How to Approach a Girl Successfully?


Approaching a girl can not be everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone is blessed to have such courage but my friends let me tell you something as it not something which you get as a gift from god confidence is what you need to build and use it in your daily life. To approach a girl successfully you need to have enough confidence and need to keep few tips in your mind which will help you to approach any girl in confidence. If you are not sure how to start a conversation with that girl you see around in your neighborhood? Then this article is for you and will teach on how to approach a girl successfully? Get out of your comfort zone first if you want to get a girl to talk to you back.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully

Steps to Approach a Girl Successfully

1.) A Good Body Language

When you communicate with someone, then non-verbal signs will help you to deliver the message, and when you talk to a girl for the first time, send a signal of likeness before saying a word. Show body language that will make you appear confident, open and inviting.

  • Use a good body posture. Keep your shoulders back and chest out it shows a confident look.
  • Smile, whenever you get a chance. Happy people who have a good time smile, and it is very necessary to attract people.
  • Try to make an eye contact. Making eye contact with whomever you speak projects your confidence and people talking to you will like it. Whenever she looks your way do not forget to have a bit of eye contact with a welcoming smile.

2.) Look and Smell Good

Here, I am not talking about making yourself traditionally attractive like a superstar. When you do not wear good then you do not get enough confidence to approach someone. Try to take care of your body dress well, wear neat clothes, shower daily and use a deodorant or a perfume to smell good as well. It is all about gaining confidence and making others feel good around you.

When you will not smell good and possess yourself as a hygienic person then people will hesitate to come closer to you. How you smell is also important. A person with stinking smell can easily make people go away from their sight.

3.) Observe Her Before You Approach

Observing and analyzing things would always be in your favor. When you want to increase your chances of talking to her without making any mistakes, then first it would be a good idea to watch her for a while and use some careful analysis to figure out how you should and shouldn’t talk to her. Things which can be figured out by observing her a bit are:

  • If she is dressing well then it means she gives importance to how a person looks. If she is quiet and humble then it may be the case that she is shy and you have to be careful to approach her. If you like something unique or different in her behavior then you can even use to compliment her and she would be glad that you are such a good in noticing things.
  • If she notices you noticing her then do not panic and approach her as it would be the best thing to do otherwise she might think you as a creepy person. If you still find it hard for you to approach her then pass her a smile and blush a little she would find it cute.

4.) Start with a Small Talk

Start off your conversation with saying hi, hello or hey. Use any form of salutation which you may like and approach her. Be confident while approaching her and do not make it look that is a big deal to approach a girl successfully. Do not be nervous or she may never get interested in you. Small talks are good to build a great conversation.

When you are not confident with your talking style or what to talk about then small talks can save you. Once you have started to talk then you should try to build a conversation. Full conversation will help you to know her better.

  • To start a good conversation you can look something around you and it can help you have a good conversation. For instance, If you are trying to approach a lady in a coffee shop, ask her what she’s drinking or what she would recommend if you are very good with that place then you can recommend her something good.

5.) Find Excuses to Talk

To comment on something that’s happening around you is probably the best way to start a conversation with a girl. There can be many things happening around your surrounding which can give you clues on how to approach a girl successfully. If something food is happening around you then you can see looking at her “we don’t expect a lot good these days don’t we?”. This will help you to start a conversation with her. You can ask her for a help about asking that place saying that you are a new person in the town or “which one id her favorite place to visit” can also work. Asking questions will always help you to talk to girls easily.

  • If you are out for a dinner in some restaurant then you can approach her and ask what is the best thing to eat at the place.
  • Depending on your surrounding think good questions and make an approach to a girl.

6.) Compliment to Approach a Girl Successfully

If she is attractive, then she probably has a guy hitting on at least every time she goes out and she is very must use to hear common comments. You are just going to add up her pile if you too would repeat the same mistake which others did, you need to set yourself apart from other guys. Don’t compliment about how she looks. Rather, compliment her on something she doesn’t expect from others and will make her happy to hear.

  • It would be good to observe and think of a thing or point which differentiates her from others. Everyone wants to be different and want someone to see it. If you can show her that you a person who has depth and is a good observer then easily you can make any girl like you in your first approach.
  • Try to compliment her in a unique manner and which will sound better that conventional compliments.

7.) Be Confident to Approach a Girl Successfully

Confidence is very important to approach a girl successfully or approach any person. Build your confidence by doing things that you can be proud of and which will make you praise yourself.  Be confident and approach her without getting nervous. You can practice talking to strangers to get confidence while talking to a girl.

Stand tall and walk tall to make yourself look confident. Do not let your shoulders loose as it may possess that you are a not very confident person. Body language is very much important to appear confident.

8.) Do not be Afraid of Rejection

A No does not mean your life is over. This is just a start and every failure will help you to learn a new way to approach a girl successfully. Even very successful people had faced rejection and that made them strong. There are a lot of women out there and you can definitely get your soul mate out there. Try to take a no in a positive manner and do not be afraid to hear no. Also, do not think about the consequences without even starting it.


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