How to Say a Girl You Love Her?


You are sure this is love and it never happened before to you. This feeling is amazing and just looking at that girl will make you feel that everything is right. Everything seems to be beautiful now and the world seems changed than before. But the main problem is to confess your love to the girl. It is obvious to be scared to confess a girl as you do not know the consequence. When you want to say a girl you love her then it should be done perfectly so that she won’t be able to deny your proposal. It would also be better if you would know whether she likes you or not?

When you are sure that she likes you and when you know that she is the one you want to spend your life with then go ahead. Follow someone of the given tips in this article to know how to say a girl you love her and to make her say yes.

How to Say a Girl You Love Her

Tips to Say a Girl You Love Her

1.) Know it For Sure to Say a Girl You Love Her

No one has ever defined the meaning of true love and no one ever can it only can be felt. And many at times people tends to misinterpret the feeling of infatuation for love. As you have never experienced love you cannot be sure about it. Try to differentiate your previous crush than this one to know it for sure that this is not gonna end in few weeks. Once you get to know for sure that this is the love and it feels different from anything else felt ever before then it is time to think about how to tell her that you love her. As it is a big decision of your life and it needs to work out perfectly, therefore, do not rush in doing it. Try to take things slow as good things takes time.

2.) Know About Her to Say a Girl You Love Her

You have planned to spend a lifetime with that person. It is not easy to spend time with a person if you do not know that person well. Also, you don’t fall in love with the just body or just the smile you fall in love with the everything that a person have or the do. When you want to tell a girl about your feelings then you should have to know what kind of person is she. When you would know that she is a night owl and she cries over small things then it will be easy for you to know her and what could make her happy and what can evoke her tears. Everyone has set a certain benchmark for finding a lover. If you know her well then you know what is her benchmark and it makes it easier for you to make her say yes.

3.) Become a Special Friend to Confess to Her

She has a lot of friends, yes she is lovely but you would rather not fall into her just friend’s zone. Become her special friend, a friend whom she would trust with everything. When you will be a special friend then she will not hesitate to share her feelings with you. She will think of you first whenever she will feel lonely and not good. She will have a special place for you in her life and it would make you closer to her than many other people. Now you have set a special place in her heart and since you do not want to be just friends with her, therefore, give her hints to let her know of your true intentions.

4.) Talk Late in the Night to Say a Girl You Love Her

Talk to her when she is already in bed. You can give any excuse to talk to her over the call or via text. Talking late at the night can work wonders to blossom your relationship. The night is the time when people are relaxed and stress-free. Then they are easy to talk with and are calm. In the night she can even talk more and a long conversation can happen. You can tell her that you are missing your friends and feelings lonely this will help to let her keep talking to you. When you will keep talking to her for a long time and if this happens for few days then try to talk on a daily this might make her accustomed to talking to you.

5.) Flirt with Her to Tell Her How You Feel

When you flirt with a girl you are giving her hints that you are interested in her. Flirt with her subtly to make it work as a catalyst in your relationship. Flirting will make you separate from the friend lot and if she enjoys your flirting then it can be said that she likes you too. To flirt with her compliment her now and then. Remember to give only genuine compliments, fake compliments do not have much impact. She will know when you are faking compliments.

6.) Keep on Noticing Her

If you are a good noticer then you will have success with many things in life. Notice her actions and how she chooses words. Notice what gets her excited and what makes her sad. When you will start noticing these small things then you would not have to ask anyone on how to impress her. You will know her by yourself and you will know what can make her say yes.

7.) Take Her Out Often to Say a Girl You Love Her

Ask her out often, this would help you to make her like you. You can take her to do fun activities together. Make her laugh when she is with you. Make her enjoy as much as she can. Take her out to a new place to eat if she is a foodie. If she likes adventure then take her out for any adventurous things like trekking or mountaineering. Since you know her now and you know what would possibly make her feel amazed, do that with her. When she will start enjoying with you, she will start wanting to go out with you more and she will realize that she stays happy when you both are together. This will make her realize your importance in her life. She might even start feeling for you too.

8.) Make Her Feel Important

Maybe she has even started feeling for you and she probably has a special place for you in her heart. Still, she does not know what place she holds in your life. A girl needs confirmation and she wants to know if she is important to you or not? Make her feel important and special do not tell her that she is important to you, do things which would make her feel special. Treat her well and with respect, make her see that you care for her and she means a lot to you. Tell her things which would realize her that she is important to you.

9.) Tell Her Directly How You Feel

Now, probably you both like each other but someone has to take the lead. It is time to tell her directly that you have special feelings for her. You can tell her that you love her in many ways. Saying it directly face to face would be perfect. If you are still scared of it then write is down and text her or mail her you can even call to say a girl you love her. There is a lot of chance that she would say yes if she enjoyed above all things.

10.) Do not Quit at Once

In love quitting is not an option. She is perfect for you and you want her in your life. If she is single and does not love anyone else then she can say yes if you try again. Let her know that you haven’t quit yet and you have started loving her more. Do not stop talking to her or going out with her to make her fall for you. When you will try few more times maybe she will say yes. Maybe she wants to test you whether you would wait for her or not? Try few more times before getting over her so that you will not have any regrets.


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