How to Tell a Guy You Like Him?


Learn how to say a guy you like him obliquely without actually telling it. These sweet ways will help you to deliver your emotions over to your crush and in person without scaring him off. If you like a guy then you should try to make efforts to get his attention as soon as possible. Do not worry as this article will help you throughout the whole process of getting to know him, and expressing him how you actually feel. Keep on reading to tell a guy you like him.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

1. Get Into His Radar to Tell a Guy you Like Him

Make connection part is all approximately you getting into his area before you tell him that you like him. This is the most important because anybody would be confused if one suddenly out of the sky comes out and confess them that they like them. Therefore, this is just for him to make aware that you exist and you also know that he exist. It can be done by easily smiling at him or by just saying hello or something like that every now and then to create the bond. One other way of doing this would be to get him come to you which could be done by being considerate of yourself and getting to dressed suitably and make sure you look amazing before going out. Seldom just smiling and having fun between friends is what impresses the guy, it is worth trying.

2. Let Him Know Your Feelings

How would you let a person know you like him if you acknowledge he fancy you but might be scared to reveal it? You need to understand that men can be really timid at times. There is nothing incorrect with that. Ever noticed how the front person in any relationship is usually the guy. Girls wait for them to make the first move, to show interest in first. Rather than waiting you could be the first one to make the move. If you know he is a shy person then try making the first move.

3. Call and Text Often to Tell Guy You Like Him

If you were going on the right path then you must have interchanged your contact details and thus now begins the texting and calling process. Texting is a great part when it comes to getting closer to anyone. When you want to tell a guy that you like him then also tell it when you are texting each other. You can flirt with him while texting him. Use words which will tell him that you are interested in being more than friends.

4. Hangout with Him

Casual Hangouts is one method to get friendly to him and the extra time you two stay collectively, more there is a possibility of him asking you out. Just give him some hints regarding some cool area you would like to go say, “there is an amazing concert in town and you have extra tickets. Casual hangouts will help you to get to talk to the guy and break the ice on nervous insecurity between you two.

5. Flirt with Him

Generally, guys are poor at understanding that girls are flirting with them. You need to give him obvious clues to make him aware that you are interested in him. If he is a smart person he would understand soon that you are flirting with him. You could do following flirting techniques to tell the guy that you are into him.

  • Touch your hair and bite your lips when you are talking to him. It would fetch his attention to your lips and hair. He would also know that you might be interested in him.
  • Find ways to touch him. Lean on him and get closer to him, stand closer to him when you both are together.
  • Try to help him out whenever you can.

6. Make Physical Contact

Make it a slight bit physical is to say to shed the shyness you sense when you touch him or when he touches you. Such times when two people are fascinated by each other but are unwilling to accept it or are expecting some hints then you must destroy the physical barrier and get him feel more comfortable around you by simply touching on his arm when sitting beside you or by doing high-fives or simply shaking hands with him. Few guys are moronic so they don’t even get the directions after physical contact but some guys can be nasty as well because they may take this little display as the wrong message and try to get close so be careful. However, little physical contacts can surely give a hint and next it will be much comfortable to tell a guy you like him.

7. Ask Him Out to Tell a Guy You Like Him

This is a great method to do because you are not directly expressing your attraction. All you’re actually asking is if he wants to go someplace with you. If he’s been answering well to your flirting and talk, when there’s no reason why he shouldn’t want to. Do something like:

  • “Hey I have got extra tickets for the movie would you like to go out with me?”
  • “Do you know any cool place to hang around? Show me that place.”

8. Do not Think of Answer

If he answers yes, be positive that he likes you. Don’t question his reaction. If he says he likes you too stay confident and do not show yourself as a weak person in front of him. If you get a no in the answer then too you do not need to lose hope and just accept the answer. Do not think that you lack somewhere. If you will worry about answer then you would never dare to confess your feelings to him. And if you have reached this stage it means you must have felt something from his side too. Which makes very less chance of getting a no in the answer.

9. Stay Confident to Tell a Guy You Like Him

This is the most important point when you want to confess a guy about your feelings. Stay confident about your actions and do not let your confidence get down. Also, do not stay nervous when you get to tell a guy about your feelings. Guys like confident girls and when they will see a confidence women they would dare not to say to no to you. Being confidence would also help you to deal with every situation which will come by.

10. Stay Yourself to Tell a Guy You Like Him

When you want to tell a guy you like him then staying yourself would be a better option. You can try to be a better version of you to get him to like you but do not imitate someone else to tell him that you like him. It might help you to give confidence but may not help you in the long run.

Tips to Tell a Guy You Like Him

  • You can make mutual friends to get your work done easily. As it would help you to get to know him better.
  • Try to know him first to get to know about his likes and dislikes and his preferences in girls.
  • Do not be afraid to express your feelings to him.
  • When you are confident you can ask him out directly for a date. It is hard for guys to say no to a confident girl.
  • Stay prepared for whatever the consequence may come.
  • Try to spend more time with him to know him better. It will also help you to get him like you back.
  • Try to know what is in his mind by reading his body language and gestures.
  • Stay cool and do not put him under pressure.


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