How to Tie a Bowtie?


Who doesn’t want to look like a perfect gentleman in his bespoke suit? Looking trendy and stunning is a dream of everyone. But, if you want to get a complete look you need to wear a perfect attire. A bow tie is one such most important part of your bespoke suit that enhances your personality and provides a complete look to your personality. So, if you are facing any problem to tie a bowtie, then there is no need to take help of any other person. Just read this article to know various ways to tie a bowtie. We are going to guide you about the very simple ways to tie a bowtie.

How to Tie a Bowtie

Ways to Tie a Bowtie:

Here are few important ways that you may follow to perfectly tie a bowtie.

1.) Lift Up Your Collar for Measuring a Bowtie:

Though, tying a bowtie up or down the collar is not a big matter of concern as it can be tied in both ways. You need to focus on how you are going to do this. For this, you need to lift up your collar and ensure that the top button of your shirt is buttoned. Now, look in the mirror and observe yourself what exactly you are doing to tie a bowtie.

2.) Measure Your Neck Before You Move Ahead:

To perform this, first, you need to take your tailor measuring tape and then measure your neck starting from the base of your neck to the place where your collar sits that is exactly around the Adam’s Apple.

3.) Place the Bowtie Around Your Neck:

Now, place the bowtie around your neck. It should be placed in such a way that one of its ends hangs 1.5 inches lower than the other end. As a neck tie, you don’t need to bother about which side you put the longer end.

4.) Cross the Longer End Over the Shorter End:

You must cross a tie near your neck. Also, you must keep in mind that it must form a loop around your neck. You must also remember that your bow should not dangle in front of your chest.

5.) Loop the Longer End at the Point Where Two Ends Cross:

Use your one hand for holding the point where the two ends cross over the front side of your collar. After this, simply take the dangling position of the longer end and pass it over and behind the point of intersection. Also, pull both of the ends for making it tight around your neck. It is very important to maintain the tightness of the bowtie. After this, fold the dangling end to form a loop. To perform this, you need to lift up the shorter end. Once you do this, then simply fold it over on itself. Give it a bow shape and lift the whole portion. Turn it at the angle of 90 degrees. This is important so that it faces horizontal. All these steps are very important to form a loop. Remember that the loop should point the same side where the shoulder over which the longer end is resting. Fold both of them together on the skinny side of your bowtie. It should come over your Adam’s apple.

6.) Drop the Longer End Over the Skinny Center of Bowtie:

To tie a bowtie, this is the most important step where you need to take the longer end off your shoulder. After this, just drape it over the skinniest end of the section of your bow.

7.)  Pitch Bow Together in Front of the Long End:

Once you perform the above step then simply grab left as well as right sides of the horizontally folded end. Pinch both of them together in front of the dangling end. Also, remember that the top of the dangling end must be held between both of them.

8.) Bring the Middle of the Dangling End Back through the Knot:

When you will pinch the bowtie forward you will notice a small gap behind the bow portion. Also, fold the dropping end in itself. Do it in the same way as you did with the short end. After this, pull the loop from the fold through the hole. You will notice that it will form the back half of the bow.

9.) Pull the Flat ends for Giving a Final Touch:

This is the most primary step of giving a perfect finish to your bowtie. Just pull the flat ends of the bowtie. Also, pull the dangling strings in the same way you pull your shoelaces. Make sure that you tighten up the bow tie by pulling it gently in looped portions.

10.) Straighten Bowtie:

Once you give the finishing touch then simply remember that bow tie must be crooked. Also, twist the loop at the front and back side of the bows for getting the proper position. This may even involve the pulling of flat ends so that you may slightly loosen the bowtie. You can also pull the flat ends for loosening the bowtie. This is the best way for positioning and tightening it again. Once you are done with this, then simply lower your color and look yourself into the mirror. Observe the position of bowtie properly. Now, wear your bespoke suit coat and get ready for a party.

It is very easy to tie a bowtie all you need to follow the above simple ways. Perform them sincerely. Tie a bowtie on your own and get ready to rock in the party with your attractive look in the party. You are sure to flatter every girl present in the party with your fabulous look and stunning personality.


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