How to Talk to Your Girlfriend Over the Phone?


It is very important to have a quality conversation for relationship success. Even in today’s world in the age of texting and social media, a huge number of couples still talk to their partner over the phone. The effort of a phone call will show a girl that you really are interested and make her feel wanted and loved more. It does not matter if you are calling your soul mate; a lifetime partner or any random girl you just met. Use these given below phone tips to talk to your girlfriend over the phone that will make her fall for you more.

Ho to Talk to Your Girlfriend Over the Phone

Tips to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

1.) A Better Time should be Chosen to Talk

When she will be free to talk then it would be better to talk her otherwise, you guys would not get enough time to have a good conversation. Set a time when she will be freely able to talk to you. Get to know her schedule to find out which would be the most suitable timing to make the call to your girlfriend. Maybe she is out with her friends or busy with her family.

Do not disturb her when she is having a good time with her closed ones. You can ask her directly when would be the best time to talk to her.

  • When she will be alone that would be the best time to have a good talk as she will be able to express her feelings as well. It would also be wise to call her when she, you will be alone too or she might not open up thinking that someone is hearing your conversation.
  • When you talk to her over the phone then just pay attention to her. Give her full attention whenever you are talking to her. Let her know that she is the most important person for you that time.

2.) Shower Her with Compliments to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

Compliments make people happy and give reason to stay more confident in a relationship. She is your girlfriend and it is your job to make her happy. Tell her how happy you are that you finally found her in your life. It is never bad to appreciate a girl and make her feel special. Give her genuine and real compliment or otherwise she would know that you are faking it.

  • Give her compliments which are situation based. For instance, if you are talking over the phone then you can tell her that her voice is lovely.
  • You can share the details about your day and how it was a great day because you met her.
  • If you liked anything today about her then tell her about it. It can be from a dress to her hairstyle or the way she walks. Do not hesitate to tell her how she makes you feel about her.
  • When you will relate compliment with your experience then it would sound genuine.

3.) Talk Interesting to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

Start with a small talk and keep the conversation going on. Talk something interesting which would result into a deeper conversation eventually helping to know you her better. Change topics before she starts to get bored. Start with asking how her day was and share your experience of the day.

Your sharing experience will make her share her part too. Talk over things which will help you both to know each other better than before. Ask her questions which will make her talk more, think of interesting topics to talk to her. You are her boyfriend so you can even ask personal questions to keep talking fun.

4.) Future Related Talks to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

When you are talking to your girlfriend then what could be better than talking both of your together for a long time. Talk about how things would in future for both of you and what you can do to make it better. Think of time long ahead when you will be together forever and imagine those days. Talk about miscellaneous things and let her know by your talks that what kind of person you are. She will like that you are very much serious about being with her.

5.) Be a Good Listener to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

In a relationship both should equally participate in making it better. To have a conversation with your girlfriend over the phone do not keep on talking all by your own instead let her talk too and be a good listener. Pay her full attention when you both are talking over the phone. Give your feedback from time to time to make her feel that you are interested in talking with her. Encourage her to talk more about herself and do not hesitate in sharing anything with you. Ask questions to make her feel that you are curious to know more.

6.) Talk about Her Interests while Talking to Your Girlfriend

Talk about her interests and her friends to make her feel goods. You both can have a talk about her family, her interests, what is her dream and goals ask her about her family members and friends. When you will take interest to talk about all these things then she will get to know that you are genuinely interested in knowing everything about related to her life. Talk about hobbies and interests and see how much common things you both have. Ask her about her views of life as everyone has their own views about life and knowing her will help you to know her at a deeper level.

7.) Share Something about Each Other

Now you both are in a relationship and it would be good to know about past and secrets of each other. Everyone has a past and a secret to share which not many people know. If you have a few secrets then share them with her and she will also share her secret with you. You initiate will make her happy and make her feel that you trust her enough to share your secrets with her and let her know you more.

8.) Ask her about Her Most Favorite Things

Think about your most favorite topics of conversation or things which give you happiness. Things whichever you find interesting like blogging, dogs, psychology or food tell her about it and you can even add up the reason to like those things. Talking about favorite things makes conversation with people of the same mind easy. If she can’t think of anything right away, tell her your favorite things to talk about. Talk to your girlfriend about your and her favorite topics of conversation. This would tell you something very interesting about your relationship and you know more about her

9.) Pay Full Attention to Her to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

Multitasking is a good thing but you should avoid doing it while talking to someone. People don’t communicate well while they are doing a couple of thing at the same time. Get a free time and peace of mind when you have a conversation with your girlfriend. Do not make her feel that you are just having a conversation because you have no other option. When you are talking to her give her your priority.

10.) End on a Good Note to Talk to Your Girlfriend over the Phone

A goodbye is also important as a good start. Try to end the conversation on a good note as it will keep you both happy. You can even put your conversation on hold so that you can continue it the next time you both talk. In the end of conversation let her know you appreciate her conversation and you felt great talking to her. Make sure to say sweet things to her before hanging up the phone. Never hang upon a sad r angry girl.


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