Open Blocked Sites In UAE, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan


How to open blocked sites banned in your country. Some countries like Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, China & many more has banned some web sites. They do not want that their people will use these web sites. We also want to tell you that opening blocked sites banned by you country is not ethical. We are creating this tutorial to open blocked sites by school, colleges & office. However these tricks are also applicable to open blocked sites in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Pakistan. We recommend that you don’t use these tricks to access blocked web sites by government.

Proxy Sites, Translation Service, Email Opening & so many tricks are old and we are not explaining them here. Our tricks are fresh and easily give you access to blocked sites.

1.)    Open Blocked Sites by VPN

VPN stand s for Virtual Private networks. VPN can be free & paid also. Free VPN have some advertisement or some data limit. Paid VPN are ads free and fast. Free VPN can easily work for opening Facebook, YouTube & other similar websites for personal use.

 VPN can be web based or you may require installing any software to your computer or browser. It can also happen that some of the VPN already blocked in your area, school, college & office. You have to find a good VPN service that work in your area and are able to open the desired web site by you.

2.)    Open Blocked Sites with Security kiss (300 MB/day)

Security kiss is professional VPN services with monthly charges.  However they are providing a free service with some limited functionality. You can use 300 MB/day which is very sufficient for browsing Facebook, YouTube, Google & other social media & related services.

With Security kiss you can get IP of United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany.

There is similar service named tunnel bear. You can also try this service but they are providing 500 MB each month. You can download tunnel bear on iOS & android for open blocked sites.

3.)    Open  Blocked Sites by Using Hotspot Shield (free)

Hotspot Shield comes in free & paid version & really powerful to open blocked sites. Free version comes will some ads at the top of your browser windows. But these ads will not hurt you. Hotspot shield is earning money by showing these ads & in return you can use the service of free. Download the free version, install it & you can select the IP from 2-3 countries to access blocked sites.

4.)    Tor Browser Bundle

Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) is another powerful browser to open blocked sites. Tor is initially developed as a military project but now it available for use. Tor is open source software to use on windows, Mac & android. Tor is a kind of browser which connects to the tunnel of many computer & hides you actual IP to open blocked sites.

You can download the Tor for so many languages from here  for windows, MAC & Android. Also on same page you can see the easy installing instruction.

5.)    Hola Extension

Hola is popular extension for Chrome & Mozilla firefox. Hola has already predefined single click instruction to open Facebook, YouTube & other popular websites. You can also download hola for Linux, Android & iOS.

6.)    Proxpn

Proxpn is also a VPn network to open blocked sites. Proxpn provides basic & premium plan to open blocked sites. Basic plan have some limitation but good enough for personal use. You can use ProXPN on Windows & mac system. Proxpn provides you unlimited data transfer. You can check full features for proxpn here.

Open Blocked Sites


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