How to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship?


Asking a girl out is fun but definitely a difficult job when you are not a confident person. Asking a girl out can be more difficult if you find her already dating someone. Many guys leave hopes and move on and there they lose the chance to have a perfect girl in their life. If you go easily lose hopes on a girl then you will never get the girl you desire. Most of the people tend to see a lot of people before meeting their soul mate. Do not lose hope and follow the suggestions provided by us and you can easily ask a girl out if she is already in a relationship.

How to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

Tips to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

1. Know About Her Current Relationship

There could be many ways to find out about her current relationship. If you are not close to her then you cannot go directly ask about her current relationship. Try to find it out by the help of her friends that how much happy she is in her current relationship. Also, know if she is serious about her relationship is not? If you have no source to know about her then you can get friends with her to ask her directly. When you both will friends then you would easily get to know if she wants to marry her current partner or not.

2. Approach Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

IF you get to know about her relationship and that she is not satisfied with it then you can make a bold approach to talking to her. Make it clear from the start that you are not just seeking for a friendship it will keep you out of stuck into the friend zone. Go straightforward to ask her out or give her your contact number to call you back. If she is not happy with her current relationship then she will find it as an opportunity to end her current not so meaningful relationship.

3. Flirt with Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

Flirting is a healthy way to tell her that you are interested in her. Try to spend time with her as much as you can. Whenever she needs someone to be there for her and if her boyfriend doesn’t show up then it is a great opportunity for you to show her that you are better than her boyfriend. Keep on doing things which will make her realize your importance. Do not cross your lines while flirting first keep it safe. Try to find more about her, know about her likes and dislikes. It will help you to impress her. Ask her out to have a coffee with you. Try to break the touch barrier by touching her casually while talking to her.

4. Make Her Like You to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

Maybe what she is feeling for her boyfriend is not love but just infatuation or affection. You will have to prove her that what she is feeling for her boyfriend is not love. Try to get to know her slowly and do things which she wants in her prince charming to be the perfect guy in her eyes. Once she will start acknowledging you that you are a perfect guy she might start considering you as a perfect partner.

5. Have a Talk About Relationship

Testing the water is always better before taking a dip. To ask a girl out who is already dating someone you need to know what does she thinks about a relationship and how much her current relationship matters to her. Try to have a general talk to her to get an idea about her thoughts and viewpoint about the relationship. Inquire if how is her relationship going on? The way she will reply will tell you how much she is interested in her relationship.

6. Know Her Well to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

First of all, you need to be clear in your mind if you like her in fact or not. Be very clear, if she really is the girl whom you want to stay with her and want your girlfriend. Know her likes and dislikes and find out whether you can have a relationship with her. Know answer of these question and be very certain about your own feelings. It wouldn’t be wise to get a girl break up if you are not sure to take her responsibility. This is a sensitive issue and you should try to be very careful with whatever you do.

7. Avoid Getting Friend Zoned

This could be worst, getting friend zoned is hard to cope with. Therefore, be careful not to get friend zoned. Check what she feels for you, she may think of you as a good friend and therefore she is sharing her problems with you. Make her aware that you are not interested in just being her friend. Flirt with her occasionally and tell her about your feelings to make her feel about your feelings for her. If she flirts back or goes out with you even after knowing that you have feelings for her then she may also have feelings for you.

8. Do Not be a Backup to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

Be aware that you do not get into this trap. She might just be using you for her benefits be aware of that. Be the other guy but do not be a backup for her. If you ever feel that she is using you then getting out from her life would be the best option. Do not go trailing at her every opportunity you get. You should feel that she respects you and values your company not just using you. Do not make her feel that you will always be there for her if she does not respect you.

9. Spend Time with Her to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

What could be better than spending time with her to make her like you? Spending time with her will even help you to know her more and it will make her feel about your feelings for her. If she is new to the place then show her around or mention to her about an amazing place or restaurant where you can take her. This will buy you more time. If she likes something special to do or any particular place to visit then bump into her and act like being surprised. This way you both will get closer and make her time spent with you filled with fun and smile this will make her like you more. She might even start thinking about you as a potential partner or a better option than her partner.

10. Do Not Encourage Cheating to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

If she will cheat today someone else for you then she definitely will cheat you for someone else. You get back what you give. It is not good to encourage her for cheating her boyfriend. If she wants to be with you and she has realized that you two have better bonding then tell her to talk it out with her boyfriend and end up everything in a mature way. There must be some reasons which made her feel that you are better for her and it is not going well with her current partner. Tell her to make everything clear in the current relationship to start afresh with her. Do not give her more time than she deserves or you will end up being the side guy.

11. Move On if It is Taking Long to Ask a Girl Out if She is Already in a Relationship

Well, if you think have tried enough then it is time to move on. Even if you like her a lot you need to understand what is real and what is going on in her mind. If you have truly done enough then it would be wise to move on from her. It would be hard for now but for the best for your future. Someone, better out there is waiting for you and try to find her instead of wasting time on someone who does not deserve to be with you.


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