How to Wash Your Hair?


Life is not impeccable, but for sure, your hair can be. Curls, straight locks, waves, different varieties of hairstyles look only good when your hair is healthy and shiny. Do you know what is the key to healthy hair? The proper shampooing technique is the basic key to healthy hair. Today, there are varieties of shampoos and conditioners available in the market. Most of them contain keratin and other proteins that are necessary for healthy and clean hair. A good shampoo can help you to retain the natural shine of your hair. But you should also know this that a good shampoo alone cannot do wonders, you should also know the right way to wash your hair. So, if you want to give your hair the lost shine and elegance, read this article to find out the simple and the right steps to wash your hair.

how to wash your hair

Right Techniques to Wash Your Hair:

1.) Rinse Your Hair with Warm Water:

You just can’t wash your clothes or utensils or anything without water even if you have a good detergent. In the same way, soaking your hair in water is necessary before you apply shampoo. This is the first important step to wash your hair. It is suggested that you wash your hair with warm water. The reason is warm water open the cuticles and hence the dirt and other products trapped come out easily. Another plus point of using warm water is that the oils present in the conditioner are better absorbed by the hair. Make sure your hair is completely wet before you proceed towards the next step. You can even use a water filter so that the water you use is free from harsh chemicals.

2.) Use a Conditioner Before Using a Shampoo for Long Hair:

This is something new and many of you must be reading this thing for the first time. Most of the women use conditioner after using a shampoo. But the correct technique is that you should use a conditioner before also. The reason behind using the conditioner before is that it protects the fragile ends and fills the holes in the cuticle with moisture so that your hair strands look shiny and healthy. Squeeze out a little conditioner from the bottle and massage it on your scalp and hair roots. Massage your hair gently for about 3 to 4 minutes. A good conditioner will prevent split ends and is going to add shine to your locks.

3.) Create Lather on the Scalp Through Massaging:

This is a very important step to shampoo your hair. You need to concentrate on the scalp area and especially the nape. Take a quarter-sized amount of shampoo and rub it between your palms. Massage it into the scalp to create lather. The lather generates from the roots to the tips. The hair that is close to the scalp is youngest and oiliest and the tips are old and fragile. Don’t be too hard on your hair and avoid too tight circular motions. Being gentle is necessary to prevent the cuticles from damage.

4.) Avoid Shampooing the Ends of the Hair:

This is the next step to shampoo your hair. Make sure that while you are washing your hair, you create lather on the scalp and roots. This is the area where dirt and oil are accumulated. The ends are old and fragile and if you apply a lot of shampoo on the ends, they will become dry and then break.

5.) Be Gentle While Washing Your Hair:

While you wash your hair, it is very necessary to be gentle. If you will too hard on your hair, friction will be created which will lead to hair damage and breakage. So just wash your hair as you will wash your delicates. Circular motions can tangle your hair so it’s better you avoid it. Instead, use vertical strokes and minimum pressure to create lather on the scalp. This will increase the blood circulation, which is necessary for hair growth. Avoid scrubbing the fragile ends.

6.) Do not Rinse and Repeat:

Most of the shampoo bottles have instructions written on the back, according to which you have to wash your hair twice. Washing your hair once is sufficient until it is very dirty. If during the first wash lather is not produced then you can go for a second wash.

7.) Apply Conditioner from Mid-length to Tips:

After you wash your hair, use a towel to squeeze out the water. Apply the conditioner on your hair and clutch your hair. Take a shower first before washing the hair again. The longer the conditioner stays in the hair the better the hair will absorb. Avoid massaging conditioner on the roots as the natural oils is already present at the roots.

8.) Final Rinse and Squeezing Out Excess Water:

You had started with warm water, but now you will end it with cold water. The reason behind using cold water is that it seals the cuticle due to which hair look shiny and healthy. Squeeze out the water with a towel. Make sure that you don’t wrap the towel tight around the head. Wrapping the towel tight around the head may lead to hair damage and breakage.


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