How to Know if the Relationship is Over?


You both know everything is not exactly how it used to be. Most of the things have changed between you and your partner. One time comes to a relationship when you feel like not staying into it anymore. There could be many things which might be leading up to this feeling. You must be wondering if these are the signs of breaking off or just to wait for the phase to pass away. Few signs are very sure to make you know if the relationship is over or not. Read this article to know more.

How to Know if the Relationship is Over

Tips to Know If the Relationship is Over

1.) Facing Very Less or No Communication

No relationship can stand without a proper communication. Communicating is the most effective things in keeping any relationship intact. From time to time express your love for your partner. Expressing your small feelings definitely, help to get your bond stronger. You both do not talk much like you used to do and you do not even bother to share anything with each other. Before you used to get excited about telling your partner about anything exciting but now nothing happens. These are the signs which tell that it does not matter with you if you do not even talk with your partner.

2.) Know If the Relationship is Over: No Time for Each Other

No one is busy in this world it is just everyone has priorities. To know if your relationship is over or not try thinking how much time you both spend with each other. And do you bother to spend time with your partner? We try to find time for the things and people who make them happy. Even if you are a lot busy you would look forward to going to the things which make you happy. If you look forward to spending time with your partner then you still have feelings for him/her.

3.) Know If the Relationship is Over: Less Talk about Future

When people are in love they do not stop making love castles but now you both do not even bother to think of future with each other. It can be a sure telltale point to support the fact that your relationship is over if you both do not care to talk much about future. Couples who wants to spend time together usually spend a lot of time thinking and discussing being together in future. When you feel the absence of such discussion then it the hint that your relationship is no longer how it used to be.

4.) Know If the Relationship is Over: No Sex Life

It is also a great and direct hint to tell you that the relationship is no longer going well. If you and your partner stays busy most of the time and do not get time to get intimate then it is another case. But if you do get time to spend together still you do not get attracted towards your partner but someone else then it is also an evident sign that your relationship is no more interesting. It can also be the case that you or your partner avoids it because you do not get the satisfaction from it.

5.) Know If the Relationship is Over: Not Faithful with Partner

When in love you share the loyalty and trust but when there is the lack of love people tend to fall for another person. Have you felt yourself getting attracted to other person and thought of having extra-marital affair? If you have been any of such feelings lately then you know that the relationship is over. If you or your partner is not any more faithful to each other then it is time to reconsider your relationship. This is a huge sign that you both are not into each other.

6.) Know If the Relationship is Over: Less Involvement with Partner

Though it’s necessary to keep your freedom even in a relationship, if your lives don’t overlay at all, then you are in problem. When you regularly hang out with your colleague without your spouse, are ignorant of your partner’s regular schedule and routine, make a weekend program that does not involve your important other or does no attempt to involve her/him in your plans, your relationship is on the verge of ending soon.

7.) Know If the Relationship is Over: Lack of Common Interest

There must be a lot of common things when you met her or him for the first time, but you may be discovering that you don’t experience the same intention, attention, or feeling anymore. As your relationship has advanced, you have both developed into more experienced individuals and as the result of that, your goal and purpose may have turned apart. Take time to rethink if you and your companion are on the same page and have same objective or not?

  • The discussion that is restricted or unacceptable or incapacity to accept on professional goals and personal beliefs are signs that you do not experience common objective in life anymore.
  • Having your own individualistic purpose and interest is quite good in a relationship. The problem springs when your focus preference and opinion begin to change and you cannot find anything you share.

8.) Know If the Relationship is Over: Lack of Excitement

Your companion used to give you butterflies in your belly but now you are just not that thrilled when he or she is around. If you’re feeling regularly annoyed when you’re with your important other, or even get bored at the idea of meeting or seeing up with him/her, then your heart may not be in the relationship.

  • Your relationship is not going to be interesting at every moment. But you should taste some level of anticipation for him or her to come back at night or when you go out on a date with him.

9.) Know If the Relationship is Over: No Fights

Fighting can be a good and fruitful way to interact and solve the conflict. However, arguing regularly and wasting most of your time mutually engaged in aggression may be a sign that your relationship is approaching its end very soon.

  • Selecting fights over insignificant things might be a call for attention or a way to lash out, and could be a symbol of the end.
  • Dropping a dispute feeling angry, resentful, harsh, and opposed to getting along are signs that your relationship is failing.

10.) Have to Work to Maintain Your Relationship

Maintaining a dead relationship is like running at the same spot, it gets you nowhere. Instead, your relationship should be developing; you should be building on your foundation, not glossing over some gaping hole. If nothing is moving forward it means they’re revolving at the same place then you know it is the right time to move ahead. There is no use in living in a dead relationship. Talk to your partner about it. You both must be tired of acting to live together. You both can peacefully talk it out and decide something which will be beneficial to both of you.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Do not start talking harshly to your partner just assuming everything on your own.
  • Ask if your partner wants to work it out together with you. You both can consult some professional to make it all better.
  • Once you realize that your relationship is over you should end it immediately instead of waiting for everything to get better. Do not get clingy for the relationship.
  • If you want to end your relationship but not ending it because you feel sorry for your partner then you are doing it wrong. As you going to hurt your partner more when they will find about it.


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