How to Wear Booties?


Today’s fashion a the perfect mix of unisex materials make you. This range of styles has included clothing and shoes too. Boots are one of the classic styles. They add glamour and grace to your look. Boots are bold in looks but a perfect and correct pairing of boots  can bring up the grace. All you need is to know how to pair it and the attitude. Here in this article, we will go through various styles to wear booties.

how to wear booties

Initially, let’s go through different types of booties.

  • The stacked booties – They are a must for women. You should have a stacked booties of black or brown to match with any fall. Try to get the once with a thick heel for comfort and a bold look.
  • Moon boots – They are super casual once. I personally find them close to party animals. They are best in terms of comfort as they are made of rubber. This type of boots are unisex once.
  • Dressy boots – They are stylish and complicated once . If you are for a date or a dinner you can get dressed these boots add up to your girlish look. You will definitely look prettier. This is one kind of boot which is mostly preferred in playful colours.
  • The stiletto boots – This kind of boots are for a bit of conservatory looks. These boots are characterised by super skinny stiletto and make you look more classy.
  • The riding boots – This type of boots hit the knee-length. They are available with a 1-inch stacked heel.
  • Coloured boots – Girls like colours and coloured boots can be a delight for every woman. They are not like the dressy boots as they are more utilitarian. And come in different varieties they can be flat once or with a stacked heel.
  • Peep toe boots – This type of boots are the once in which your toes are exposed.

How to Wear Booties?

How to Wear Booties?

1.) How to Wear Booties for Corporate Look?

You can pair up boots with your formal wear to get the official look. The corporate features demand a bold look and to maintain the looks are a great deal in the corporate world. So you can go for the stacked boots or the peep toe boots. This will make you look bold and sophisticated. Staked boots are best in black or brown color with leather finish. Pair the stacked boots with trouser which are above or up to ankle length. Patent and pointed toe are the best for you if you are getting ready for a corporate meeting or office.

If you are wearing skirts this boots will still go parallel with your look. Peep toe boots are also perfect for meetings and corporate looks. You can pull your cardigan, pea coat or your suits. If its winters you can go for the slouchy sweaters to give the complete look. Try to go for a heel of moderate height. A heel of 1-2 inch will enhance your look and boost you with confidence.

2.) How to Wear Booties for a Date?

If you are out for a date you need to look elegant and graceful. Boots can add to your grace if you know the perfect one to pull on. For date go for the stiletto boots or the dressy boots.  This is the best for a romantic set up. They make you look attractive, elegant and sexy. Get a boot with a skinny finishing brown or the red wine colored once are the best foe such occasion. Pair the boot with a feminine and girlish outfits.

The best thing to pair it up is with a little black dress or a red  one. You can also put up a feminine skirt. Sometimes short puffy dresses do not go with the boots, so go for the slim once if you have some unwanted fats just go for something which hides the extra fats but  goes along your boots.  High heels are mostly preferred as they give you the sexy look so, go for the stiletto boots. Again if you are not comfortable with it, you can go for a pointed heel of moderate type choose a fine dressy boot to give you the complicated look. This will spice up your romantic date.

3.) How to wear Booties for a Casual Look?

Boots are made for all occasions and looks. If you want to pair up a boot with your out fit for a casual look you can choose from the dressy or the colored boots. These boots are best for the week ends, they are considered similar but the only difference that we can spot out is that the dressy once are more utilitarian than the coloured once. If you want a boot for a cool look you can just go for a light-colored once like white or a low brown once. For a casual look don’t go for the basic color like black or brown this might spoil your look rather go for some unexpected once. Like the lighter shades of blue, peach, brown.

Do not use the pointed toe once rather go for the round toe boots. Pair them with a denim and a casual shirt or top you can go for the oversized once to give you the casual look. Roll your jeans until the ankle peeks comes out. You can also cuff the jeans.  If its summers pair it with a short denim a casual top and a scarf.  If you  want to pair it up with a skirt go for same boots but be sure that one of casual wear has a funky colour, like if are wearing a skater skirt pair it with a funky coloured top or a white over sized off shoulder stuff.

4.) How to wear Booties for Party?

For the party animals, boots are a great option. You can go for loud colored boots or the moon boots. There were days when moon boots were used for harsh winters. Now moon boot is in vogue. You can go for a flat moon boot with a high fashion feature. Some moon boots come along with high shine nylon fabric and the addition of junks all over it. The metallic features also make it look great for a party.

You can go for moon boots pair them with a short dress and a cardigan or a leather jacket.  You can also pair this boots with a skinny jeans or leggings. Tuck the jeans inside and be party ready. If you want a loud look pair your party dress with the loud and skinny pair of a colored boot which goes along with your dress and accessorize.

5.) How to Wear Booties for Outings?

If you are out for a shopping or just hanging out with friends or a tour. You can go for some comfortable boots. Go for moon boots or any of the flat once. Choose a basic colour like black brown or a shade of red or the leather once.

You can pair a flat stacked boot  with casual or a girly dress. But if you are wearing jeans or leggings go for the moon boots they are comfortable for winters especially but there are moon boots for summers which are far more comfortable than any other footwear for a journey. As they are made of rubber and cellular rubbers. For a sophisticated look you can also choose a riding boot. If you are out with your friends for shopping or an event go for a black riding boot.


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