How to Get Blood Out of Clothes?


Blood stains can be really tricky to remove once they set. Removing them before the items are washed and dried is your best thing, but there is always to get dried blood out of clothing and linens as well. Whether the blood stain is from the paper cut while flicking through some flies, you are falling over on the ground, or just a persistent noseblood, blood stains are a fact of life. However, that doesn’t mean that it is the end of your favorite piece of clothing or bedding. As with the right preparation and techniques get blood out of clothes can be very relatively simple and easy process.

get blood out of clothes

Ways to Get Blood out of Clothes:

1.) Cold Water to Remove Blood Stains

Rinsing the clothes in cold water is one of the easiest ways to remove blood from the clothes and it works immediately. Continue rinsing with cold water until the stains have been completely removed from the clothes. Larger stains will need to be submerged in a bowl or sink, while on the smaller ones you can just have water applied directly to them. You can the hold the stains under a stream of cold water from the tap. But make sure not to use warm or hot water as this will only make the stain worse. If you have stains on the carpet, mattress or in heavy furniture that you can soak, so you can use cloth or sponge to blot the stain.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Blood out of Clothes

This will work with the wet blood. Before using the hydrogen peroxide on the clothes, you need to keep in mind that, it cold bleach or even weaken certain fabrics, and can cause stains itself. So use it with caution. Make sure to pretest the hydrogen on a small, inconspicuous spot on the stained item. It can safely and effectively remove blood stains from porous surfaces like concrete.

  • Pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain. You need to dilute the peroxide with 50% of water if you are treating delicate fabrics. You have to take care not to let the foam spread outside the original stain area.
  • Then replenish the hydrogen peroxide several times, as the chemical action slows down and the foam becomes stable.
  • Wipe away the foam using a cloth and pour on a little bit of hydrogen peroxide again until the stain is extremely faint.
  • Wash the stained item with cold water and normally used the detergent or soap.
  • You can soak the entire garment in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. Then let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the cloth which is a stain from the hydrogen peroxide and rinse it out with cold water.
  • If the peroxide settles then blot he previous application and pour on some more. Then repeat until the stain is almost disappeared.
  • If you are concerned then dilute the hydrogen peroxide with a little bit of water.

3.) Soap to Remove Blood Stains

As quickly as you will treat the stain with salt and water, the less time has to set into the fibers. Using a paste of salt and water it a very good way to get blood out of clothes. This also helps to get paint out of clothes.

  • If you need to rinse the clothes in a running cold water for about 10 to 15 minutes, if it is happening, then you may be able to wash it out completely. If you still see the signs of blood then get some salt.
    mix a little water with salt to create a paste. You want to clean the stain with salt, so the amount of paste you will need depends on the size of your stain.
  • Then rub the salt paste on the stained area. The abrasive of the salt granules and their dehydrating properties will help to loosen the blood stain and draw it out of the clothes.
  • Then rinse the salt away with more cold water and check the stain is gone.
  • When the stain is gone and you cant wash away one more of it, then put the cloth into a normal wash cycle with laundry detergent.
  • If the stained item cannot be put in the wash then use as much as cold water as needed to clean the blood and salt.

4.)  Soap to Remove Blood Stains

Sometimes you don’t need to use an extra method to get blood out of clothes. You can easily remove the stain by using soap. If you are using this method on mattresses, carpets or furniture, it is important not to use too much soap, since it is difficult to wash it out. This is also a apt remedy to get ink out of clothes.

  • Soak the stained area in cold water.
  • Rub a generous amount of soap right onto the stain.
  • Scrub the area between your fists, with your palms facing each other.
  • Rinse it up with a good lather. Add more water if you needed to get blood out of clothes.
  • Rinse it with cold water and repeat until the stain and the lather are gone. Make sure to not use hot water.

5.) Toothpaste to Get Blood stain out of clothes

You can use toothpaste to get blood out of clothes. But this method is best used on fabrics that you can wash in washing machine or thoroughly washed by hand. If you will use this method in rugs, carpets or furniture, you can run the risk of the smell of the toothpaste permanently permeating on the fabric.

  • You just simply add to apply toothpaste on the blood stain.
  • Then let the toothpaste dry.
  • Rinse the toothpaste away with cold water.
  • Wash the stained area with soap and rinse it thoroughly with cold water. Repeat it if necessary.

6.) Meat Tenderizer to Get Blood out of Clothes

Both meat and blood are organic material that can be broken down by the action of the enzymes called cellulases, proteases, and lipase. Commercially made unseasoned meat tenderizer can be effective when applies liberally to dry blood stains. Dishwasher powder usually contains these enzymes as well. You can also use the same remedy to get gum out of clothes.

  • This method is best used to clean sturdy fabric like jeans, but not delicate fabrics. Avoid using this on silk, wool or linen. These products break down proteins an could damage the wool, linen, and silk which are made of proteins.
  • Fill a bowl with one cup of cold water.
  • Drape the bloody region of the fabric into the shallow water.
  • Then sprinkle one tablespoon of the enzyme product directly onto the wet stain.
  • Leave it for one day, and every few hours, massage the paste on the stain.
  • Wash the garments as you normally would.

7.) Saliva to Remove Blood Stains

Using saliva can be effective to get blood out of clothes. Because the enzymes present in saliva that help to digest the food also break down the proteins in the blood, and it is that protein that make blood so difficult to clean. But this method id bests to used on small stains.

  • Gather some spit in your mouth.
  • Then spit on the blood stained area and rub the stains out.
  • Soak the fabric in the cold water.

8.) Lemon Juice to Remove Blood Stains

Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties that can help to get blood out of clothes. But his method also requires sunlight to finish the process. You will need to wait for the clothes to air dry before you can tell the stain was successfully removed. You also need to keep in mind that lemon and the sun can both harm your delicate fabrics, especially silk.

  • pour 500 ml of lemon juice and a half cup of salt into the plastic bag and seal it.with the bag closed, press the content together to work with the lemon juice into the clothes and focus on the stained area. Some of the salt should dissolve and may help to rub the lemon juice into the cloth or abrade the stain itself.
    let the bag sit for ten to 15 minutes. Take out the cloth from the bag and squeeze out the excess lemon juice.
  • Then hang the cloth in the dry the flat surface and leave it to dry.

9.) Ammonia to Get Blood Out of Clothes

Take household ammonia or ammonium hydroxide sold as a cleaning product. Dilute this with an equal amount of water and leave it on the stain for about 10 to 15 minutes before blotting and rinsing. If your test corner showed signs of damage you may wish to soak the cloth in a much weaker solution.

  • Take one tablespoon of household ammonia.
  • Ammonia can destroy the protein fibers that form wool or silk.
  • You need to mix ammonia 5 to 10 % with 90 to 95% of water. Stronger ammonia solution is highly caustic and should be dilute even more.

10.) Vinegar to Get Blood Out of Clothes

Vinegar is not typically the stronger option but it has a potential to harm the fabric. First, you need to soak the stained cloth in white vinegar for about 20 to 30 minutes, then rub the stain with your finger as you rinse it in cool water. The repeat the stain is noticeably improved but still present.


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