How to be a Classy Girl?


Being classy is not only just about looking good. A classy girl is the perfect combination of everything in appropriate proportion. The dressing style is also very important to be a classy girl but other important factors are also there which make a girl different from others. A classy person does not work for others to appreciate them but because it makes themselves feel good. A classy girl keeps her head high even when the wind is not blowing in her favor. Well, nothing is perfect in this imperfectly perfect universe and a classy girl knows it very well. Becoming a classy girl would also require changing your thoughts and what else will help you to become a classy girl is mentioned in this article read thoroughly to know more.

How to be a Classy Girl

Steps to Be a Classy Girl

1.) Have Your Own Style to be a Classy Girl

Have you seen a classy lady beautifully dressed in stylish clothes, hair donned beautifully and standing perfectly in her own style? A classy lady carries her own style she is updated with latest trends and fashion bits. Classy girl does not overdo anything just does everything appropriately. Reading fashion blogs and keeping yourself updated with the latest trend to appear classy.

Experiment with clothes to get your own style and get yourself in the loop to latest fashion changes. Know which outfits does not go along to avoid the horrible fashion disaster. Do not wear revealing clothes to appear classy. Revealing clothes will not help you to appear classy rather it will make you appear a wannabe.

2.) Own Positive Attitude

Being classy is not all about looking good or just focusing on your physical appearance. It also means to be good from inside and emit positive vibes. Attitude is what make you really different from others. When you want to make a good impression to others then you should possess a positive attitude. Classy people makes others feel good in their company. If you want to be a classy person in the true sense then you need to be positive from inside. Try to thank good about everyone and avoid having negative thoughts. Classy girl would not want to berate others rather they would praise others and think good for everyone.

3.) Show Confidence to be a Classy Girl

The biggest asset of a classy girl is confidence. A classy lady knows what she is doing and is sure about it. Confidence comes with knowledge try to read about few things keep yourself updated with current affairs so that you can talk about it anytime. Do not show off your knowledge instead, use it to guide someone else in a proper direction.  Try to read as many things as possible at least which will be useful in having a useful conversation.

Staying well-informed will higher your confidence level as you will know about things better than others. When you are well-informed you will be able to speak without hesitating and it will boost up your confidence. Say whatever you have knowledge of, try to avoid speaking on the matter which you do not know about or have half knowledge.

4.) Do not Think Trash to be a Classy Girl

Avoiding negativity is the best way to become a classy girl. Classy people are organized and they keep their life stress free. Do not think bad about anything or any person as it may hamper your positive aura. Also, do not go gossiping around and criticizing people. Gossiping bad about others makes themselves appear bad. It is confirmed that successful people attract positivity by thinking positive and avoiding negative thoughts. Negative thoughts even harm your positive aura and you even start losing confidence. To be a classy person it is very important to have good thoughts as it eventually reflects in your nature.

5.) Classy People are Kind & Gentle 

Classy people are generally kind and talk gently with everyone. You will not find a classy person shouting over others. They are calm and gentle to everyone. The classy girl will choose her words wisely and will take care to not offend anyone with her harsh words. If you want to be a classy girl start speaking gently to everyone even people who are below you. Nothing is better than showing kindness to other people. Do not fake to be kind or gentle as you cannot do it for longer.

Be kind and gentle with your heart and you will shine out. Classy people even talk politely and greet wholeheartedly to everyone. If you want to be a classy girl then adapt these good habits as well. Do not try to make people feel inferior, if you want to be a classy girl to make others feel inferior then you then you can never achieve it. In a good person’s company, everyone should feel good.

6.) Good Communication Skills

A communication is needed to start a relationship of any kind. Having a good communication skill will make it easy for you to be liked by others. Having a good communication skill is very much required feature for a kind girl. When you have good communication skills then you may easily reach out your message to others. Try to learn how to speak politely and efficiently to be a classy girl. A good communicator can easily attract other people. You would not ever face a classy person who is not good at making a good conversation. A good communicator has easy in interacting with others as he or she can easily make others understand what they want to say.

7.) Good Posture is Important to be a Classy Girl

Posture builds the personality, you have seen no classy girl standing shoulders loose and indecent. Everyone admires the way a classy girl looks but that is not it. Dresses and hairdo do not complete the look, the posture is very important to make you become classy. Work on your posture if you not a person with tall and firm posture then you can learn how to maintain it. Stand tall your head held a bit high and walk with grace. The walking style also matters a lot when it comes to appearing classy. Have a classy walking style, learn to walk efficiently on heels to be a classy girl.

8.) Do not Talk Unnecessarily to be a Classy Girl

This is one of the best quality of classy people. They avoid talking unnecessarily. You will not find them chit chatting about stupid things. Classy girl should be goal oriented and well-behaved. She should when to talk and to listen. In a conversation, it should be well-balanced in talking and listening. Do not keep on talking yourself and try to listen more than you talk. Classy people even avoid to talk on a stupid topic which will help in no good. Know what is worthy to talk about. Do not sit chit-chatting and gossiping all day long. Talk about something good and effective which will yield a good result. When talking do not serves any good purpose then it is just a noise and better if avoided.

9.) Don’t Lose Your Calm to be a Classy Girl

Classy people are well-behaved and keep calm most of the time. If you have personal interaction with classy people then you would have known this fact that they even tend to avoid getting in fights. Classy people do not lose their temper and if they do it is something serious and genuine. Do not keep on indulging yourself in any matter. Do good to others but that does not mean you will be a part of every fight to save them. Fighting is not the solution many times but thinking calmly will open up a great solution to the problem. Therefore, classy people tends to stay calm and composed even in adverse situations.


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