14 Dating Tips For Men For Their First Date


Jody was a shy guy from his high school. He has seen enough of the hot boys getting the girls since then. He never had much interaction with the women, so he does not belong to the cool gang ever. However, he got in a relationship recently, and he is dating this woman for a week. He does not want to lose this relationship, but he agrees that he lacks dating skills. Jonathan has dated many women in his life. He is a hunk, sporty 35-aged man. None of his relationship lasted for more than a year. He wants to get himself into a serious relationship, but cannot figure out where he is going wrong. You may be a single person or in a relationship, or you may have a similar case like that of Jody and Jonathan’s. No matter to whichever category you belong, the 14 dating tips for Men/Guys will surely help you in this case.

14 Dating Tips For a Men / Guys for Awesome Dating Experience

Plan Your Date: First Dating Tips for Men / Guys

Plan Your Date Dating Tips for Men

There is nothing as a planned date than an unplanned one. If it is your first date, YOU MUST PLAN IT BEFORE YOU GO. What you will do completely depends on you; you can take flowers, give a special gift, or plan even more surprise. You know your women best, and you should plan exactly the way you think is the best.

Confidence is The Key: Second Dating Tips for Men / Guys

Dating Tips for Men Confidence is the Key

Who does not like confident people? The same goes for men too. Men who are confident in their attitude and passion are women’s first choice. So, if you want your date to be a memorable one, be confident about what you say, and what you do.

Keep Calm: Third Dating Tips for Men /Guys

Dating Tips for Men Keep Calm

If this is your first date, you should follow this tip very carefully. You should be well-mannered with your date. Don’t push her to do something. Instead, do things that go with the flow.

Men do the Pick-Up: Fourth Dating Tips for Guys / Men

Dating Tips for Men to Do The Pick Up for Date

This is one of the most important dating tips for men. If it is your first date or number 100, you should always pick up your girlfriend from wherever she is. Even if she refuses to be picked up, most of the time women do want it. So, get the hint by yourself.

Do Not Be Late: Fifth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men Do Not Be Late

This is fairly common among men. Busyness, workload, procrastination can be a hinder to get to your date on time. Women do not like to wait. So, be a punctual guy, and don’t ruin your date.

Compliment Her Looks: Sixth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips For Men Compliment Her Looks

Who does not like to be praised? Women are no different in this case. Although fake compliments do not help you at all. Try to give compliments for her attraction. It does not look bad to do this with a flower in your hand.

Pay the Bill: Seventh Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men Pay Bill On Date

Of all the dating tips for men you get, this is by far the most important. Don’t let the woman pay the restaurant bill. You do the courtesy, and pay it. Women do like it that way.

Drop Her Home: Eighth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men Drop Her Back Home

She might have her own car, or maybe she came to you on the date; whichever may be the case, you should do the same courtesy by dropping her home. This will increase the bond between you two people, and also build a caring feeling.

Ask Her Out Again: Ninth Dating Tip for Men

Dating Tips For Men Ask Her Again

To have frequent dates is often better than to have one after a very long period. If you meet your girlfriend every now and then, it will create a better understanding between you two.

Know Your Girl: Tenth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips For Men Know You Girl Well

The more you know your girl, the better will it be for you to make the date a more pleasant one.

Do Your Homework: Eleventh Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips For Men Do Your Home Work

From your prior dates learn what all things she likes. Before making a reservation think about the cuisine she likes, ambiance she likes etc. Brush up all the things she has mentioned about her before the date. Don’t ask repetitive questions again as it may sound her that maybe you are dating many women at a time that you don’t remember.

Don’t Dig into Her Past: Twelfth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips For Men Do Not Dig Her Past

Never ask a woman about her past, if she wants to tell you she will mention it herself. Never ask her that with how many guys she has slept with or flirted with. It may project that you have an insecurity problem and you don’t want to give space to her.

Never Brag About “How Rich you are”: Thirteenth Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips For Men Do Not Brag How Reach You Are

Never brag about how much money you have or car you have or house you have. It portrays that how hard you are trying to impress her which may be a turn off for her. Always be grounded and share what all little things in life you like as eventually money, car and house she would notice herself. For some girls money is not everything, keep this in mind.

The Final and Most Important Dating Tip for Men

Best Dating Tips For Men

On the very first date, don’t jump in bed with her under the sheets to have sex. Men generally jump on to have sex, but later realize things different all together. If you have given hints for sex on the first date it develops a doubt in a woman’s mind that you are desperado. You should respect her more if she resists till everything is clear in her head to avoid any complications later. Lovemaking experience will be great if you take time and have it on the right time when you both are ready.

Remember these tips to avoid any mistakes that will be regretted later. These tips will help you to groom for your next date.


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