How to Clean Microfiber Couch?


Microfiber is an excellent fabric for furniture because it looks good, durable and totally comfy. Microfiber is a stain resistant material with a smooth, velvety texture. Thus microfiber is trendy, aesthetic and easy to maintain. They are super absorbent and easy to clean because of the microscopic fiber. But if you will not clean it regularly then it can become dreadfully dirty. However, most microfiber couches feature a mix of pure microfiber and they cannot be cleaned in water as they leave behind water stains or marks. But you can use water safely if your microfiber furniture tag is marked with a ‘W’ which refers to water. Here is some methods to clean microfiber couch.

clean microfiber couch

Ways to Clean Microfiber Couch:

1.) Before you begin to Clean Microfiber Couch

Before you start clean microfiber couch always look at the tag, if your furniture came with a care manual, then read it. the tag and the manual will generally tell you what cleaning technique you should use or which you shouldn’t use. Sometimes the tag is clearly marked with ‘’W’’ which means it is okay to use water. Otherwise using water to clean the fabric may cause a problem with water marks.

  • If you are not able to determine if the fabric is water safe or not, it is best to treat the fabric as if it is not.
  • First always test in a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture with proposed cleaning method first.
  • Never saturate the fabric with whatever cleaning solution you are using, always use it sparingly as possible.

2.) Vacuuming to Clean Microfiber Couch

The tight knit of densely packed microfiber helps to keep the dirt and allergens from penetrating the fabric, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to vacuum microfiber furniture regularly. You need to vacuum the sofa thoroughly to remove dust and loose debris. You can use the extension hose with the fabric attachment for this. Keep your microfiber couch looking good with the weekly vacuuming, you can’t grind in dirt which is not there.

You can use a bristled upholstery attachment to remove the dirt and brush nap of the microfiber at the same time which helps to keep it feeling soft. If you prefer to brush microfiber on the days you don’t vacuum use a soft nylon bristled scrub brush.

3.) Remove Cushion and Pillow, Check for Tags

Remove the loose pillows, seat cushions, and back pillows before clean microfiber couch. Vacuum and brush the newly uncovered area.

Then check the sofa tag for the care instruction. As microfiber is labeled with one of four codes to indicate what can be used to clean it. ‘W’ is for water based cleaning solvent, ‘S’ is written for a water-free solvent, S/W is for either and X is for neither, vacuum only.

Is your sofa is labeled with X then your work doesn’t, resist the temptation to use any cleaning solution, which can stain or shrink the fabric.

4.) Look for Cleaning Solution to Clean Microfiber Couch

Good water-based cleaning solutions include gentle soap, mild dish detergent, carpet cleaner, and upholstery shampoo. Water-free solvents include rubbing alcohol, clear alcohol like gin or vodka, dry-cleaning solvent, lighter fluid, baby wipes, and oxygenating solutions that don’t contain bleach.

Test the solution in an inconspicuous place. Wait for the fabric to dry before gauging whether or not it has been damaged.

5.) Rubbing alcohol to Clean Microfiber Couch

If you haven’t done so already, pour straight alcohol into your bottle and mist the stains until lightly saturated. You want to cover the stains completely, feathering outward.
Taking your clean rag scrub the stains, you should notice them getting lighter and the rag getting darker with dirt,  Move your rag to a clean area and repeat until you no longer see dirt appear on the rag.
Then move on to the next area.

  • Work from one end of the couch, head to foot, to the other end.  The alcohol will dry in 30 min to 45 min.  If you still see some of the stain or the “hard-edged” of the halo from spilled juice, then go back and repeat that area only.

6.) Code W to Clean Microfiber Couch

Mix a small amount of laundry soap into a bucket of cold water. Then dip a clean washcloth into the soapy water and use it to moisten stained area of the couch. Continue blotting and dipping until you are sure the stain has gone away. Now take up any excess water with the help of dry washcloth. Never allow the water to puddle or pool on the furniture. Once the fabric will get dry vacuum once again to restore the nap.

7.) Code S to Clean Microfiber Couch

Sprinkle dry detergent on the stained area and gently massage it in with a soft bristled brush. After leaving the detergent on the couch for as long as advised by the direction written on the product label, then vacuum thoroughly n order to remove all the detergent.

8.Code X to Clean Microfiber couch

Clan the loosen dust and dust with the help of soft bristled brush and vacuum thoroughly with the brush attachment. In the case of stubborn stains it may be tempting, never use harsh chemical cleansers, bleach or acetone on this type or any other type of microfiber. Do so and you risk severely damaging the fabric. You can even contact the sofa manufacturer for advice.

Lush and lovely when new, a microfiber sofa can be kept comfortable and beautiful for many years, depend on the maintenance you provide to the piece with the variety of TLC that suits the fabric.

9.) Soap Suds to Clean Microfiber Couch

If your microfiber couch is water safe, scrub it down with soap suds. Add a generous amount of dish washing soap to a large bowl and fill it up with warm water to make suds. Then dip a white cloth or dye free sponge into this suds. Don’t put the water and rub a cough in the circular motion. Blot the suds away with a dry white cloth. Work in sections to keep the couch from absorbing too much of water. After scrubbing down the whole couch, brush it with a nylon bristled scrub brush to blend and soften the nap of the fabric.

10.) Remove stains and other problems

Apart from clear alcohol and rubbing alcohol distilled water and baby wipes are considered useful for clearing stain and you can even remove ink stains and water rings form a micro suede couch. You can try a dry cleaning solvent too.

  • For removing nail polish and other tough stains, you can use hairspray or nail polish remover on the stained spot.
  • To remove your pet hair from the couch you can use a sticky lint roller. Or you can pick up the pet hair with the help of rubber gloves.
  • When you are dealing with vomit stains, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and water, add both in equal parts. Then spray the solution on the stains and scrub it with the help of soft cloth and scrub sponge. For removing the vomit smell, you can sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and leave it for overnight. In the morning vacuum it away. You can use this same trick to get rid of urine smells and stain.
  • If in case there is chewing gum stuck on the fabric, you can rub an ice cube on it. ice will help to harden the chewing gum so that it can be peeled off easily.
  • Using a steam cleaner with the fabric attachment is also considered good for cleaning cushion, microfiber sofa, loveseat etc.


  • Before cleaning the entire sofa or couch make sure to first test the cleaning solution on a small portion of the sofa. Clean microfiber couch with detergents and soaps is usually discouraged as it tends to ruin the materials ability to fight stains and damage its texture.
  • It is usually recommended to avoid saturating the fabric of your couch with water or any cleaning solvents as it might leave behind stains.
  • Though microfiber sofa is stain resistant, but it is not completely immune to deal with fresh stain and spills immediately. Spills in particular area should be blotted with a paper towel as soon as possible so that the fluid doesn’t seep into the padding present underneath.
  • People should clean the couch at least once in a month. Vaccum the dirt and dust once or twice a week especially if you have pets.


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