How to Go No Poo?


Well, using chemicals on your scalp can harm your hair like anything. Therefore, no poo method is the best way to regain the beauty of your hair. It is considered that shampoo can ruin the beauty of your hair. So it is suggested to the people for using no poo method. Somehow, it is not easy to go no poo, as people are used to shampooing. If you are having the same condition, then read this article to know various ways to go no poo.

Few Disadvantages of Shampoo:

Here are few disadvantages of using shampoo. They are as follows:

  • The chemicals present in the bottle of a shampoo can irritate your scalp.
  • It can cause a huge damage to your hair.
  • Your body produces the natural oil that can condition your hair naturally. It even keeps your hair healthy. But, on the other hand using shampoo may upset the natural balance of your hair. So, it is really important to avoid shampoo at any cost.

Tips to Go No Poo:

Well, here are few ways that you may follow to go no poo. These ways are interesting and they may help a lot.

1.) Switch To Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution to Go No Poo:

This solution can be used to wash hair if you are using the no poo method. All you need to add water to baking soda and prepare a mixture. You can also prepare a conditioner by adding 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Once you are done with this, then simply follow a new hair washing routine. First make your hair wet and, later on, wash it by using baking soda on the roots of your hair. After this, scrub your hair and let it sit for one minute. At last, just rinse your hair with water. In addition, apply apple cider vinegar conditioner on your hair. Rub it for few minutes and then rinse it with water.

How to Go No Poo

Case 1: If  Your Hair Gets Oily:

If your hair becomes oily and greasy then try to increase the content of baking soda when you wash your hair. Also, decrease the amount of apple cider vinegar in your conditioner. You may even switch to plain white vinegar if your hair gets so much oily.

Case 2: If  Your Scalp Becomes Itchy and Flaky:

This will happen if you are not washing your hair properly with baking soda. In such case, decrease the amount of baking soda in the solution and rinse your hair properly. Also, try to use aloe vera gel on your scalp to treat itchy scalp. This gel will provide a soothing effect on your scalp. Moreover, don’t forget to use apple cider vinegar for conditioning your hair.

2.) Switch from Baking Soda and Vinegar to Water to Go No Poo:

Just start massaging your scalp under running water. Though your hair will become quite greasy but once you spent one week without shampoo, then your hair will reach its natural balance. So, in weekdays just wash your hair with running water. Just use your fingertips for cleaning your hair under running water. It is a great way to wash your hair.

3.) Avoid Hard Water for Going No Poo:

Always try to use mineral water on your hair. At few places, your may get hard water, but if you want to go no poo, then it is really important to avoid it at any cost. Basically, hard water is one such water which comes directly from the tap and contains a lot of minerals and salts. Moreover, the worst part about this water is that it sticks on baking soda solution. And it becomes really difficult to wash your hair. You may recognize this water by observing the appearance of the tap. If it is covered with a white substance, then you can figure it out that the water that comes from your tap is hard. In such situation, it is very important to boil the water and then use it. Once you will boil it you will see that a layer of salt is formed at the bottom of the pan. You may even use water from aqua guard to wash your hair.

3.) Brush Your Hair to Go No Poo:

When you go to no poo method, then it becomes really important to brush your hair properly. Brushing helps in moving oils from scalp to the tips of the hair. Also, use boar-bristle hairbrush. It is good for your hair and it brush your hair better than any.

4.) Use Oil on the Tip of Your Hair:

After one month, you will notice that your hair is non-greasy. They will have their natural shine. At that point of time, you may use the essential oil like virgin oil or coconut oil. All you need to apply these oils to the tips of your hair. These are amazing oils that may provide the lot of benefits to your hair.

5.) Condition Your Hair Using Natural Ways:

You may use yogurt for conditioning your hair. Moreover, honey is also a great conditioner. Just take honey and add the little water to it. Mix it well and prepare a mixture, After this, apply this mixture to your hair. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash it with water. It is a great way to keep your hair nourished and healthy.

Few Benefits of No Poo Method:

Here are few important benefits you will experience when will go no poo.

  • You will experience thick hair.
  • You greasy and oily hair will turn into less greasy one.
  • They will have less frizz and great curls.
  • There will be no overproduction of the oils in your hair.
  • There will be few people who will experience new hair growth.

It becomes really important in life to go natural for experiencing new things. No poo method is one of the most effective ways to regain the natural beauty of your hair. Just apply the above ways to go no poo. These methods are quite effective. They will help a lot in improving the quality of your hair. So, go no poo and get great benefits to your hair.


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