20 Different Crown Braids


A crown braid works best as a headband. It adds texture to your hairstyle that look fabulous from every sides. Spice up your look for tight braid or go for chunky or messy fishtail. You can go for both updos and half up styles that look sassy with headband braids. Jazz up your look with different crown braids that is truly drop dead gorgeous.

20 Different Crown Braids

1.) Chunky Crown Braid with Bouffant

If you like the dramatic look, then you must try chunky crown braid with bouffant. The chunky crown braid is one of the different crown braids. Don’t go for the chunky braid crown, just pull your hair back to create a braided chignon. The hairstyle offer volume and height to your hairstyle which makes it sensational. Add the wow factor in your look with a few tendrils that give you a beautiful face frame.

chunky crown braids with bouffant crown braids

2.) Thick Brunette Crown Braid

A very stylish hairstyle that look mind boggling in medium to long length of hair. The hairstyle goes with every hair texture which is hardly takes your efforts. In this hairstyle, the tightly braided crown that begins at the side and goes around to your hairline. Paired your look with classy makeup and fetching accessories that takes the look to the next level.

thick brunette crown braids

3.) Doubled Messy Crown Braid

You can see the mesmerizing style in the picture. You must be wondering how to do this style by own.  It may take longer time than the other style. You can create this hairstyle even at home easily. You just have to create two crown braids like one is thick and wide other while the other is thin and tight fishtail braid. The doubled messy crown braid is one of the trendy crown braid.

double messy crown braids

4.) Funky Multi-Colored Crown Braids

For all the ladies who are willing to take a risk and look bold, the hairstyle is for you. These chunky and funky braids are completely mind boggling. If you want to be the star of the show then you must try funky multicolored crown braids. Embrace your look with pastel green, pink and yellow. The funky multicolored crown braid are one of the top crown braids.

funky multicolored crown braids

5.) Pastel Pink Crown Braid

Grab all the attention with eye catching look, that look absolutely mind blowing. The hairstyle is pretty, cool and fearless. You can opt for any hair color to magnify your look. If you are going with a funky braid look than use pastel hair color to take hairstyle to the next level. Style your French braid that goes around your head.

pastel pink crown braids

6.) Blonde Half Up Crown Braid

Polished, sleek and flattering look that is almost too pretty to be real. If you are wondering how to make this braid hairstyle then you just need a section of hair off in a half up, half down style and the rest is pretty enough. You need to make medium sized braids from the both sides and secure it at back of the hair to create a crown braid.

blonde half up crown crown braids

7.) Thick Gray Crown Braid

The hairstyle is very easy and truly blow your mind. In this hairstyle, the gray braid is simple three strand braid which begins at the nape of the neck, covered your nape line and goes top of the ear. You need long hair for this hairstyle. Paired the look with eye makeup and fetching accessories which is sensational.

thick gray crown braids

8.) Blonde Crown Braid with Decorative Pins

For braided crown, you need both French braids and Dutch braid to achieve this hairstyle. Spice up your look with crown braid updo which get begin at the middle of the head and get the final touch with decorative pins. The hairstyle is best for the perfect occasion. Wear your fancy gown and sassy accessories to become a head tuner.

blonde crown braids with decorative pins crown braids

9.) Crown Twist Updo

One of the most beautiful things about wearing a sassy crown hairstyle to make it by own, if you have curly hair then the hairstyle is an advantage for you. In the curly hair, the style takes less effort and give you flawless texture.

crown twist updo crown braids

10.) Boho Half Up Crown Braid

The partial braided crown that looks flawless with loose waves and messily braided crown. Intensify your look with ombre highlights that look amazing and highly in trend to make your appearance stronger. The Boho half crown is one of the latest braided crown.

boho half up crown braids

11.) Redish Brown Crown Braid

Add a wow factor in your look with new tri color with braided hair which is very gorgeous. The reddish brown crown braid is one of the stylish braided crown.

reddish brown crown braids

12.) Simple Crown Braid Hairstyle

The hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. If you really want to wear the braid crown on your head, then instead of trying out one of the useful cheats. You just need to make the French braiding all the way to your hair line. And secure the ends of the braid so It will wrap around the head to give you the perfect look.

simple crown braid hairstyle crown braids

13.) Dutch Lace Crown Braid With Silk Flowers

Spice up your hairstyle with the lovely accessories that add interest in your braided crown. The best way to pull it off with a flower headband that you can braid into your hair. The dutch lace crown braid with silk flower is one of the dazzling braid crowns.

dutch lace braid crown braids

14.) Princess Crown braid Hairstyle

Reveal your inner sassy queen with the princess crown braid hairstyle. The princess crown braid hairstyle is one of the modish crown braids.

princess crown braid crown braids

15.) Messy Crown Braid Hairstyle

Messy crown braid hairstyle is one of the modish crown braids. You can make this beautiful crown with two French braids.

messy crown braid crown braids

16.) Fishtail Crown Braid Hairstyle

If you have longer hair then this hairstyle is for you. The fishtail crown braid hairstyle is one of the amazing crown braids.

fishtail crown braids

17.) Dutch Fishtail Crown Braid Hairstyle

 It’s a little difficult, but highly appreciable than the fishtail braid hairstyle. You can see in the picture the efforts are totally worth it.

dutch fishtail crown braids

18.) Six Braid Crown Braid Hairstyle

When you find one braid is not that enough, then add a wow factor in your look with six braid crown braid hairstyles. It is one of the gorgeous crown braids.

six braid crown braids

19.) Updo With A Thin Messy HeadBand Braid

If you really want volume in the hairstyle, then pull the hair from the top and secure it with bobby pins. The updo with A thin messy headband braid is one of the stunning braided crown.

updo with thin messy braid crown braids

20.) Crown Braid And Side Braid

The crown braid and side braid is one of the sassy crown braids. In this hairstyle, you don’t have to secure the braids end with bobby pins. Just end it with cute braid ponytail.

crown with side braid crown braids


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