How to Wear an Infinity Scarf?


In this article, we will tell you how to wear an infinity scarf. An infinity scarf is just a loop of fabric. You can call it a circle scarf. There are so many creative ways to wear it. For girls, a scarf can be a great accessory which they can flaunt throughout the year. These scarves can be your best friend and most of you might be wondering what can be some unique ways to wear them? Here, you will be getting some tips and tricks to wearing an infinity scarf and you are obviously going to love it. So, set a fashion trend and try out some stylish yet practical ways to wear an infinity scarf.

How to Wear an Infinity ScarfDifferent Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf:

1) Wear an Infinity Scarf Single Loop Style

This is the simplest way to wear an infinity scarf. You have to insert your head through the loop of the scarf. Leave the scarf to fall in your front. It should be near to your neck from sideways. It requires no folding and twisting. Hide the seems behind your neck. If there are seams along the sides of the scarf then adjust it in a way that it faces inwards. This style can go well with low-neckline outfits as the loop drapes quite low. However, it can be teamed up with structured clothing. The best part is that you can wear it with formal too. This loose hanging style may be well-suited for the warmer season. But carry it in any season and you won’t be missing the style quotient.

2) Wear an Infinity Scarf Double Loop Style

Similar to the single loop, you need to put your head through the loop of the scarf. Make a figure of 8 in front of you while holding the right lower side of the scarf over the left lower side. Now, put your head through the lower loop. Position your loops in a way that the upper loop should be shorter than the lower loop. You may readjust the loop sizes as you wish. Both the loops can be of the same size.

3) Wear an Infinity Scarf in a Hooded Style 

There is one exciting way to wear your infinity scarf. You can make a hood out of it. For this, you need to make a figure of 8 in front of you and put the lower loop around your neck just like double loop style. Now, you can pull off the back side of the upper loop over your head. It will act as a hood. For colder days, this style can be utilized to stay warm.

4) Wear an Infinity Scarf as a Shrug

How about the idea of wearing an infinity scarf as a shrug? Well, it’s so simple and stylish. For larger infinity scarves, this can be the best way to wear it. Simply hang the infinity scarf on one side of your shoulder by putting your hand through the loop. Now, open up the loop folds. Put another hand through that loop like you wear your shrug. The scarf should be free from folds on your back. It should be falling down from your neck. Adjust the scarf in such a way that it covers both of your shoulders.

5) Wear an Infinity Scarf as a Shoulder Wrap Scarf or Capelet

The sophisticated way to wear your infinity scarf is to wear it as a shoulder wrap. It will highlight your bust line and give you a feminine look. It can keep you warm as the temperature drops. To wear this shoulder wrap you need to pull the scarf along your shoulder after putting your head in the loop. Now, make a figure of 8 at the other end of your shoulder. Put your head through that newly created loop and pull it off across your shoulder. Make few adjustments according to your comfort.

6) Wear an Infinity Scarf as a Halter Shirt

You can wear your infinity scarf in place of your halter shirt. This is a stylish and trendy way to wear your infinity scarf. To wear this out you need to put it around your waist. Spread it in a way to give you full body coverage. Now make a figure of 8 and pull it over your head. It should rest on the back of your neck like a halter neck. Make necessary adjustments to give it a perfect halter shirt look. You can pair it up with tank tops, swimsuits, etc.

7) Tie an Infinity Scarf as a Knot

This scarf provides you versatile ways to wear it. For the knot look, you need to put your head through that single loop. Then tie a knot at the lower part of the scarf. The height of the knot can be adjusted according to your preferences.

8) Wear an Infinity Scarf as The Bow

Different ways to wear infinity scarf is never-ending. You can make a bow out of it. To wear this style, you have to hold both sides of the scarf together. Now, fold it in the half of your neck and make a bow. A bow can be made by making two loops and tying them together. Angle the bow to the side. Definitely, it is a classy and chic style to wear an infinity scarf.

9) Wear an Infinity Scarf Flat Loop Style

Out of various stylish ways to wear an infinity scarf, this one is quite common. For this, you need to fold your scarf to half and hang it around your neck. Both of its ends should lie in front of you. Now, hold one end of the scarf and put it through the loop made by the other end. Do not pull it tightly. Leave it a bit loose and fluff it out.

10) Wear an Infinity Scarf as The Shawl

You can take the work of a shawl from your infinity scarf. It is so simple and easy to wear it like a shawl. For this style, put your head in that loop of an infinity scarf. Allow it to rest on your neck then slowly drape it over your shoulders to cover the chest as well. You can make necessary adjustments to cover yourself up in a windy day.

11) Tie the Infinity Scarf as a Head Wrap

Infinity scarf can be used as a head wrap. This style can save your looks in hair. For this look, place the scarf on your forehead so that remaining portion is falling at your back. Now, twist the dangling part of the scarf while holding it tightly on your forehead. Wrap it around your head from back and sideways. Make another twist in front of your forehead and wrap the remaining portion at the back of your head. Give it a tight finish by tucking the loose ends (if any).


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