside to remove wallpaper. However, if the wall is drywall then you can give a miss to this step since drywall will not be able to adhere this.
  • Alternatively use 120 grit sandpaper and rub it off the wall. This will help to take off the color of the wallpaper. Then fill a bucket with hot water. It should be hot enough to work with. Mix some water with the wallpaper stripping solution. If you do not have wallpaper stripping solution, then you can use vinegar instead. Or you can use a fabric softener for the same.
  • Soak the paint roller in the solution, you can also use a sponge or a rag instead. Apply the solution on the wall with the help of the brush or paint roller. After spreading the solution leave it on for an hour until it dries off completely.
  • After the due time, take putty knife and strip the wallpaper. Work gently upwards. This will make things easy for you. Then simply wash away the residue like you did to remove peelable wallpaper.

8.) Using Steam to Remove Wallpaper

If the above step does not prove worthy for you than simply use steam technique to remove wallpaper. Hold the steamer and dab it on the wallpaper. Leave it for a few seconds until it starts working. The longer you will keep the steamer on the wallpaper, the easy it would be for you to remove wallpaper.

  • Be extra careful while working with steamer on the drywall.  The extra moisture can ruin the wall.
  • While working with the steamer do not forget to wear hand gloves.
  • After the due time scrap the wallpaper with the knife. Peel it upwards, with the knife. Once it is removed completely wash off the residue with soapy solution.


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