Ways to Apply Grape Seed Oil for Hair


Grape seed oil, the essential oil of grapes. The oil is taken out from the seed, which is normally get distracted in the wine making process. Grape seed oil offers you plenty of benefits and a great way to use products otherwise it gets wasted. The grape seed oil works best for the hair care as it is rich in lots of vitamin E which is very important for the hair growth and health. It also contains minerals, extensive proteins and linoleic. If you are looking for the best solution and instant result for you hair problem, then try apple grape seed oil for hair. In this article, we have shared best ways to apply grape seed oil for hair.

You can also go for the hot grape seed oil treatment which is very beneficial for the scalp that makes your hair shiny rather than greasy. The oil also moisturizes the scalp deeply and also prevents dandruff. The oil gives strength to each strand from the roots that keep away thinning, split ends, and breakage. It gently smoothes the cuticle and also prevents the damage.

Grape seed oil for hair

The advantage of Grape Seed Oil for Hair:

  •  Grape seed oil is very helpful in healing the scalp infection and also treats dandruff.
  • It works as a hair conditioner and gently moisturizes the skin.
  • The grape seed oil prevents breakage and hair fall.
  • It is packed with essential ingredients that add life to lifeless hair and also promote too rapid hair growth.
  • The oil rich in vitamin c that helps build the tissue and also become a support for the hair and skin growth. Ergo, it helps restore the shine of brittle hair.

Best Ways to Apply the Grape Seed Oil for Hair

1.) Grape seed Oil for Hair as Scalp Massage

Grape seed oil for hair as Scalp is very helpful. massage your scalp to absorbs the maximum benefits of oil when you wear it for a long time. Massage not only nourishes your scalp but also improves the blood circulation. For best massage, you need slightly warm the grapeseed oil in a water bath. Don’t use your finger, apply the oil on the scalp with the help of the hair brush. Once you apply, start giving a massage with the help of your fingertips that will help you to absorb maximum oil in your scalp. After the massage, gently comb your hair so that the oil spreads on every hair strand.

If you want to get rid of frizz, then take two drops of the in your palm and gently rub it with both palms and spread it on your hair length. You can use it before the styling as well to prevent the damage and split ends.

2.) Grape Seed Oil for Hair with Essential Oil

You can use grape seed oil for Hair with essential oils to get the double benefits. You just have to take the small bowl and add a few drops of grape seed oil with lavender or rosemary oil. Just slightly warm the mixture of oils for a few seconds. Take the oil and give a gentle massage to your scalp with your fingertips. Make sure the oil spreads to throughout the length of tresses. When you are done with scalp massage, make a bun and wear the shower cap. Sit like this for half an hour, then rinse your hair with your normal shampoo.

3.) Grape Seed Oil for Hair As a Hot Oil Treatment

You can also go for hot oil treatment that will surely give silky and smooth hair. The oil treatment heals the damage and also prevent breakage. Hot oil treatment gives strength from roots to tips and also give better hair growth. You need warm 3-4 drops of grape seed oil for hair. Then gently apply the warm oil on your tresses. Leave the oil on your tresses for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it off with normal hair shampoo. For a shiny effect, clean your tresses with warm water and at last, rinse them with cold water. Follow this procedure 2-3 times a week.

4.) Grape Seed Oil for Hair After a Shampoo

The method is very effective and shows you instant result. You need to wash your hair properly with normal hair shampoo. On the other hand, prepare an effective mixture by taking the few drops of grape seed oil and other essential oil. Mix both oil and slightly warm it. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave for half an hour so that it gets properly absorbed. For best result, follow this method 2-3 times a week.

5.) Grape Seed Oil for Hair as Hair Mask

Another useful way to get the maximum benefits of grape seed oil is grapeseed oil hair mask. First, prepare the hair mask. For hair mask, you need to add a few drops of grape seed oil, half lemon juice and egg white in the bowl. Mix all the ingredients properly. Apply the mixture on your hair gently that add movement and life to your hair.


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