How to Dye Your Hair?


In this article, we are discussing the ways  to dye your hair in just a few easy steps. Dying hair these days is common among both the men and the women. There are several ranges of hair color available in the market. Some people dye their hair just for the fashion and some to hide their gray or white hair. So why to spend so much for this little thing or getting your hair darkened or lightened when you can dye on your own at home with really easy steps. When choosing if you should color your hair black, blonde, red or brown,  follow these the steps given below to dye your hair at home. Read this related article, How to get thicker hair? on our website.

Simple Steps to Dye Your Hair:

1.) Make Sure Your Hair is Clean to Dye Your Hair

Sometimes hair stylists generally dye your hair without washing it, so try washing your hair before you for coloring hair, particularly when you are using a natural hair color. Your hair should be clean in order for the dye to stick to the hair properly instead of dirt on your hair. Wash your hair a day before you  color. If you are washing and coloring the same day, keep in mind that your hair is should be dry completely before you start coloring.

how to dye your hair

2.) Read the Instructions Before You Dye Your Hair

Reading instructions before you dye your hair is important past. Read the instructions given on the package. Hair dyes can differ from one another and you never know that what worked previous for you, this will also do the same. So reading instructions are very important and try to follow them carefully.

3.) Prepare the Color to Dye your Hair

It’s always best to take a wide coloring brush and a small plastic bowl. Put the color in the bowl and the hydrogen and mix them properly with the help of a brush. Make sure that you get an equivalent mixture and also make sure you have enough to cover your hair. You might need it more hair color when you are coloring your hair for the first time.

4.) Brush Your Hair to Dye Your Hair

This step is important. It becomes easy for you to color on de-tangled hair strands than tangled one. Before you start coloring your hair, brush your hair properly. Anything that is tangled will even get more tangled during the coloring procedure, thus, it will not color properly. So do some favor to yourself and brush your hair.

5.) Protect Your Skin to Dye Your Hair

You know how a hair stylist color your hair? Yes, you are going to do the same, but do something to protect your skin around your ears and forehead. You need to do a small thing that is to apply a small amount of Vaseline, petroleum jelly or moisturizing cream to your ears, your forehead and along the hairline on your neck. With this, the color will not stick to your skin, it will be easier to wash the extra color away once you are done.

6.) Put the Protective Gloves on

If you want to resist color on your hands, make sure you wear protective gloves on your hands. Those that come along with the hair dye can be a little big and not that user-friendly, so it’s better to take surgical plastic gloves.

7.) Color Your Hairline First

This is also an essential step before you start to color your hair. Lots of women don’t consider this step while coloring their hair by themselves and it is very important. It helps you hide your dye from being noticed by others. So dye ½ inch of your hairline before moving forward to color your hair further.

8.) Color the Hair on Your Head

Before you start coloring your hair, do it by coloring the hair that is on your head. Make a segmentation in the middle and color one inch of your hair on each side. Now, using a comb and divide your hair again one inch to the left of your head and repeat. Once you cover all the left half of your head, then return to the center and repeat this process again on the right side.

9.) Color The Rest of the Hair

This could be a difficult part, especially if you have long hair. Take somebody’s help you to complete this task. Divide your hair into parts and color each section separately. Avoid taking too much hair at once, because this will only make you color the outer layer while the hair that gets jammed inside will not get colored.

10.) Heat the Color

Once you are done applying the color on your hair, you need to keep your head warm. The color gets better with your hair if it heated a bit. This does not mean that you heat it with a hairdryer, but it’s good to cover with a simple plastic bag or a shower cap on your head. Cover your head and wait for the time suggested on the package. It generally takes at least 45 minutes.

11.) Wash Your Hair

The next step to dye your hair at home is, of course, to wash the color from your hair. Use a shampoo with color protecting properties and color protection conditioner as well. Apply conditioner to your hair properly, head as well. Now, you need to take extra care of your hair because the color tends to damage your hair.

12.) Dry Your Hair

The final step is to dry your hair. It is best to leave your hair to dry on its own instead of the blow dryer. Even if you are using a hair dryer use it on low heat. Don’t iron or style the hair that has just been colored. It had enough of torture for the day. Now, you are finished. Enjoy your new color.


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