How to Tell if Your Guy Friend is a Gay?


Maybe you are living or falling in love with a man who has no interest in you. There could be many reasons for that and one is that he has not only any interest in you but he is not interested in any woman. Knowing if your guy friend is a gay would help you in many ways. If you are a true friend then you can help him out and be in support with him. If you are falling for him then it would be a lot easier for you to decide when you will be knowing whether your guy friend is a gay or not? Being gay is not a crime and everyone has the freedom to choose partner according to their preference. When you get to know that friend is a gay then do not start avoiding him or make fun of his feelings. Read these signs to know if your guy friend is a gay.

How to Tell if Your Guy Friend is a Gay

Signs to Tell if Your Guy Friend is a Gay

1.) He Flirts with Men

When you are with a man who is interested in other men then you can find it by checking how he behaves in the company of guys. If your guy friend is a gay then he will check out other men instead of women. It is very common for a man to check hot and sexy girls around him and complimenting about their looks. If this has never happened in your presence then it is a very strong sign that he can be a gay and he enjoys watching men more than women. Whenever you go out with him pay attention to his behavior and check if he checking out girls or guys?

2.) How He Talks About Women

Noticing how he talks about women will tell you a lot about his fondness towards men. Generally, men show behaviors that they are interested in women. On a usual basis, you will find men talking about how hot a girl is? The absence of this language or this behavior may help you to reach your point of knowing whether you guy friend is a gay or not?

You have also noticed that he is not much into dating and all things and he never showed any interest in dating any woman. He also gets uncomfortable when he is set up for a date and most of the time it does not work out.

3.) His Reaction when Men Touches

If your guy friend is a gay he would react differently when a man will touch him. Guys do not hesitate to give a hug or initiating physical touch as friends. Which is not weird and very normal. When a guy who is gay would be touched by a man then his reaction would be a lot different from a straight man.

He would not take it normally rather he might get nervous and initiate the touch more. He might even hesitate to go close with any guy who is not his friend. A gay might not have any feelings for women’s touch. These are good signs to tell if your guy friend is a gay.

4.) Likes Stuffs like Girls

When a guy is a gay he pays much attention to his looks than usually guys do. They are very much concerned about how they look. Their dressing sense is even better than usual guys. It does not mean that every guy with better dressing sense is a gay. If other feature matches with this feature then you can say that he is interested in other men, not any girls. For instance, he would watch romantic movies which most of the guys don’t prefer to watch. He would have soft corners like girls.

5.) Never Talks About Sex Life

When a many is a gay you will see him avoiding to talk about sex. Men are usually crazy over sex and treat it as a mission to impress girls to have sex with them. You will never watch your guy friend talking on these topics. You will see him getting uncomfortable when this topic starts. To know if a guy is really a gay try talking him on this topic. If he seems to be interested in having a sexual relationship with any girl then he is definitely not a gay.

6.) Does not Get Close to Girls

Guys do many things to get an attention of girls. You must have watched many of your guy friends going crazy to get a girl’s attention but in this case, it would be different. You will not find your guy friend trying to get closer to any woman. He will never initiate dating a girl or he will never try to impress a girl to get closer to them. When you start noticing you will see many signs in him that he interested in guys rather than girls. He will have many female friends but he would not date any of them and would not see him taking an interest in any of them.

7.) Ever Dates Women?

Have you heard about any of his ex girlfriends? NO! This can be the sign if your guy friend is a gay. When you need to know if your guy friend is a gay then you can know it by checking his history with girls. He is good-looking, smart, handsome and he has not dated any girl ever? That cannot be possible unless he is not interested in women. Even if you try to set him up for a date he would refuse to go for it. You will find him giving many excuses to avoid going to date. You will also see him spending night outs with men or random guys which you have never met.

8.) Show Him You are Okay with Him Being Gay

Gay people often avoid sharing these things as they do not feel that everyone would understand their feelings. You need to assure your friend that no matter whatever it is you are with him. Stay in his support and make him feel like you are okay with him being whatever he choose. Once he will know that you are not gonna make fun if him or will tell anyone else then he might start sharing things with you. It is your job to get him ready to share his feelings with you.

9.) Very Much Caring About Their Looks

You will find your guy friend very much caring about the way he looks and how he dresses up. It is not a bad thing and everyone should do it. Guys are usually very much not interested in what they wear there can even repeat a t-shirt dozen of times if they like it. If your guy friend is gay then you would find him spending a lot of time in the bathroom. He would ask you about his dress and how he is looking on a regular basis. These are not sure signs, as a guy who is very much concerned about looks will also do these things. Unlike straight men gay people are very much conscious about their looks and dresses.

10.) Ask Him Directly to Know if Your Friend is a Gay

Enough of guessing, ask him directly. Make it sure that he is aware that you will not make him regret his decision of sharing it with you. Have a gentle, polite talk and ask your guy friend about his preference. This is the best way to know about his preference as you would get the sure answer.  Do not sound offensive while asking him, try to be as much polite as you can. If he is not a gay then it would be a funny thing to discuss and if he is a gay then support him and assure him that his secret is safe with you.


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