How to Forget about Your Ex Boyfriend?


It is not easy to forget someone you love. Getting in love with someone is easy but when it comes to forgetting the person you love then it can a lot painful. To forget about your ex boyfriend you need to have patience and calmness within you. To forget your ex boyfriend you need to distract your mind and keep yourself busy. You need to understand this fact that you have a beautiful life to live which you were living even when he was not in your life. Slowly you will get to forget about him just deviate your thoughts from your ex boyfriend to something productive. Read this article to know how to forget about your ex boyfriend.

How to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

Steps to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

1.) Accept the Situation to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

A break up breaks people apart and it makes them upset and depressed. You have probably suffered a lot and now it is time to move on. It is time to accept the fact that you are no longer in a relationship and it can’t be reversed. When you want to move on in your life then you need to accept the fact and reality of the life. No matter how bitter the truth is one has to deal with it. Accepting the fact that you are not going to get back your ex boyfriend together will help you to move on and have a fresh start in your life.  Grow up act mature and stop picking up the broken pieces instead throw them away.

2.) Have Your Own Time to Move On

When people break up they start to live alone and start to follow a private life. Everyone gets one life to live do not waste in crying over someone who left you. When your ex boyfriend was not in your life then too you were happy and living your own life on your own you can do it again. Try to indulge your time within yourself and analyze what is right and what is wrong for you and act accordingly.

Keep thinking about your ex is gonna hurt you only it is wise to move on in your life and stay happy as you were before. Give yourself most importance to stand back again, it is you who deserves your love the most. Instead of thinking and wasting your time on someone else start giving time to yourself and it will help you to have a happy life very soon.

3.) Let Things Go to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

Ignorance is a bliss when you can ignore anything then you can stay happy for a longer period of time. It is not easy to let things go things or memories which you love but it is important to do it for your own happiness. When you can let things go then only you can rest in peace. Learn the art of forgiveness to forget your ex boyfriend. You can not let anything go till you have any feelings for them.

Even if you have hatred for someone it means you are holding them closer to you. You should give yourself the most priority when it comes to finding happiness. Do not keep stuck to someone who does not value you enough. Your ex boyfriend is happily roaming out there and you are ruining your life thinking about someone who does not even deserve you.

4.) Have a Social Life to Stay Happy

You have had enough alone time now it is time to be active and meet people who are in your life. You are blessed to have people in your life who loves you truly and genuinely. Spend your time with them and to spend quality time with them. When you want to forget your ex boyfriend then it is better to go out and meet people as it will help you to forget your past and move on. Do not stay in your room it will make you more depresses and you will start thinking a lot negative things. Try to meet your friends and live your time as you like it.

5.) Stay Positive to Forget About Your Ex Boyfriend

Staying positive gives the energy to work hard for achieving goals in everyone’s life. When you will try to stay positive in your bad days then you will be less affected by it. Stay positive to attract positiveness. It is said that positivity attracts positivity and when one is positive then good things happens with them. To forget about your ex boyfriend stay positive and have positive thoughts. Try to think that everything is gonna be okay and you will be fine. There are various ways to be happy again and without him being positive will help you to direct in those paths.

6.) Make New Memories to Deal with Break Up

Make new better memories to overlap the previous memories made with your ex. If there is a place which reminds you of him then go visit that place with your friends and have much more fun than the last time. This will help you to overlap your memories with him. If you do not want to go to the same place then you can try going to new places or other fun places which will make you have fun with your friends and will keep you happy. Do something like scuba diving or bungee jumping to have new experiences and make new memories.

7.) Change Your Lifestyle

Changing the way you used to live your life will make you forget your ex boyfriend. Try to get back your life to tracks. Plan the next day a day before to make changes in your lifestyle. Start with cleaning your house and keeping it neat. There are many things which you can include in your to-do list. Make a list of things which are important for you and you always wanted to do it. Make time for those things if you like gardening then spend your time doing it. When you will start doing something new then it will be easier for you to forget your ex boyfriend.

8.) Find Someone Else

This is probably the best way to forget your ex boyfriend. There must be many of his habits which might have annoyed you and you wanted him to get rid if it. Try to find someone who would be just perfect for you. He was not your soul mate and you must have a bitter experience to differentiate between good and bad. Darling, someone out there is just meant for you and you need to do is to wait for him or start searching for him. Finding a perfect match would take time and you need to do it with patience. When you are meant to find your soul mate then do not settle for anyone less worthy.

9.) Do things which You Love

Doing things which you love to do will divert your mind from crying to creation. It does not matter if you have stupid silly goals but work to achieve them. There must be many things which can make you forget everything else. Make a list of things which gives you happiness and start doing it. Things which gives you happiness will make you forget about your worries. If you want to learn something new then go for it, if you like to do cooking then do not wait for the right time to come as right time is now.

10.) Stop Contacting Him to Get Over Him

If you are trying hard enough to contact your ex then it is time to stop doing it right now. Have self respect towards yourself and never ever try to contact that stupid again. If you have started to move on and your ex is trying to contact you then also you need to increase your distance for him. Having any contact might make it harder for your to forget your ex boyfriend. Delete his number and out him in the block list. Stay away from your mutual friends which will remind you of him. When you feel like contacting him then try to divert your mind with doing other tasks or talking to someone else.


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